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Alfred Cato - 1812 Stewart Co., TN tax list, Capt. Atkin's Dist.

Ann Elizabeth BRANDON (Cates)

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #6596 (1) Cannon Co. (2) 1851 Cannon Co. (3) Alfred George BRANDON 1840 Cannon Co. (4) 1870 Cannon Co. (5) 1915 Cannon Co. (6) some letters mixed in with file #6606.

Atlas Jones Mangrom Cate

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #10006, Eliza F. Cate (1) Gibson Co. (2) 1847 Madison Co. (3) Atlas Jones Mangrom Cate 1845 NC (4) 1867 Mad. Co. [bride Eliza F. DAVIDSON] (5) 1880. 2nd application: #8302 Eliza F. Cates (1) Gibson Co. (2) Madison Co. (3) Atas J. Cates Chatham Co. NC (4) 1866 Madison Co. (5) 1880 Madison Co.

Baker, Cato, Mrs.

Death Claims Jasper CLAYTON - Jasper T CLAYTON, 215 Caroline street, miner, died at 10:30 pm Tuesday at Hopkins County Hospital where he had been receiving treatment for a kidney ailment for several days. He was 48. CLAYTON, who was an employee of Colonial Coal Mining Company, is survived by the widow, Mrs Ola Hays CLAYTON; two children, Horace Hays CLAYTON and Anna Mabel CLAYTON, all of 215 Caroline street; mother, Mrs Bertie CLAYTON, 122 North Harrig street; three brother, Thurman W CLAYTON, Princeton, Ky, Fred G CLAYTON, London, Ky., and Rufus CLAYTON, 226 Graves street; five sisters Mrs Herman HARDY, Perrytown, Tenn.; Mrs Brank McKINSEY, 127 North Harrig street; Mrs Baker Cato, Jasper, Tenn.; Mrs A L McALLISTER, Paducah, and Mrs Douglas GAMBLIN, Suthards section, near Earlington, and fifteen nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 pm Thursday at Harris Funeral Home, 134 North Main street. Officiating will be the Rev. John M HARDY, pastor of Madisonville First Christian church. Burial will be in Odd Fellows cemetery here. The body is at the funeral home. - Oddfellows Cemetery, Madisonville, Ky Jasper T CLAYTON 1904-1952 Ola H 1919-

Burrill Cato - 1812 Stewart Co., TN tax list, Capt. Atkin's Dist.

Burwell Cato

Jordon RUSSELL, a mulatto boy, was bound May 4, 1814 to Burwell Cato until age 21. From: Stewart Co., TN Co. Court Minutes, 4/154.

Charles Timothy Cates

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #1029 Sarah Jane Cates (REAVIS) (1) Bedford Co. (2) 1829 Lincoln Co. (3) Charles Timothy Cates 1824 Bedford Co. (4) 1852 Lincoln Co. (5) 1905 Moore Co.

Cynthia C. Cate to George DECKS married April 19, 1841 by H. H. GORIN. Stewart Co.

Daniel Cato

Stewart Co. Tax Book, vol. 2, p. 54. State of TN, Stewart Co, Jan. 20, 1808. David BRADFORD hath obtained a License to keep a public ferry across Cumberland River at the mouth of Cross Creek. Thos. CLINTON is Chairman of Ct. of pleas. Amt. of bond is $1000. Signed David BRADFORD, Daniel Cato, John (X) REVES. Acknoweleged by R. COOPER, C.S.C.

Daniel Cato

Stewart Co. Tax Book, vol. 2, p. 62, in the sale of the property of Lewis ELLIOTT, dec'd., Daniel is listed as buying 55 lbs of cotton for $3.57. Also has listed as a few of the buyers:Benj. BRADFORD, Phillip UNDERWOOD, A. BRADFORD...

Daniel Cato

Stewart Co. deed records, vol. 3, page 296. Feb. 5, 1810. Britton BAYLISS to Daniel Cato. Bill of sale. I, Britton BAYLISS of Montgomery Co., TN have sold unto Daniel Cato of Stewart Co., TN, a negro woman about 13 years of age known by the name of Nellie. For the sum of $400. Witnesses: John GRAHAM, Asa ATKINS. St. of TN, Stewart Co., Aug. term 1810. Test: Robert COOPER.

Daniel Cato - 1812 Stewart Co., TN tax list, Capt. ATKIN's Dist.

Daniel Cato

Daniel Cato m. Ellen WADE Sept. 18, 1869, Rutherford Co.

Daniel Cato

Died before May 3, 1814 when Henry Cato was appointed administrator, with David BRADFORD & John ALLEN as security in Stewart Co.

Delpha E. Cato to Elisha DONNEL, Jan. 9, 1847, solemized Dec. 13, 1847, Stewart Co.

Elizabeth Cato

Elizabeth Cato m. Thomas REYNOLDS Aug. 30, 1814, Davidson Co., TN

Ellen S. Walker (Cate)

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #8966 (1) Monroe Co. (2) Bradley Co. (3) Gustavis A. WALKER Monroe Co. (4) 1869 McMinn Co. (5) 1917 Monroe Co.

Elijah Cato

May 20, 1837, Sevier Co., East TN Dist. Grant Book 20, p. 392 #20776

Elisha Cato

Married to Jency ANDERSON - May 29, 1824 Wilson Co.; by Hardy HUNT, JP; James H. HUNT, BM

Eliza F. Davidson Cate - Wife of Atlas. See Confed. application under his name.

Eliza J. Cates - See pension under William C. Cates.

Euphena Cato

Will of Henry RIEFF - (Wilson Co. Wills 1802-1850) Henry RIEFF settlement, March 26, 1856 - Heirs now of age: Euphena Cato, wife of George Cato, Malvina RIEFF, Narcissa RIEFF, wife of Jesse EAGAN, Tauris RIEFF, Marcus RIEFF.

Evelina Cato

John WRIGHT m. to Evelina Cato Dec. 26, 1821, Davidson Co.

Fannie Scott Hyde (Cato)

(Confed. pension application abstract) #10941 (1) Davidson Co. (2) 1856 Davidson Co. (3) Henry Clay HYDE 1842 Davidson Co. (4) 1878 Davidson Co. (5) 1907 Davidson Co.

Fountain P. Cato

(Son of Robt. H. & Eliz. A. Cato) Smith Co., TN, buried Caplenor Cemetery. B. Nov 17, 1843, d May 20, 1845.

George Cato

Will of Henry Rieff - (Wilson Co. Wills 1802-1850) Henry RIEFF settlement, March 26, 1856 - Heirs now of age: Euphena Cato, wife of George Cato, Malvina REIFF, Narcissa RIEFF, wife of Jesse EAGAN, Tauris RIEFF, Marcus RIEFF.

George Cato

to Euphemia RIFE - Dec. 31, 1821 (This is George Edwin Cato) Wilson Co. (Listed again on March 28, 1822)

George Cato

Listed 2 times on the Sumner Co. 1821 tax list, no property listed & no descriptions. Cato Moss also here.

George W. Cato to Elizabeth JORDON, married Feb. 29, 1848 in Stewart Co.

Green Cato - See will of Roland Cato

Green H. Cato

State of Tennessee, Sumner Co, Know all men by these presents that we,
Green H. Cato & Woody MARTIN of the said County are held and firmly bound unto William? Carroll GOUSSOIR? and his successors in office in a paid sum of twelve hundred & fifty dollars which payment will & truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs Executors & administrators firmly by these presents stated with our seals & dated this 1st day of July annis Domini 1827 & 51st year of American Independence the condition of the above obligation is such that unless the above bounded Green H. Cato hath this day applied for License to marry Rhody Alley. Know that the said Rhoda ALLEY be a resident of said County & there be no lawful objection why the said. Green H. Cato & Rhoda Alley should not be joined together in the holy Estate of Matrimony then their obligation to be void In union in force & virtue. Signed Green H. Cato, Woody (X) MARTIN, Test: N? DOUGLASS.

Green H. Cato

State of Tennessee, Sumner Co., To any Registered Justice? or minister of the Gospel having the -- of souls or to any Justice of the Peace for said County these are therefore to authorise and impower you, or either of you to certify & perform the rites of Matrimony between Green H. Cato & Rhody Alley he having entered into bond & security according to law given under my hand and seal this 1st day of July anno Domini 1827 & 51st year of American Independence. A. N? DOUGLAS Clerk of said Court.

Green Cato

Green Cato m. Sally DRAKE Aug. 25, 1815, Davidson Co., TN

Helen E. Cato (PRICE)

(See also, "Family Stories" page for interesting story on her! From Confed. Pension Application Abstracts) #301 (1) Smith Co. (2) 1847 DeKalb Co. (3) William H. Cato 1839 Smith Co. (4) 1856 Smith Co. (5) 1885 Smith Co.

Henry Cato

In 1825 John SMITH was given ten lashes for larceny, and Henry Cato, a negro, for stabbing a white man was whipped, branded and cropped. The branding consisted of pouring hot wine of some particular brand and color on the hand or arm of the criminal which would leave a red blotch or scar for life, while the cropping consisted in cutting a piece out of the ears. Stewart Co. Courts & Court Records from Goodspeed's History of Stewart Co.

Henry Cato

Daniel died before May 3, 1814 when Henry Cato was appointed administrator, with David BRADFORD & John ALLEN as security in Stewart Co.:
Henry Cato to bonds for administration. Know all men by these presents that we Henry Cato, David BRADFORD & John ALLEN all of the Co. of Stewart & St. of Tenn. are held on living bond unto his Excellency Willie BLOUNT Governor of the St. aforesaid in the Trust & full sum of $500.00 cts. to be paid to said Willie BLOUNT & their sucessors in office or their assigns for which Payment will & Truly be made. We bind ourselves & each of us ours and Each of our heirs Executors & or administrators Jointly & severally? by these Presents sealed with our seals & dated this 31st? day of May 1814.
The conditions of this obligation is such that whereas the named Henry Cato hath obtained Letters of Administration of all & singular the Goods & chattles rights & credits which were of Daniel Cato deceased now if the said Henry Cato shall well & truly make or cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all & singular the Goods & chattles rights and credits of the deceased which has or shall have into the knowlege of the said --- treaty? or into the lands? or Possession any other person or --- (p. 244) To his knowlege of the same do exhibit or have to be exhibited into the ensueing co. court the said goods & chattles & all other Goods & chattles & briotls? of the deceased at the time of his death -- time thereafter... Signed Henry Cato, David BRADFORD, John ALLEN.

Henry Cato

Feb. 7, 1816 - Stewart Co., TN - Ordered by the court that Peter KINDLE, James MILAM, Sr., Wm. DOWDY & Benjamin BRADFORD settle with Henry Cato, adm'r. of the estate of Daniel Cato, dec'd & make return next term. (Co. Ct. Min. 1815-19, p. 70)

May 8, 1816 - Stewart Co., TN - A settlement with Henry Cato, adm. of Daniel Cato was returned by the Commissioners & ordered to be recorded. (Co. Ct. Min. 1815-19, p.101)

May 6, 1817 - Stewart Co., TN - Ordered by the court that Henry Cato be appt. overseer of the road leading from Bradford's Ferry to Dover in the room of Elam MILAM & the same hands work under him, also John BLANTON, Joseph BROADWAY, David GRAY, Rob't SWAN work under him as far as the intersection with Dover Road. (Co. Ct. Min. 1815-19, p. 165)

May 5, 1818 - Stewart Co., TN - Personally came Henry *CARTER* into open court and acknowleged himself indebted to the state in the sum of $500 & Henry Cato & John PEACE in the sum of $250 each security to be levied of their goods & chattles, lands & tenements for the State but to be void on condition that Indictment for Retailing Spiritous Liquors without license. (Co. Ct. Min. 1815-19, p. 274)

May 7, 1818 - Stewart Co., TN - Ordered by the court that Henry Cato be allowed the same that Wm. R. HAGLER was to have for maintaining John FREEMAN & his wife for the last year. (Co. Ct. Min. 1815-19, p. 295)

Nov. 4, 1818 - Stewart Co., TN - On motion by Christian BRADFORD it is ordered by the Court that herself & Henry Cato have letter of admin. on the Estate of A. H. BRADFORD, dec'd. & they gave bond in the sum of $10,000 conditioned for faithfully admin. said Estate. (Co. Ct. Min. 1815-19, p. 366)

Oct. 30, 1824 - Stewart Co., TN - Henry Cato to Wm. DOWDY. This indenture made the 30th day of Oct. 1824 between H. Cato & W. DOWDY...That for & in consideration of $31.25...tract of land...10 ac. Co. of Stewart, St. of TN...S side of Cumberland River on Cottingham Branch, a branch of Elk Creek. Recorded May 31, 1825 (Deed Bk. 7, p. 271)

June 29, 1825 - Stewart Co., TN. Henry Cato to FITZGERALD & BAYLISS. This indenture made June 29, 1825, between H. Cato & Collin BAYLISS & Wm. FITZGERALD...Cottingham Branch of Elk River ? 700 ac; S prong of Elk Creek 50 ac; All horses, cows, pigs, etc. & 1 saddle, $100.

Aug. 24, 1827 - Stewart Co., TN. TN Grant bk. 8, p. 245, grant #6595 to Henry Cato, 50 ac in Stewart Co., TN, located 6356 to 7163 Middle Tenn.

Nov. 4, 1833 - Stewart Co. TN On Petiton of sundry citizens it is ordered that a public ferry be established across the Cumberland River about one mile above Cross Creek and to be kept by Henry Cato. (The River Counties, Vol. 6, #1, Jan. 1977, pg. 21)

Nov. 4, 1833 - Stewart Co. TN Ordered that a public ferry be established across the Cumberland River about one mile above Cross Creek and to be kept by Henry Cato. (The River Counties, Vol. 7, #4, Nov. 1978)

Nov. 4, 1833 - Stewart Co. TN Sheriff ordered to summon a jury to view the laying and marking off a road the nearest and best way up the Cumberland River from Dover to the new ferry of Henry Cato, one mile above the mouth of Cross Creek. (The River Counties, Vol. 6, pg. 22)

Nov. 5, 1833 - Stewart Co. TN - The Sheriff was ordered at August Term to summon the following for November Term: Jesse JAMES, Thomas NORSWORTHY, John W. LEE, Thomas LAIN, Thomas LANKFORD, David ALLISON, John WOFFORD, James WOFFORD, Wm. H. COLMAN, Ephraim GATLIN, Hugh MCMILLAN, Jesse STOKES, Phillip HALL, Chas. ROPER, Wm. S. ATKINS, John WALL, John WILLIAMS, Jr., John PINNER, John ELKINS, Soloman WEATHERSPOON, Wm. DOWDY, Drury D. BRINSON, Wm. BOGAD, Thomas BUCKINGHAM, Davy MILLER and Henry Cato to appear before justices of the peace to serve as grand Jury; sheriff said he executed the Court order on all but Ephraim GATLIN, Jesse STOKES and John WILLIAMS. (The River Counties Vol. 6, pg. 23)

no date - Stewart Co. TN Jury Venire for James B. CONGER VS John FRASER: Isham SILLS, James GATLIN, Sr., George BRUTON, Thomas BRIGHAM, Joseph B. NEVILLE, Nathan SKINNER, John MANNING, John BRIGHAM, David BRIGHAM, Jr., David BRIGHAM, Sr., Green B. SUMERS, Charles SUMERS, Robert JONES, James COOK, Robert HOLMES, Samuel WILSON, James BARNES, Sr., William LARGENT, Caleb WILLIAMS, Henry Cato, Eli STAVELY, John MILAM, Sr., Jethro BASS, Cullen BAYLESS. (The River Counties, Vol. 2, pg. 114)

Nov. 24, 1834 Stewart Co. TN - Dower of Tabitha Cato and division of land of William BAYLISS, dec'd; Heirs: Martha Emily Ann BAYLESS; Mary Elizabeth Frances BAYLISS; William Francis Smith BAYLISS; Brunson BAYLISS; Andrew Jackson BAYLISS. (The River Counties Vol. 3, #3, pg. 413)

Nov. 3, 1835 Stewart Co. TN - Henry Cato resigned as guardian of heirs of William BAYLISS, and Brunson BAYLISS appointed guardian of William F. S. BAYLISS (The River Counties Vol. 7, #4)

Feb. 1, 1836 Stewart Co. TN Ordered that Frances H. HERRIFORD, John HAGLER and Uriah TOMLINSON be a commission to settle with Henry Cato as guardian of heirs of William BAYLISS, dec'd. (The River Counties, Vol. 6, pg. 107)

Henry Cato

We James WOODS Jr., J. C. (shows E. later) RICE, & L. D. HARGIS are bound to the St. of Tenn. in the penalty of $1000 this 7 th day Nov. 1859. The condition of this obligation is such that whereas James WOODS Jr. has been appointed administrator of Henry Cato, deceased. Now if the said James WOODS Jr. shall well & truly adm. & perform all the duties which are or may be required by law this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force & effect. Acknowleged in open court Nov. Tenn. 1859. Signed: James WOODS Jr., J. E. RICE, L. D. HARGIS.

Henry Cato

listed as Grantor, Eli J. STENCIL, grantee, Ins. D, Book 6, p. 292 in Stewart Co. (have no date for these). Also listed as Grantor, FITZGERALD & BAYLISS grantees in Ins. D., Book 7, p. 278. Again as Grantor & F. BAYLISS, grantee in Ins. MC, Book 10, page 409 & then, in Records of Stewart Co. General Index to deeds, Vol. 1, 1804-1843, Henry is listed as Grantee on 3 transactions: Grantor Jno. L. HAGLER, Ins. D., book 6, page 435; Grantor Robt. McCOROKLE, Ins. D., book 6, page 448; Grantor Jno. L. HAGLER, Ins. D, book 6, page 460. Then, once again as a Grantee, Wm. T. FOWLER grantor in Ins.PA, Book 14, page 494

Henry Cato

Private, Regt. Commander omitted, Capt. James GRAY, Inf. (from Enlisted Men, War of 1812)

Henry Cate

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #2630 Tennessee Cate (MILLER) (1) Hamilton Co. (2) 1851 McMinn Co. d. 1940 (3) Henry Cate 1836 McMinn Co (4) 1869 McMinn Co. (5) 1907 McMinn Co.

Henry Cato

(fm Genl Index to deeds 1804-1843 - Stewart Co.)
Henry Cato as grantor:
grantee Eli Stencil, Bk 6 p 292
grantee Wm Dowdy, Bk 7, p 271
grantee Fitzgerald and Bayless, Bk 7, p 294
grantee F Bayless (?), Bk 10, p 409

Henry Cato as grantee:
grantor John L Hagler, Bk 6, p 420
grantor John Hagler, Bk 6, p 448
grantor Robt McCorkle, Bk 6, p 450
grantor John L Hagler, Bk 6, p 460
grantor Wm T Fowler, Bk 14, p 494

J. W. Cato

Apr. 30, 1886 - Sevier Co., Grant Book 33, pg. 292 #42013 to J. W. Cato, et al for 22 ac. .

Jabez Catto

Jabez Catto is listed under 2,235 free male inhabitants in Davidson Co., Tenn. in 1812. This is from the book, "Pioneers of Davidson Co., Tenn.", by Whitley.

James Cato

Sat on a jury in Stewart Co., Tn. 1815-19

James Franklin Cate

(This line is cross referenced as Cato in many places! From Confed. pension application abstracts) #283 Martha A. Cate (HICKS) (1) Henry Co. (2) 1831 Benton Co. (3) James Franklin Cate 1835 Henry Co. (4) 1852 Henry Co. (5) 1862 Granada, MS.

James Cato (Mrs.)

p.893, Goodspeeds - H. C. HIGGINS is a son of Owen H. HIGGINS, who was of Scotch descent, born in Kentucky in 1802. He came to Lincoln County, Tenn., in 1806 with his father, and eventually became the owner of 200 acres of land, about five miles from Fayetteville. He was married about 1824 to Fannie H. STONE, and by her was the father of eleven children, eight of whom are living: Nancy (widow of Daniel TUCKER), Sallie (Mrs. Daniel B. SHULL), Mary (Mrs. Isaac HOLMAN), George W., a lawyer in Fayetteville; Martha D. (Mrs. James Cato), Fannie E. (Mrs. J. E. CARRIGAN), Virginia (widow of Prof. Peter HUNBAUGH) and our subject H. C. Their father died in 1865, and their mother, who was born in 1806, in Virginia, died in 1871. The subject of our sketch was born near his present place of residence in 1846, and was educated in the neighboring schools and at Fayetteville, and made his home with his mother as long as he remained unmarried. December 22, 1868, he wedded Fannie STONE, daughter of L. L. STONE. Mrs. HIGGINS was born in Lincoln County, and has two children: Berry Owen and Julia. Mr. HIGGINS and wife own 488 acres of land, and have a beautiful and comfortable home. Mr. HIGGINS is a man of good business qualities, and in politics is very conservative, casting his first presidential vote for Seymour and Blair. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and he and wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Jane Catoe - Had surname changed from Cat to Cato. See Solomon.

Jesse Cato

TN Grant Book 20, pg. 389, #20773 to Jesse Cato, 88 ac in Sevier Co., May 19, 1837
TN Grant Book 20, pg. 380, #20770 to Jesse Cato, 70 ac in Sevier Co., May 19, 1837
TN Grant Book 20, pg 437, #21296 to Jesse Cato, 25 ac in Carter Co., Oct. 5, 1837

Job Cato

1812 Davidson Co. tax list lists Job Cato.

Joe Cato

Robert L. SCUGGS listed him as being a member of his co. on question #45, form 2 (List all members of your co. you can remember...) From The Tennessee Civil War Vet Questionaire Vol. 5, p. 1925.

Joe Cato

(Article in Confederate Veteran) Joe Cato, a Confederate soldier with a gallant record, died recently at his home, in Rome, Tenn., at the age of sixty-eight. He was born and lived all his life on the old farm in Smith County owned by the Cato family for several generations. He worked on the farm as a boy, and at the age of sixteen ran away to join the Confederate Army. He enlisted in Captain MOORE's company, of Paul ANDERSON's Regiment, 4th Tennessee Cavalry, which was mustered in at Lebanon, and which regiment was known during the war as "Paul's People". He went through the entire four years of the war unscathed until, in a last slight skirmish at the close of the war at Bentonville, N. C., he lost his left arm. He was captured three times during the war, escaping each time. The last time he was captured was during Sherman's march through Georgia; and when the prisoners were being taken up the Ohio River on a steamboat Mr. Cato jumped overboard and swam the Ohio River, escaping in safety to the Kentucky side, where he secured a horse from a farmer and went back to his regiment, where he remained till the close of the war.
Mr. Cato was married late in life to Miss Mamie Grigsby, and from this union there were six children. The deceased is survived by three sons and two daughters. The third daughter died only a few months ago. Comrade Cato was a life long member of the Christian Church, a kind parent and loving husband, and was esteemed by all who knew him.

John S. Cato

Henry Co., 1832 tax list shows John S. Cato.

Joseph S. Cato

b. Mar. 16, 1845, d. Feb. 17, 1913, buried Caplenor Cemetery, Smith Co., TN (Note! He is son of Robt. H.)

Julia (or Jane A.) Cato

m.. Mar. 20, 1875 to D. V. SEAY, Smith Co. (Note! Dau. of Robt. H.)

Laura Craig Cato

b. Jan. 7, 1874, d. July 9, 1911, buried in SpringHill Cemetery, Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN (Davidson Co.)

Leroy B. Cato

b. Feb. 3, 1842, d. Feb. 29, 1848, buried in Caplenor Cemetery, Smith Co., TN (Note! Son of Robt. H.)

Levin Cator - Williamson Co. will, 1848, will book 9, page 69

Lewis Cater

Williamson Co. - WB 3 p 227-228, Jan. session 1821 - Susan STOCKETT, widow of Thomas STOCKETT, allotment of dower Dec 17, 1820 commissioners SHEPP, CASEY, ... Lewis Cater

Louisa Cato

m. Burrell P. JOHNSTON Dec. 24, 1829 in Davidson Co., by John HALL, JP

Lucy Cato - See will of Roland Cato

M. E. Cato

to Wm. B. WALLACE married June 16, 1845 in Stewart Co. by Rev. T. S. ELLIOTT L.P. of M.E.C.

Martha A. Cate (HICKS)

See Confed. pension appl. under James Franklin Cate. Also, listed as bride in application #10787: Martha GARDNER (ODEM) (1) Knox Co. (2) 1856 Tullahoma (3) Joe E. GARDNER 1844 VA (4) 1926 Jefferson Co [bride Martha Cate] 1933 Jefferson Co.

Martha Cates

Listed as bride in application #5832 Martha Ann HIMES (HASTINGS) (1) Bedford Co. (2) 1839 Bed. Co. (3) Wm. Calvin HIMES 1841 Bed. Co. (4) 1869 Bed. Co. [bride Martha Cates] (5) 1915

Martha C. Cato

Married to John A. GILLUM married June 2, 1841 in Stewart Co. by Wm. ELLIS, J.P.

Martha Cator - Wilson Co. Wills, 1839, will book 7, page 27

Martha D. Higgins Cato

See listing under James Cato. She was his wife.

Mary Cato - See will of Roland Cato

Mary Cato

July, 1819, Robert Cato, dec - Mary Cato adm - negroes hired-Mary Cato, 1 woman & 1 child, Dennis McCLENDON, 1 woman & 1 child, Mary Cato, 1 girs, Rowland Cato, 1 boy.

Mary Cato

m. June 12, 1819 to Benjamin BARNES in Davidson Co.

Mary Cato - July, 1819, Mary Cato relict of Robert Cato - support

Mary Cato - July 1816, Inventory of the estate of Robert Cato, dec, Mary Cato, admx.

Mary "Polly" Cato

m. Feb. 19, 1835 to Ashley KENNEDY by David ABERNATHY, JP, Davidson Co.

Mary Ann Catoe

m. Jan. 31, 1826 to Robert HUGGINS by Geo. McWHARTON, JP., Davidson Co.

Mary E. SPRIGGS (Cate)

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #5350 (1) Bradley Co. (2) 1840 McMinn Co. (3) Ezekiel SPRIGGS 1841 Bradley Co. (4) 1870 Bradley Co. (5) 1913 Bradley Co.

Mary Francis CHANDLER (Cate)

(1) Gibson Co. (2) 1851 Henry Co. (3) John Jas. CHANDLER 1847 Henry Co. (4) 1884 Martin TN (5) 1918 Gibson Co.

Mary Jane Catoe - Had surname changed from Cat to Cato. See Solomon.

Mary M. Steele (Cates)

(Confed. pension application abstract) #4834 (1) McNairy Co. (2) Bibb Co., Alabama (3) C.C.C.D. STEELE Bibb Co., Alabama (4) 1860 Bibb Co., Alabama (5) 1913 McNairy Co.

Mattie A. ROGERS (Cates)

Confed. pension application abstract #3163 (1) Rutherford Co. (2) 1843 Rutherford Co. (3) Love Alexander ROGERS 1843 Jefferson Co. (4) 1869 Rutherford Co. (5) 1810 Rutherford Co.

Malissa Cato

m. William W. ANDERSON Apr. 30, 1835 in Davidson Co. by Geo. W. CHARLTON, JP.

buried in old Cato family cemetery (now called Caplenor Cem.). b. Jan. 18, 1817, d. Feb. 15, 1851. Husband Wm. buried same place b. Feb. 23, 1809, d. Feb. 15, 1859. Also buried in same cemetery are: R. C. ANDERSON, b. Nov. 25, 1838, d. Mar. 16, 1880 & Luisa Jane ANDERSON, b. Feb. 5, 1844, d. Dec. 1854.

Melissa M. PRICE (Cato)

(Confed. pension application abstracts) #7122 (1) Putnam Co. (2) 1854 Smith Co. (3) Thos. D. PRICE 1843 Smith Co. (4) 1875 Smith Co. (5) 1918 Putnam Co.

Micheal Cato

m. Jan. 12, 1807 to Sally SWIFT, Davidson Co.

Moses Cator Sr. - Wilson Co. Wills, 1853, will book 11, page 45.

Nancy A. Cato

Nancy A. Cato married Joseph VESTER 3rd of December 1858 in Davidson County, Tennessee

Nathan Cato

This comes from a hand-typed book about 12-16 pages stapled into a folder and ambitiously labled, "Pioneer Residents Before 1820", compiled from prime documents & Smith Co. Records. It lists Nathan CATO & no other explaination.

Nehemiah Cato - 1812 Stewart Co., TN tax list, Capt. ATKINS's Dist.

Nehemiah Cato

Private, Regt. Commander omitted, Capt. James GRAY, Inf. (from Enlisted Men, War of 1812)

Patsy Cato

m. Mar. 14, 1811 to Willis ALLEY, Davidson Co.

R. H. (says A. in one place) Cato

5724 - 1895 June 21 - (O.A.B.) N.B. ANDREWS and W.M. ORGAN (ANDREWS & Co.) Wilson Co., TN Against W.H. WALLACE and wife Martha J., N.G. ROBINSON and W.L. LOURINS? of Wilson Co., TN and R.A. Cato of Smith Co. Complts. furnished WALLACE lumber to build a barn in town of Lebanon and was built on lot known as the NORMAN lot ... bounded by CLAYWELL & GOLLADAY formerly known as the DRIFOUS lands ... WALLACE and wife mortgaged lot to R.H. Cato and N.G. ROBINSON.

R. H. Cato - TN Grant Book 19, pg. 931, #16831 to R. H. Cato et al for 13 ac. & 120 poles in Smith Co., Tn. April 8, 1841.

Rebecca Cate - See Wm. D. Cate's pension abstract.

Richard Cato

Grant Book 20, pg. 392, #20784, May 22, 1837, Richard Cato 150 ac. in Sevier Co.

Robert Cato - See will of Roland Cato

Robert Cato

Private, Col. N. T. PERKINS, Capt. George ELIOT, Mil. Inf. (from Enlisted Men, War of 1812)

Captain George Elliott Pay Roll of a company of Mounted Militia commanded by Captain George Elliot of the Regiment commanded by Col. Nicholas T. Perkins in the service of the United States from the 18th December 1813, to the 8th February, 1814 also shows Robert Cato. (Cato MOSS & Gessum MOSS in Capt. John Wallace's 1st Reg't. TN Volunteers, Dec. 10, 1812-Feb. 1813.)

Robert Cato to Francis J. WATERS - July 2, 1824 married Wilson Co.

Robert Cato

William ALLEY & Judith STREET - Dec. 24, 1812 married Sumner Co. bm Robert Cato

Robert Cato - July, 1819, Mary Cato relict of Robert Cato - support

Robert Cato

July, 1819, Robert Cato, dec - Mary Cato adm - negroes hired-Mary Cato, 1 woman & 1 child, Dennis McCLENDON, 1 woman & 1 child, Mary Cato, 1 girl, Rowland Cato, 1 boy.

Robert Cato - July 1816, Inventory of the estate of Robert Cato, dec, Mary Cato, admx.

Robert Cato dec'd. Inventory. Recorded 22nd August 1816
State of Tenn., Davidson Co. in Inventory of the estate of Robert Cato Dec'd. taken this 15 th day July 1816. To wit, 7 negroes, Issac?? about 30 (or 80) years of age, Piggy about 30 years of age, Issabel? 13 years of age, Lucy about 8 years of age Jerry?, about 6 years of age, Jacob about 2 years of age, Soloman about 10 months of age, 2 head of horses, 4 head of cattle, 22 head of hogs, one loom & gears, one large Trunk, 2 small ditto?, one Black Walnut table, three beds & furniture, three bedsteads & three Bed? Closets?, one Clock Reel? one large kettle pot, one oven one four flat irons, one Spinning Wheel, two sses, one Grubbling hoe and one weeding ditto, 2 pair of pot hooks one looking Glass, 5 chairs and three small stoolls? 1 auger, 1 drawing knife, 1 mans saddle, 1 womans saddle, 4 of Saddle bags, Corall? Rumleb? w Sorrels one washing tub, 3 piggins Chiten?, 4 (0r ll) pewter Basons on Jug of Pewter ;ater, 2 Earthen dishes, 3 earthen plates, 6 spoons ??? ditto, ??? and ??? and salt sifter? and pepper Bowa? 6 knives & forks pair ------------one pair cotton cards, one pair wool dills? two head of Gees? on Coffee pot, 9 bread traus. blase? Brush 3 Stays on half Bushel one meal Sassten? one set spools & Tribit? 1 Flesh fork, one bell one Curry Comb.
Mary (X) Cato, admin.
State of Tennessee, Davidson Co. Court July Session 1816
This Inventory of the estate of Robert Cato, dec'd was returned into Court by Mary Cato, adm. and ordered recorded.

Robert Cato

TN Grant Book 7, occupant, pg. 700, #22800 to Robert Cato for 25 ac in Smith Co., Mar. 2, 1852.

Rowland Cato (Jr.)

May 3, 1839, TN Grant Book 18, pg 826, #15772 to Rowland Cato for 98 ac in Davidson Co., TN.

May 12, 1846, TN Grant Book 21, pg. 220, #18188 to Roland Cato for 19 ac & 40 poles in Davidson Co., TN

Roland Cato - Oct., 1816, Settlement of estate of Roland Cato, dec.

Roland Cato

From: Genl Abstracts fm TN Newspapers 1791-1808
Roland Cato has a letter in the Nashville PO Jan 31, 1807

Rouland Catoe

Private, Col. John COFFEE, Capt. James TERRELL, Vol. inf. (from Enlisted Men, War of 1812)

Roland Cato, adm.

Dividends paid to Roland Cato, Willis ALLEY, Wm. MURRELL, Thos. RUNNELS, Drewry JORDON, Green Cato, & Mary Cato - Robert Cato, adm. is in debt to Robert Cato also Roland Cato, adm is indebted to Lucy Cato. (He (Roland) apparently named son-in-laws in will)***Drury Jordon m. into Cato family in NC

Roland Cato

1804 Davidson Co., TN tax list shows Roland Cato. Has 2 free white males & 6 taxable slaves. (Roland was in Greensville Co., VA until at least Nov. 1803 & Feb. 1804 Drury JORDAN m. Sally Cato there so Roland prob. left right afterwards.)

Roland Cato

List of Inventory? Sept 10 th 1813
September 10 th day 1810. In the? administation of the property of Rolin Cato Sr? Dec'd? one negro man named Issac, one negro woman named Anziah? one negro girl named Mariah one negro boy named Joseph one --- with one eye, one large sand? house? Negro -- run away. One bay may and two year old bay, bay? may? colt, one large bay horse, five cows & calves, one heifer, twenty eight head of hogs of face? sorts, two feather beds & furniture at home and two steads and cords?, one table one trunk, two spinning wheels, one chest, one water pail & water can, two ploughs, five sitting chairs, three weeding hoes, one grubbing hoe, 4? two axes, one band saw, one weaving loom and gear, one pair of Iron---, some table furniture, one mans saddle one large hat and small one small one, two smooth bored guns and one rifle gun one pair of cartwheels; one bond against Isham Fels and James Fels for forty dollars, one Buffaloe? -- a quantity of fodder & --.

Roland Cato (Jr?) See will of Roland Cato

Roland Cato

July, 1819, Robert Cato, dec - Mary Cato adm - negroes hired-Mary Cato, 1 woman & 1 child, Dennis McCLENDON, 1 woman & 1 child, Mary Cato, 1 girs, Rowland Cato, 1 boy.

Rufus Cato - Listed on the 1836 Wilson Co. tax list.

Rufus Cato

Was an orphan boy aged 15 years when he was bound on Aug. 2, 1814 to Alsey BRADFORD until age 21 in Stewart Co. Stewart Co. Court minutes

Sarah Jane Cates (REAVIS) - see Charles Timothy Cates pension application.

Solomon P. Cato

Solomon P. Catt, May 10, 1830 took the oath of allegieance to become a citizen of the United States. He is from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and has been in this country more than 5 years. He has been a citizen of this state more than 1 year, and is a man of good moral character. (Obi TN, Cir Ct Min, 1/109) On May 11, 1830, Solomon P. Catt petitioned the Court to change his name to Solomon P. Catoe, his wife's name to Jane Catoe & his daughter's name to Mary Jane Catoe. The petition was granted. (Ibid 117)

1830 Census, Obion Co., Tenn.
Solomon P. Cartre (should be Catoe)

State of Tennessee, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Obion County, January Term A. D. 1835 - Solomon D. Catoe Vs John HUBERT) Appeal from a Justice. This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereon came also a jury of good and lawful men, to wit: James WADKINS, Jesse SHEEKS, Ezekiel CARTER, Abram MARBRY, Wm. H. GUY, Wm. F. SMITH, Benjamin A. LINN, William MENTON, Wm. A. BROWN , George COLYEAR, Wm. C. EDWARDS, & Henry APPLEWHITE who were elected, tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the matter in dispute, upon their oaths do say they find that the defendant owes the plaintiff the sum of twenty-eight dollars and they assess his damages for the detention thereof to the sum of one dollar and fifty Cents. It is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover of the defendant the sum of twenty-eight dollars his debt aforesaid and also the sum of one dollar and fifty cents damages aforesaid (p-190) and also the costs in this behalf, and the defendant tendered a bill of execution to the opinion of this court, which was signed, sealed & made a part of the record in this case.

Solomon P. Catoe Vs John HUBERT) Appeal, in the nature of error. This day came the defendant into court & entered into bond with security conditioned as the law directs and prayed an appeal in the nature of a suit of errors to the Circuit Court of Obion County, from a Judgment rendered against him in this cause, which is granted.

Court of Pleas and Quarter Session, Obion County, Tennessee (p-122) October 6th, 1834 - Solomon P. Catoe Vs. John HUBERT) Certiorari This day came the parties by attorney and the defendant by attorney moved the court to rule the Plaintiff to give security for prosecuting this suit whereupon by consent of the parties it is ordered by the court that the case be continued until the next Term of this Court and that the Plaintiff give security to prosecute his suit by calling of the cause (case?) at the next term or that the same be from the Dockett.

Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions July Term, 1834 State of Tennessee, Obion County (p-89) July 7th A. D. 1834 - Solomon P. Catoe Vs LOGAN & HUBERT) A. P. G. This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon on motion of Plf. by attorney it was ordered by the court that this cause be dismissed for want of jurisdiction. Therefore it appearing that this court has not jurisdiction it is considered by the Court that this case stand dismissed and that a writ of proceedings issued to the Justice be laid open to execution on his judgment and that the defendants pay the cost in this behalf expended and that Execution issue accordingly for the same.

(p.114 July term 1834) - John HUBERT Vs Solomon P. Catoe) Certiorari - This day came the Plaintiff by attorney and filed his petition in writing and moved the court for writs of Certio Moticio and supersedes in this cause to which Defendant Catoe by his attorney objected, but which was ordered by the court to be issued agreeably to the prayer of the petition on his giving bond and security as the Law directs.

Sterling Cato

From: Genl Abstracts fm TN Newspapers 1791-1808
Sale in town of Carthage- Court of Smith County, 25 May 1808, prop of
John SIMES -- taken to satisfy a judgement against SIMES and Sterling Cato by Lewis JOHNSTON.

Susannah Cato May

(See also info in AL) Old Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Elkton, TN, Giles Co.: John W. MAY, CSA, 1844-1909, husband of Nancy Frances HOWARD MAY; son of Reuben & Susannah Cato MAY. Also has: Nancy Frances MAY, 1837-1898, wife of John W. MAY, dau. of John & Catherine WEAVER HOWARD.

Thomas C. Cato

William H. Cato, born 3 Mar 1808, died 26 Mar 1877. Buried Walter TEASLEY Graveyard 12 miles from Ashland City TN. Beside him is buried Martha A LAWRENCE, wife of William H. Cato. In same cemetary is buried Thomas C. Cato born 30 Mar 1845 died 18 Dec1867.

William Cato

m. Jane PEEBLES Dec. 22, 1835 in Davidson Co., TN, by David ABERNATHY, JP.

William C. Cates

(Confed. pension application abstract) #27 Elzira J. Cates (PATTERSON) (1) Bedford Co. (2) 1832 Bedford Co. (3) William Carroll Cates 1840 Bedford Co. (4) 1866 Bedford Co. (5) Bedford Co.

William D. Cate

(This is line that is sometimes referred to as Cato. From Confederate pension application abstracts)#3704 Rebecca A. Cate (HASTINGS) (1) Henry Co. (2) 1847 Henry Co. (3) William D. Cate 1842 Henry Co. (4) 1867 Henry Co. (5) 1910 Henry Co.

William H. Cato

From Confed. Pension Application Abstracts) Helen E. Cato (PRICE) #301 (1) Smith Co. (2) 1847 DeKalb Co. (3) William H. Cato 1839 Smith Co. (4) 1856 Smith Co. (5) 1885 Smith Co.

William H. Cato

William H. Cato, born 3 Mar 1808, died 26 Mar 1877. Buried Walter TEASLEY Graveyard 12 miles from Ashland City TN. Beside him is buried Martha A LAWRENCE, wife of "William H. Cato" d. June 25, 1884, age 64 years. In same cemetary is buried Thomas C. Cato born 30 Mar 1845 died 18 Dec1867.

William H. Cato

1866 Smith Co. marriage William H. Cato to Helen Ellen PRICE by Rev. W. J.PRICE - m. 29 Nov 1866. Notes from Shirley Cato: [William H. Cato (Robert H. Cato / Elizabeth A.___) b. 15 Jul 1839, d. 5 Jan 1885 Helen Ellen PRICE - b. 26 Feb 1847, d. 6 Jul 1906 Smith Co. TN both bur. Caplenor Cemetery] - see also his page under "Family Stories" for his children. -- Co. K, 7th TN Infantry, Pvt./Sgt., CSA.

William R. Cato

From Shirley Cato's notes: William R. Cato Co. G. 2nd (Robison's) TN Infantry (Walker Legion) became part of 4thconsolidated Reg't. TN Infantry about 9 Apr 1865, Private, CSA Co. G. 18th TN Infantry (same as above), Private/2nd Lieut., CSA
William R. Cato (William C. or H./Martha ___) b. ca 1842/1843 TN 1850 Davidson Co. TN census William age 7 with father 1860 Cheatam Co. TN census W. R. age 18 with father

Willie Ann Cato

(from Art Murrell) The progenitor of our MURRELLs of Laclede County, MO was Wm. Thomas MURRELL, who was b. about 1781 in VA. Tradition in the family is that there was a family disagreement over slavery as it was practiced in VA in that era. Wm. Thomas MURRELL I married Willie Ann Cato in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN March 19, 1806. They were married by Wm. BARRROW, a J.P., who was an affluent citizen of the Nashville vacinity. Willie Ann was born ca. 1783 in Greenville Co., VA, and was the daughter of Roland Cato & Polly POWELL. They farmed and raised four children in Sumner Co., TN. Maria was born in 1812, Dreader B. in 1814, Jabez B. in 1817, and John A. Murrell in 1819. (see family hist. for more.)

Willie Cato

Willie Cato (desc. from William H./Helen Ellen PRICE) b. 1874, d. 1934; m. Etta ___ (from Shirley Cato's notes)

Willie Cato

m. Lic. Isd. 29 Mar 1806 William MURRELL 1806 Davidson Co. - William MURRELL to Willie Cato

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