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Bloomenfeld Baptist Church Cemetery

Germania Township, Stutsman County

Cemetery Information

NW 1/4 SW 1/4 14-137-68, Germania Township, [GPS 46-40.88N, 099-14.35W]

This abandoned cemetery is a long way off the beaten path, but it is mowed regularly, and enclosed by a fence.  There have been no recent burial.  Herbert Wolff, Gackle, has knowledge of this cemetery.  This site can be found three miles west of Gackle along Hwy 46, then four miles north along 59th Ave SE, then a mile west to the intersection of 58th Ave SE. Here you must take a long trail [left] around to the west of a large slough that eventually leads to the cemetery.

From: "Rural and Village Cemeteries of Stutsman County, North Dakota"

Tombstone Pictures

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distantview.JPG (91141 bytes)
Distant view - cemetery
at large bush on mound.


KarolinaGrenzwLudwig.JPG (118646 bytes)         BarthaGrenz.JPG (139623 bytes)         MarthaGrenz.JPG (140332 bytes)
1                   2                  3

Grensz [Grenz] stone

1. Karolina [Lang] Grensz, Oct 20, 1823-Jun 23, 1903
Ludvig Grensz, Aug 1, 1899-Aug 24, 1899
2. Bartha Grensz, Sep 5, 1902-Sep 24, 1902
3. Martha Grensz, Aug 1900-Aug 28, 1900
     Adolf Grensz, Aug 14, 1901-Sep 4, 1901

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