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The Gackle Republican
Gackle, Logan County, North Dakota
Vol. III No 36
Friday April 9, 1909
Front Page



The following rules have been published for the guidance of automobiles and it's hoped that local drivers will govern themselves accordingly.

On discovering an approaching team, the motorist must stop and cover his machine with a cover painted to correspond with the surrounding scenery. The speed limit will be secret and the penalty for violation will be $10 for every mile an offender is caught going excess of it.

In case a motor car makes a team runaway the penalty shall be $100 for the first mile the team runs, $200 for the second mile, $300 for the third mile and so on until the team is caught.

On approaching a corner where he cannot command a view of the road the motorist must stop not less than 100 yards from the turn, toot his horn, ring a bell, fire a revolver, haloo and send up three rockets at intervals of two minutes.

Motor cars must be seasonably painted so they will merge with the landscape. They must be green in summer, yellow in autumn and white in winter.

Motor cars running on the country roads at night must send up a red rocket every mile, wait ten minutes for the road to clear, then proceed carefully, blowing their horns and shooting Roman candles every 100 feet.

In case a horse refuses to pass a motor car in spite of all the precautions that have been taken, the motorist will take his machine and conceal the parts in the grass 200 feet from the highway.

In case the roads are dusty the owner of a motor car shall slow down to one mile an hour when approaching a house and send a man ahead with a sprinkler to lay the dust till he finds a rocky road or until rain sets in.