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I have tried to make this record as accurate as possible. 
The records and sources used are not infallible and my human error in copying and typing is entirely possible.  
There will be errors to be sure.  I would appreciate notification of corrections and additions.


                            "Descendants of Lemmon"


I have found many different spellings for the Lemmon family.  Many of our ancestors over the years have shortened the Lemmon spelling.  Some of the census takers wrote down how they felt the names should have been spelled.  I have compiled a lot of information on Moses Lemmon because at first I felt that he was my great-great grandfather.  He to had a daughter name Louvara, but it was spelt different.  After getting record of my great grandmothers marriage records I was able to find that John Samuel Lemmon and Louisa Jacobs were her parents.  John is the brother to Moses.  

Generation  No. 1

ABRAHAM LEMMON (? LEMMON) was born November 03, 1994 in ENGLAND and died November 26, 1876.  He married N. ELIZABETH ????.  She was born about 1809 and died February 07, 1865.


Information was passed on to me that Abraham came from England but not sure from exactly where.  A lot of information has been found, but not confirmed on a Elizabeth McDowell marrying a Abraham Lemmon in Monroe County, Virginia in 1832.  At this date they already had children.  The circuit judge would only come around once in a while so this could be her.  There are many spellings.  Lemmon, Lemmons, Lemon, Lemons.  There are a lot of Lemmons buried in Dellslow.


1850 Monongalia Census (Transcribed from Microfilm)
701-702 (36th district)

Lemmons, Abraham; 53; Wagoner; Md

Elizabeth; 41; Va (Cannot read or write)
Spelman (fem); Va
John; 17; laborer; Va a/s
Sarah E.; 11; Va a/s
Mary E.; 8; Va


Notes for N. ELIZABETH ????:
It has been stumbled on a few times that a Elizabeth McDowell married on 12-1-1832 in Monroe County, Va to a Abraham Lemmon.  Because of the dates it is unsure of this is the correct ones, but in the old days it was not uncommon to marry later after being together.


Children of ABRAHAM and N. ELIZABETH are:
1) SPELLMAN LEMMON was born March 4, 1824.
2) THOMAS W. LEMMON was born April 24, 1826.

3) MOSES S. LEMMON was born August 23, 1828 and died 1910.

4) JACOB J. LEMMON was born July 7, 1831.  He married Clarissa ?.

5) JOHN SAMUEL LEMMON was born May 2, 1834.  He died October 19, 1874.

6) SARAH E. LEMMON was born June 25, 1839.
7) MARY L. LEMMON was born March 28, 1842.

The following information I found in a book in Preston Co., WVa with Jacob Lemons name.  I do not know if this is the Jacob they are talking about:

"History of Monongalia County.  Military History

Company D, Third W. VA. C. was formed at Morgantown in August, 1862 and , with two exceptions, consisted entirely of Monongalians.  It proceeded to Wheeling, where, on October 21st, it was mustered into service, and sent to New Creek.  Its members were engaged in scouting through the mountains near Petersburg, and in less than four weeks after their arrival had, without loss, captured a number of the enemy equal to their own.  They did good services as scouts, and were engaged in some of the hottest contests of the war.  On the organization of the company James R. Utt was elected captain, and served as such until May 16, 1863, when he was killed in action at Piedmont Station, Fauquier County, Va.  After Captain Utt's death, Lieut. G. W. McVickers was commisioned as captain, July 18, 1863, and commanded the company until it was finally mustered out, June 30, 1865, at Wheeling.

Jacob is listed under the list of Officers as:      Officer:   Jacob Lemons, Blacksmith

Generation  No 2 

THOMAS W. LEMMON (Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born April 24, 1826.  He married Adaline ????.

Child of THOMAS and ADALINE is:
1) AMOS B. LEMMON was born about 1867.  He married EMMA A LEMMONS, born abt. 1866.  Emma is the daughter of MOSES LEMMON and PERDILLA WELLS.  


Notes for Amos and Emma:
1) AMOS and EMMA were first cousins.                                   
2) Monongalia Co. WV marriages 1881-1900:  This book has Amos B. Lemmon age 22, marrying a Emma A. Lemmon age 23. I am not sure but I believe Emma’s middle name was Alice. Witnesses are parents:  Thomas & Adaline and Moses & Perdilla. 
3) Emma A. Lemmon later married a DR. EUGENE K. SUTTONS.  No records are found of what happened to Amos as of yet.
4) Gladesville Cemetery:  Sutton, Alice d. Aug. 20, 1878, 1st. w balance illegible w/sarapta, Dr. E. K., Emma A.  *w means wife .
Sutton, E. K., d. Dec. 8, 1923 age 79-10-9 (Dr.)
W/Alice, Sarepta, Emma A.
Sutton, Emma A. dates NC 3rd. wo Dr. EK w/Alice, Sarepta
W/ Alice, Emma A.
Emma was the 3rd wife to Dr. E. Sutton.


MOSES S. LEMMON (Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born August 23, 1828 in Virginia and died 1910.  He married PERDILLA WELLS, daughter of THOMAS WELLS and PHOEBE EVANS.  She was born 1830 and died 1924.  She was born in Virginia.  

The article  below was sent to me of Perdella and her girls. By the age in article and her death date, she died within the year this article was made.

Notes for MOSES S. LEMMON:
In some records, Moses has dropped one of the M’s in Lemmon.


"A History of Preston County" by Oren Morton   
Page 368: Moses G. Lemon cam from Monongalia in 1875 and lived on the Huber farm, west of Mount Phebe.  His brother Jacob was for a time a blacksmith at Reedsville.
Page 447:   Lemon, Jacob M. (- - -).  Moses G. -brother to Jacob M. Perdilia Wells.
Page 502:  Hewitt, Elisha Private Co L 4th Cav Union Army.  Hewitt, W.D. Private Co L 4th Cav Union Army.


1850 Monongalia Census (transcribed from microfilm)
254-255 (36th district)
Lemmons, Moses; 21; farmer, Va
Perdelia; 20; Va
Emily I.; 1; Va
Mary E.; 3/12; Va


1860 Monogalia County Census:
Morgantown 1631-1582
Moses Lemmon 32 Va Farmer
Perdilla 30 Va
Imley J. 12 Va
Mary E. 11 Va
Anne M. 9 Va
Eliza V. 7 Va
Albert A. 5 Va
Thomas W. 1 Va


1870 Monogalia County Census:
Morgantown 268-264
Moses Lemons 41 WV Laborer
Rindella 40 WV Keep House
Emley J. 21 WV
Ann M. 19 WV
Eliza 17 WV
Albert A. 14 WV
Thomas W. 12 WV
Louisa 10 WV
Levera 7 WV
Emma 4 WV
Eddie 2 WV


1880 Census   -     dated June 12th, 1880  Kingwood District
Lemon, Moses White Male age 52, born Va.. Occupation: Lumbering. Mose's Fathers birthplace is Maryland.
Mother: Perdillia ??? age 50, born she and parents were born in Virginia.
Albert A. age 24 - Coal Miner
Thomas W. age 21 - Coal Miner
Louisa C. age 18 - works in home
Lavara I. age 16 - works in home
Emma A. age 14 - at home
Edward M. age 12 work on farm
Katie B. age 8 - at home  
Sarah G. age 6 - at home


Preston County Marriages  Vol. I 1869-1885                 
19 September 1880
Thomas W. Lemon, 21
Mary C. Fortney, 19


12 January 1882
Andrew Albright, 25
Sarah Lemon, 23  (Not sure if same Sarah. Age difference large)


More about MOSES S. LEMMON:
Burial: Gladesville Cemetery  


Children of Moses and Perdilla are:
1) EMILY S. LEMMON, she was born about 1849  
2) MARY E. (Mollie) LEMMON, she was born about 1850. 
3) ANNE M. LEMMON, she was born abt. 1851.  She married WILLIAM SMITH  
4) ELIZA V. LEMMON, she was born June 9, 1853; died January 17, 1940 in Monongalia Co., WV.  
5) ALBERT A. LEMMON, he was born abt. 1856.  
6) THOMAS W. LEMMON, born about 1859
7) LOUISA C. LEMMON, born about 1862.  She married JOHN W. HEWITT on Nov. 20, 1880.  and died June 9, 1900.  Preston Co. Marriages, Volume I, 1869-1885:


Notes for Louisa:
John W. Hewitt (23) b, in and resident of Preston Co., WV
Louisa C. Lemmon (20) b. in Monongalia Co., WV and resides in Preston Co., WV
Married November 20, 1880.  John is buried at Chidester-Shaw Cemetery, Terra Alta, WV


Not in 1850 Preston Co., Census
Preston Co. 1860 Census:   569-560 (Greenville)
Hewitt, John, 39, b. VA farm laborer
Catherine, 35 OH
Elisham, 17, VA
Wm. D.; 15; VA
Sarah C.; 13; VA
Elizabeth E.;  VA
Mary F.; 11, VA
Rachel; 7; VA
John W.; 2; VA
Marcellus W.; 2m; VA


8) LAVARA J. LEMMON, born about 1863.
9) EMMA A. LEMMON, born about 1866.  She married AMOS B. LEMMON, b. about 1867, son of THOMAS W. and ADALINE LEMMON.  AMOS and EMMA were first cousins.


Monogalia Co. WV marriages 1881-1900:  This book has Amos B. Lemmon age 22, marrying a Emma A. Lemmon age 23.  Witnesses are parents:  Thomas & Adaline and Moses & Perdilla.
Notes for EMMA A. LEMMONS: 
I am not sure but I believe Emma’s middle name was Alice.
Emma A. Lemmon later married a DR. EUGENE K. SUTTONS.  No records are found of what happened to Amos as of yet.


Gladesville Cemetery:

Sutton, Alice d. Aug. 20, 1878, 1st. w balance illegible w/sarapta, Dr. E. K., Emma A.  *w means wife .

Sutton, E. K., d. Dec. 8, 1923 age 79-10-9 (Dr.)
W/Alice, Sarepta, Emma A.
Sutton, Emma A. dates NC 3rd. wo Dr. EK w/Alice, Sarepta
W/ Alice, Emma A.
Emma was the 3rd wife to Dr. E. Sutton.


10)  EDWARD M. LEMMON, born about 1868.  
Notes for Edward M. Lemmon:  
I was told that someone believes it that this Edward (Moses) Lemon had a son whose son was Bob Lemon, the Cleveland Indian Pitcher who later became a Baseball Hall of Famer.  His father was either Earl or Robert Granville Lemon and they were born in California.  This has not yet been confirmed.  


11) DORA LEMMON, born June 26, 1868; died January 07, 1894
Notes for Dora Lemmon: 
Dora is not listed in any of the census which puzzles everyone.  She could have be a handicapped child that was away.  She could have been hidden for some reasons unknown.  She is buried beside her parents at Gladesville Cemetery.  She could have been a twin to Edward.  This is a mystery child!
12) KATIE BELLE LEMMON, born about  1872, died 1934.
13) SARAH G. LEMMON, born about 1874.


JOHN SAMUEL LEMMON (Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born May 2, 1834 and died October 19, 1874 in Hampshire Co.  He married (1) LOUISA JACOBS, daughter of RALEIGH JACOBS.  She was born August 28, 1840, and died June 18, 1858.  He married (2) PHEBE SIDWELL December 01, 1854.  She was born October 22, 1834.    
John served in the Civil War and is buried at Dellslow, Preston County, WV.  
Monongalia Register of Deeds:  
John S. Lemmon, White male d. 10/19/1874 in Morgan.  
Cause of death:  Congestion of Lungs  
Year 1839 Sept. (Don't know what this date is for)  
Parents:  Abraham and N.E. Lemmon  
Born in Hampshire Co., WV  
Occupation:  Farmer  
Married to Louisa Lemmons (wife)  


The following information is from "THE HISTORY OF MONONGALIA COUNTY"

Company E was recruisted in Monongalia County in August, 1864, and mustered into service at Wheeling, September 3d. Soon after its organization it was sent to Bulltown, Braxton County, where its members engaged in scouting and skirmishing until April 1865, when they were ordered to Clarksburg, and later to Wheeling, where they were mustered out, June. 30th.

Listed on this page under PRIVATES is John S. Lemon.


Notes for LOUISA JACOBS:  
George Lemon told another family member that when John Samuel Lemmon died, his widow married a Grubb and their mother ran off the 2 boys Raleigh and Robert when they were just young.  They went to work on a farm in Preston Co.   


Children of JOHN and LOUISA are:  
1)  JAMES ABRAHAM LEMMON,  born March 15, 1859.  James died young and is buried at Melons Chapel Cemetery in Dellslow, WV.  
2) MARY SPELLMAN LEMMON, born April 27, 1860; died February 3, 1947.  She married DANIEL BOON NUCE January 1, 1880.  
3)  JOHN J. LEMMON, born December 14, 1861  
4) LOUVARA JANE LEMMON, born December 25, 1863 in Monongalia Co., WV .  She married JAMES THOMAS MYERS, born March 25, 1858 in WV, and died January 04,  1929.
5)  FANNY BELL LEMMON, born February 02, 1865; died November 1936.  She married WILLIAM JOSH SHAFFER.  
6) RALEIGH (Rollie) ADAM LEMMON, born September 12, 1873; died February 20, 1966.  
7) MARTHA ANNA LEMMON, born May 26, 1870.  She married WILBUR L. WOLFE; born August 21, 1887.  
8) ROBERT LEROY LEMMON, born September 09, 1867; died 1954.  


Children of JOHN LEMMON and PHEBE SIDWELL are:  
9) SARAH ELLEN LEMMON, born October 18, 1855.  She married JOHN AMOS JOHNSON May 9, 1875.  
10)  NANCY ELIZABETH LEMMON, born January 09, 1857; died November 24, 1889.  She married EUGENUS DAVIS, JR., March 28, 1875.  

  Generation  No. 3 

ELIZA V. LEMMONS (Moses, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born June 09, 1853, and died January 17, 1940 in Monongalia Co., WV.  She married JOSEPH RYAN.  He was born March 05, 1848 in Monongalia Co., WV and died October 16, 1922.  He is the son of Benjamin Ryan and Isabelle McShane.  They are both buried at Nabors Cemetery, Monongalia Co., WV. 

The picture below is Eliza Lemon in the chair.  To her left is her daughter  Daisy Mae Ryan and Daisy's daughter Violet.


Children of ELIZA and JOSEPH are:
1)  ALBERT RYAN, born 1873; died September 02, 1916.
2)  BELLE P. RYAN, born October 06, 1876; died October 06, 1876
3)  MAUDE RYAN, born May 06, 1879; died September 30, 1931
4) MASON RYAN, born March 29, 1882; died April 08, 1959
5)  CHARLES E. RYAN, born April 12, 1884; died April 25, 1969.  He never married.
6)  DAISY MAE RYAN, born June 28, 1888; died September 16, 1965


THOMAS W. LEMMON (Moses, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born January 1859 in WV.  He married MARY C. FORTNEY September 19, 1880 in WV.  She was born about 1861 in WV.


Notes for MARY C. FORTNEY:
All the information found on the children of Mary Lemon were from the 1900 census in Preston County.  The census record is dated June 11, 1900 in the Kingwood district.   Record show that Mary had 8 children but only 7 were living.  Both her parents were from West Virginia


Children of THOMAS and MARY:  
1) EMILY S. LEMMON, born about 1849.  
2) MARY E. LEMMON, born about 1850.
3) ESSIE S. LEMMON, born about August 1882.

LETTIE E. LEMMON, born September 1884.

5) CHARLES M. LEMMON, born August 1886.  
6) ACY P. LEMMON, born September 1888.
7) DAL R. LEMMON, born 1893.
8) ROSCOE V. LEMMON, born May 1896.
9) ARDIS D. LEMON, born December 1898.


Notes for Thomas W. Lemons:
1900 Census dated June 11, 1900 shows Thomas W. as a farmer.  Both his parents are listed from WV.  He owned his farm free and clear.
Lemon, Thomas W., head, W,M, Jan 1859, 41, M 20
Lemon, Mary, wife, W, F, Aug 1861, 38, M, 20    Had 8 children, 7 alive.
Lemon, Essie S., daughter, W, F, Aug. 1882, 17, S
Lemon, Lettie E., daughter, W, F, Sep. 1884, 15, S
Lemon, Charles M., son, W, M, Aug 1886, 13, S
Lemon, Acy?, daughter, W, F, Sep. 1888, 11, S
Lemon, Dal?, son, W, M, ? 1893, 6, S  
Lemon, Roscoe V., son, W, M, May 1896, 4, S  
Lemon, Ardis D., daughter, W, F, Dec 1898, 1, S


1920 Census     Does not show Mary his wife living with him.
Lemmon, Thomas W., Head, white male, age 61
Lemmon, Charles, son, age 33  
Lemmon, Rossie, daughter-n-law, age 29
Lemmon, Mary E., granddaughter, age 11
Lemmon, Edna?, granddaughter, age 9
Lemmon, Eva P., granddaughter, age 6
Lemmon, John W., grandson, age 2 yr and 8 months.  


KATIE BELL LEMMON (Moses, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born 1872, and died 1934.  She married WILLIAM HELM.  He was born 1876 and died 1931.  Katie is buried in Gladesville, Cemetery.


Children of Katie and William are:
1) DAISY HELM, born January 05, 1891; died March 29, 1894.

PAUL HELM, born October 25, 1902 and died December 05, 1902


LAVARA JANE LEMON (John Samuel, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born December 25, 1863 in WV.  She married JAMES THOMAS MYERS March 22, 1880 in Methodist Episcopal Church in Monongalia Co., WV.  He is the son of JAMES J. MYERS and RUHAMAH PYLES.  He was born March 25, 1858 in Fayette Co., PA and died January 4, 1927.  

Lavara Lemon and her husband James T. Myers


Notes on Louvara Jane Lemmon:

1880 Census  dated June 12th, 1880 has her name listed as  Lavara J. Lemon, age 16.  She could only read. Census has her born in W.VA. Shows both parents born in Virginia.

Mountainview Cemetery has name listed as:
Myers, Loveria, Dec.25,1863-nc;w/James T.


I have a copy of James T. and Louvara's Marriage License. It reads as follows:

West Virginia, County of Monongalia, to-wit:
To any person licensed to celebrate marriages:
You are hereby authorized to join together in the Holy State of Matrimony, according to the rites and ceremonies of your Church or religious denomination, and the laws of the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, James T. Myers and Louvara Lemons Given under my hand, as Clerk of County Court of the County of Monongalia, this 20th day of March 1880, ? Coburn Clerk. County of Monongalia County.

Preliminary inquires and answers thereto, made and ascertained by William S. Coburn, Clerk of the county court of MONONGALIA COUNTY, STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, relative to Mr. James T. Myers of Tucker County and State of West Virginia and Miss Louvara Lemons of Monongalia County and State of West Virginia to whom the accompanying Marriage License is issued. The full names of the parties are as follows:
His full name is James T. Myers
Her full name is Louvara Lemons
His age is Twenty Two Years; Her age is Seventeen Years
He was born in Fayette County and State of Pennsylvania
She was born in Monongalia County and State of West Virginia
His place of residence is Tucker County, West Virginia
Her place of residence is Monongalia County, West Virginia
The name of the party giving the foregoing information is Michael Nuce of Monongalia County and State of West Virginia Given under my hand, this 20th day of March 1980, signed Wm. S. Coburn, Clerk County Court.

I, Ephraim Choens, a minister of M. E. Church do certify that, on the 22nd day of March 1880, at Louesa Lemmon's in Monongalia County. I united in marriage the above-named and described parties, under authority of the foregoing License.

Signed: Ephraim Choens

Monongalia County West Virginia Marriages 1881-1900:

Date: 3/22/1880
Myers, James 22 Fayette Co., Pa, Tucker
Lemon Louvara 17 Monongalia Co.
James J. & Ruhama (no last name listed)
John & Louisa (no last name listed)

I was told that James was born in Wetzel, WV... I found no records of his birth there or in Preston Co. W.Va.

1910 Federal Census - Preston Co., WV,                       dwelling #388 / 406
Myers, James, head, m, w, 52?, m farmer
Myers, Luvaria, 46
Myers, James H. 22
Myers, Benjamin H., 12/13


1920 Federal Census - Preston Co., WV,                     dwelling #189 / 196
Myers, James T., head, owned farm, m, w, 63 married Pa/WV/WV   Blacksmith
Myers, Luvara J., wife, 56, WV, WV, WV
Miller, E/Addison - adopted son 14


Children of Lavara and James:
1) CHARLIE M. MYERS, born Febuary 13, 1881 in Monongalia Co., WV
2)EFFA BELLE MYERS, born September 5, 1883 in Monongalia Co., WV
3)JAMES HENRY MYERS, born May 11, 1887 in Dellslow, WV, died August 17, 1962 in WV.
4)BENJAMIN HARRISON MYERS, born July 4, 1894 in Monongalia Co., WV
5) ROBERT (JAMES) MYERS, born  September 24, 1907 and died September 24, 1907


RALEIGH (ROLLIE) ADAM LEMMON (John Samuel, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born September 12, 1873 and died February 20, 1966.  He married PHOEBE ALICE NEFF.  She was born September 10, 1896.

Children of Raleigh and Phoebe are:
1) LILLIE LEMMON, born 1897 and died 1981.
2) JOHN WILLIAM LEMMON, born 1900 and died 1934
3) GEORGE EARL LEMMON, born 1912; 1873.


ROBERT LEROY LEMMON (John Samuel, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born September 9, 1867 and died June 19, 1954.    He married NANCY BELL NEFF July 27, 1890. 

Children of Robert and Nancy are:
1) DOLLIE BELL LEMMON, born 1904; died 1993

Generation No. 4 

MAUDE RYAN (Eliza V. Ryan, Moses S., Abraham) was born May 06, 1879 and died September 30, 1931.  She married HARRY BLANEY.  


Children of MAUDE and HARRY are:


MASON RYAN (Eliza V. Ryan, Moses S., Abraham) was born March 29, 1882 and died April 08, 1959.  He married ETTA MAE ????  

Children of MASON and ETTA MAE are:


DAISY MAE RYAN (Eliza V. Ryan, Moses S., Abraham) was born June 28, 1888 and died September 16, 1965.  She married ISAAC O. MYERS.  He was born April 12, 1886 and died May 11, 1935.

Children of DAISY and ISAAC are:


CHARLES M. LEMMON (Thomas W., Moses Lemon, Abraham) was born about 1887 in WV.  He married ROSSIE ????. 

Children of Charles and Rossie:
1) MARY M. LEMMON, born about 1909 
2) EDNA LEMMON, born about 1911
3) EVA P. LEMMON, born about 1914
4) JOHN W.LEMMON, born about 1917


CHARLIE M. MYERS ( Louvara Lemon Myers, Moses Lemon, Abraham) was born February 13, 1881 in Monongalia Co., WV.  He married MARY ELIZABETH (LIZZY) EVERSON. 

Notes for Charlie M. Myers:
1910 Federal Census - Preston Co., WV

dwelling #86 / 407

Myers, Charlie M., head, m, w, 28 married 5
Myers, Mary E., wife 21
Everson, Roxie, sister, 12


1920 Federal Census - Preston Co., WV
dwelling #90 / 106
Myers, Charly M., head, rent, m, w, 38 yr., married, WV Coal miner
Myers, Mary E., wife, 31


Child of CHARLIE AND LIZZY:  Lizzy had a sister name Maggie who married a Taylor.  She died young after her 3rd child so Lizzie raised Warren, as her own but never adopted him.
1) Warren Taylor – died 2001


EFFA BELLE MYERS (Lavara Lemon Myers, John Samuel, Abraham,  ?Lemmon) was born September 5, 1883 in Monongalia Co., WV.  Died August 17, 1901 in Tunnelton, WV.  

Notes for Effa B. Myers:
Effa is buried at #4 - Mountain View Cemetery in Tunnelton, WV.  with her parents.
17 years old, 11-8, do Jas T. and L. J.


1900 Census – dated June 11, 1900 SCHEDULE NO 1-POPULATION
Fairfax district, Thomas Town, Tucker County, WV
This census has Effa living in a boarding home of George & Minnie Joffman(spelling not clear). 
Myers, Effie, Servant, W F, Sept. 1883, 16 S.   She and her parents are all from WV.


Child of Effa B. & Unknown:
Infant Myers died at birth  (This information has never been proven)


Helen Myers said that she had heard that Effa’s death might have been caused from a member of the family.  Bessie Bolyard, first cousin to my father said on 2 different occasions, one by phone and one in person.  From what she could remember:  Effa was only 17 and unmarried when she got pregnant.  Her mother and father wanted to teach her a lesson from it and kept her locked in her room.  Back then babies were born at home, and when she went into labor she screamed for help.  She wanted her parents to get help from the neighbors and they ignored her.  When they finally got help it was to late.


JAMES HENRY MYERS (Louvara J. Myers, John Samuel, Abraham,  ?Lemmon) was born May 11,1887 in Dellslow, WV and died August 17, 1962 in WV.  He married MARY ALICE CLINE  April 26, 1913, daughter of JOHN CLINE and EMILY BRITTON.  She was born January 21, 1891, and died January 30, 1964 in WV. 

Notes for James Henry Myers:
Most of the information provided for the family of James Henry Myers and Alice Cline was provided through  I download a file that was uploaded to the internet for James Henry Myers #680157 from


1920 Federal Census - Preston Co., WV
dwelling #173 / 180
Myers, James H., head, owned farm, m, w, 22 married, WV, WV, WV Coal Miner
Myers, Alice M. 27
Myers, Bessie V. 5
Myers, Everett L. 4


Fact 1:  SS death records.  SS# 232-09-4563 issued in WV
Children of James and Alice:
1)  BESSIE VIRGINA MYERS, born February 4, 1914 ( I visited Bessie in July 2001 and she was doing pretty good to be 87.  Her memory was still sharp!
2)  EVERETT LEE MYERS,  born July 20, 1915; died Jan. 2001


BENJAMIN HARRISON MYERS (Louvara J. Myers, John Samuel, Abraham,  ?Lemmon) was born  July 4, 1894 in Monongalia Co., Tunnelton, WV, and died October 1986 in Princeton, WV.  He married (1) ROXIE LUCRETIA EVERSON.  She was born July 19, 1896, and died January 1, 1936 in Tunnelton, WV.  He married (2) PEARLEY MAE CLAYTON  September 14, 1936 in Tunnelton, WV. Daughter of Henry Clayton and Ellen Day.  She was born March 29, 1893 in Onego Pendelton, WV. , and died September 25, 1969 in Alexandria, Va.  He married (3) MARTHA ???? 1970.  She died Abt. 1978 in WV.  He married (4) HAZEL MARIE SKEENS CLEMONS November 28, 1978 in Rich Creek, Va. Daughter of William Skeens and Beatrice Skeens.  She was born February 2, 1916 in WV, and died in Va.

Children of Benjamin Myers and Roxie Eavenson
1) DAVID CECIL MYERS (May have been fathered by David Earl Fields)
2) MARY JANE MYERS, died in Tunnelton, WV
7) DORTHY (DOT) MADELINE MYERS , born November 25, 1931 in Tunnelton, WV, died 2000 in Wadsworth, Ohio

See the Myers page for MYERS history


GEORGE EARL LEMMON (Raleigh Adam, John Samuel, Abraham, ?Lemmon) was born 1912 and died 2001.  He married LUCILLE ZINN.  She was born abt. 1935 and died December 19, 1991.


Notes for George Earl Lemmon:
George Earl Lemmons
George Earl Lemmons, 88, of Masontown, died Friday, Dec. 22, 2000, at Heartland of Preston County.
He was born March 5, 1912, in Greer, son of the late Raleigh and Phoebe Alice Neff Lemmons.

He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the US Army in Darmstadt, Germany.  He was the oldest member of VFW Post 1589 in Masontown.  He was employed at the Preston County Light and Power Plant as a Stoker.  He also worked at Austin Powder Plant in Masontown, and worked part-time at the Yankee Trader Store in Masontown.  He was a charter member of the Mountaineer Coin Club of Morgantown.  He enjoyed collecting coins, stamps and other memorabilia.

He is survived by his son, George Allen Lemmons, of Tampa, Fla.; and a daughter, Donna Speed, of Kiehi, Hawaii.

He was also preceded in death by his wife of 56 years, Lucille Zinn Lemmons, on De. 19, 1991; a brother Bill Williams; and a sister, Lillie Williams.
Friends may call at Waldeck Funeral Home in Masontown from 4-9 pm.  Tuesday.  Service will be 10am Wednesday, Dec. 27, with the Rev. Robert Harshberger officiating.  burial will be in Masontown Cemetery.


Children of George and Lucille are:
1)  GEORGE ALLEN LEMMON – Lives in Tampa, Florida
2)  DONNA LEMMON.  She married  ?? SPEED and lives in Kiehi, Hawaii



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