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"Descendants of William Greene"

  Generation No. 1 

WILLIAM GREENE was born 1671 in New Jersey, and died June 16, 1722 in 100 Scotch Rd., Trenton, Ewing Psby. Cemetery, NJ.  He married JOANNA REEDER in Newton, Long Island.. 

Notes on JOANNA REEDERS family:

She is the daughter of JOHN REEDER II (John I) and JOANNA BURROUGHS.  He was born 1645 in Newton, Long Island, NY. His father was JOHN REEDER I who was born 1610.  He married MARGARET THORPE.  She was born 1610.  The Children of JOHN REEDER I and MARGARET THORPE:  

JOHN REEDER II born 1645, Newton, Long Island, NY.
? REEDER, b. 1636
and ISAAC REEDER, b. 1653.
Children of WILLIAM and JOANNE REEDER are:    
1) JEREMIAH GREENE, born Hunterdon Co., NJ and died 1762.   
2) RICHARD GREENE died 1741.  He married MARY ELY.   
4) WILLIAM GREEN II, born 1702; died 1786.  He married LYDIA ARMITAGE.
5)  JOANNA GREENE.  She married a SEVENS.

ISAAC GREENE, born August 18, 1738, Oley, Berks, PA.  Died May 3, 1818, Union Twp. Monroe, WV.  Married ELIZABETH DAVIS.


  Generation No. 2


JEREMIAH GREENE I (William) was born in Hunterdon Co., NJ and died 1762.  He married JOHANNE HUNT in 1740. 


She is the daughter of JOHN HUNT who was born in 1704 and died February 11, 1740/41.  He married MARAGARET MOORE.  She was born 1708.  They also had a son named GERSHOM HUNT who was born in 1730.

Rowan County 1759 Militia List
Jeremiah Green, Sgt

Taken from the Watuaga County Heritage Book.


Many Watuaga County natives can trace their ancestry through one line of another to Jeremiah Green of the Jersey Settlement, located in what is now Davidson County, as five of his children settled in this area (Watuaga) after the Revolutionary War. 

Jeremiah was one of the younger sons of William Green of the Trenton, New Jersey area, whose story is in Volume I. About 1740, Jeremiah married Hannah, who probably was a Hunt and about ten years later joined the large migration along the 'Great Wagon Road" though Shenandoah Valley, and into North Carolina, drawn by the promise of large amounts of good land at reasonable prices.  Some of the New Jersey group purchased land near Poots Creek and Swearing Creek, and early on this area was known as the Jersey Settlement.  Jeremiah bought 541 acres of Poots Creek, less than a mile north of present Linwood. 

These pioneers quickly set themselves building their homes and getting the land ready for crops.  They also formed their "Jersey Church" and by 1755 at least, Benjamin Miller, a Baptist minister, visited and preached there. 

A peaceful rural life was soon interrupted as rumors of trouble with the Cherokee Indians spread.  The French, motivated by their ongoing feud with the English, finally convinced the Cherokees that the English planned to conquer them and take over the land.  As time passed, the Indians were incited to more and more violence.  In April of 1759 about twenty-five warriors of Seltico went out on a hunting expedition.  They divided into separate parties, and a few days later the real nature of their hunt was known as they killed fifteen settlers on the Catawba and Yakin Rivers.  The French continued to goad, and the violence increased, causing many of the alarmed settlers to move out of the area.  At least once in 1759, Sergeant Jeremiah Green, with Captain Morgan Bryan's scouts, went out to find and punish the Indians. This "war" came to an end only when British regular troops, combined with a large South Carolina force and assorted scouts destroyed many of the Cherokee towns in 1760 and 1761. 

Jeremiah Green died between July and October of 1762.  This writer's research leads to the belief that the children of Jeremiah and Hannah were (not necessarily in order of birth): 1-Richard b. ca 1742, married Eleanor or Elender Sullivan.  They moved to the mountains about 1790 and owned many acres near present Blowing Rock.  Their children were Jeremiah, married Anne Hartley and moved ca 1810 to Hawkins County, Tenn.  Richard married Francis.  They moved to Tennessee before 1840.  John married Elizabeth Coffey and lived in the Globe Area.  Eleanor, who perhaps married a Baker and moved to Ohio.  Amos b ca 1778, married Elizabeth Searcy.  They lived in Rutherford County and the Cherokee County, Georgia where he died in 1857.  Joseph, born ca 1782, married Elizabeth Shearer and second, Celia Elrod.  He died in 1861, Benjamin, then to Joseph, married Mary Elrod.  Isaac b ca 1786, married Susan Gragg.  While Richard did not live long enough to apply for a Revolutionary War pension, the records of which are used by many to substantiate ancestor's participation in that war, he probably was also involved.  At any rate, he was a militiaman assigned in September 1778 to guard prisoners of war at Salisbury jail. 

2-Isaac, probably b ca 1744, married Margaret.  Around 1770 Isaac left the Jersey Settlement, returning briefly to sell his share of his father's land to John Ford in 1778. 

3-Hannah b 5/5/1746, married first a relative, second Andrew Beard, a well known hat maker of the time in Rowan County, and third   Tompkins, with whom she refused to live, creating a stir in the Jersey Church.  Hannah died 4/2/1811.  Her children were Oliver Green, b 1765, Martha Green, b 1758, married George Reed, Johannah Beard, b 1771, married Able Hunt, Alvis Beard, b 1773, married John Wood, Jeremiah Beard, Josiah Beard, Andrew Beard, married Margaret Smith, and Hannah Beard, married Moses Cox. 

4-Mary, who married John Sloan in 1765.  Their children were Archibald, married first Rebecca Guy and second Leona Cox.  He died in Crawford County, Indiana.  John died in Kentucky.  Jeremiah married Nancy Jordan.  He died in Iredell County.  Margaret Mary Anna, b 1780, married David Stewart.  She died in Crawford County, Indiana.  Mary and John Sloan may have other children. 

5-Sarah, who married John Wilson.  There has been some confusion about this Wilson family, most of it stemming from a Rowan County marriage bond of Sarah Boone to John Wilson.  There were at least three John Wilsonís in Rowan County in the latter part of the 18th century.   It is not known if they were related.  The John Wilson who married Sarah Boone died about 1806-1808.  They were married in 1782 and had the following children; Andrew, Boone, James, Zebiah, Samuel, Alford, Spruce, Rebecca, John, Polly, and Henderson.  The father of this John Wilson may also have been John, who left a will written 1800, and who died 1801 or 1802.  

The John Wilson who married Sarah Green also died ca 1800, and he perhaps was a son of Charles Wilson.  John and Sarah Green Wilsonís children were Isaac, b ca 1777, married Margaret McCreary in 1795.  There is one tradition that he deserted his family and went to Ohio.  Margaret died near Trade, Tenn.  Boyd, b ca 1779, which may have been named for an uncle, never married and was killed while felling a tree in now Watuaga County.  John, b ca 1781-1785, married Mary Fitz.  Hiram b 1787, married Nancy Smith.  He died in Watuaga County in 1879. Mary b ca 1789-1795, married Levi Heath.  They settled just over the line in Johnson County, Tenn.  Rachel, b ca 1797, married Brazilla McBride.  They lived in Watuaga County. 

6-Jeremiah b 1755, married Mary Wiseman.  Jeremiah was also a Revolutionary War soldier and his record is mentioned in Volume I.  Jeremiah and Mary moved out to now Watuaga County between 1790-1800.  He died in 1839 and Mary died in 1840.  They are buried in a long neglected family cemetery on a hill near Silverstone.  Concentrated research and the process of elimination has led me to believe that Jeremiah and Mary's children were:  Isaac b 1776 and married Mary Booth in 1793, They lived between Sands and Moretz Mills, and are buried in the Meat Camp Baptist Church Cemetery.  Enoch, b ca 1778, married Elizabeth Booth, a sister of Mary above, and second, in 1811, Lucy Harwood, a widow. I believe this is the same Enoch who died ca 1848 in Bibb County, Georgia.  Joanna, b ca 1781, married Reuben Hartley in 1798 and lived in Watuaga County.  Jeremiah b 1782, married Katherine Hagaman in 1804.  They moved to Buncombe County where he died in 1844.  John, b ca 1784, married   Hagaman.  They moved to Tennessee.  He married second Martha    between 1850 and 1860.  Richard, b ca 1794, married Francis and moved to Tennessee first, and later to Missouri where he died in Dade County in 1869.  He married second Joanne Brown in 1866.  Jacob, b 1796, married Elizabeth Davis in 1815.  They remained in Watuaga County where Jacob was a preacher, as was his son Jacob.  Nathan, who married about 1820 and moved or died before 1830.  Joseph, b ca 1800-1804, married Nancy about 1828.  Joseph died soon after, leaving one son, Joseph, b ca 1820  married Elizabeth Wilson in 1848.  Jeremiah and Mary also had two daughters, but I have no information about them. 

7-John, b ca 1757, married Hannah Hunt in 1779.  They settled in nom Watuaga County about one-half mile from the old Sands Post Office.  Their children were Peggy, b 1788 married Jacob Ingram. Richard, b 1790, married Mary Shearer.  Daniel b 1793, married Nancy Shearer.  Susannah, b 1795, married first Thomas Brown and second   Horton.  Mary b 1797, married John (Jack) Shearer. 

8-Joanna, married first Hugh Silvers and had one child, Hannah, b ca 1778 and married Jacob Reese.  Joanna married second Landrine Eggers in 1779.  They lived in now Watuaga County and their children were: Mary, b ca 1782, married John Ford.  Sarah, b ca 1784, married John Reese.  Hugh, b ca 1786, married Sarah Smith.  Joanna, b ca 1788, married Valentine Resse.  Lydia, b 1791, married James Swift. 

1) JEREMIAH GREENE II, born February 15, 1755; died December 30, 1839, Ashe Co., NC.
2) RICHARD GREENE, born 1740, Rowan Co., NC; died 1818 and married ELEANOR SULLIVAN.
3) JOHN GREENE, born November 3, 1757, Rowan Co., NC; died November 21, 1826, Rowan Co.,NC; married HANNAH HUNT, January 16, 1779.
4) JOANNA GREENE married (1) HUGH SILVERS and married (2) LANDRINE EGGERS.
5) SARAH GREENE married JOHN WILSON        
6) ISAAC GREENE married 1744; married MARGARET ?        
7)  HANNAH GREENE born May 5, 1746, died April 2, 1811 married (1) GREEN married (2) ANDREW BEARD and married (3) ? THOMPKINS.
8) MARY GREEN married JOHN SLOAN, 1765.

 Generation No. 3 

JEREMIAH GREENE II (Jeremiah, William) was born February 15, 1755 and died December 30, 1839 in Ashe Co., NC.  He married MARY (POLLY) WISEMAN on October 31, 1775 in Wilkes Co., daughter of JACOB WISEMAN and ELIZABETH ?.  She was born February 16, 1760 and died April 15, 1840 in Ashe Co., NC in the Silverstone Community. 

Joined the Jersey Baptist Meeting House 9/24/1785.
Buried in the Silverstone community on a hill behind Henson's Ham House.
Served with the NC Militia during the Revolution.  ? Fought at Ramseurís Mill.  Pension applied for 11/13/1832.
In the militia 5/1780 served in Colonel Locke's Regiment under Captains John Lopp, Peter Hedick, Thomas Cunningham.
Battle at Mask's Ferry on the Yakin River (number killed and wounded on 9/10/1780).
Served until the Battle of Guilford Courthouse 3/15/1781.  May not have actually fought in that battle.  Discharged 11/16/1781.  (Pension record s-6919).
Member of Three Forks Church, Watuaga Co., NC.
Children of JEREMIAH and MARY GREENE are:
1) ISAAC (FLATTY) GREENE was born July 2, 1776 and died February 18, 1856, Meat Camp Cemetary, Boone, NC
2) ENOCH GREENE, born 1778; died 1848, Bibb Co., Ga; married (1) LUCY HARWOOD married (2) ELIZABETH BOOTH.
3) JOANNA GREENE born January 16. 1782 and died August 18, 1844 and married REUBEN HARTLEY on November 6, 1798.  He was born 1777.
4)  JEREMIAH GREENE III was born 1782 and died 1844, Buncombe Co., NC.  He married KATERINE HAGAMAN.
5) JOHN GREENE was born 1784 and married (1) ? HAGAMAN. And married (2) MARTHA ?,
6) RICHARD GREENE was born 1794 and died 1869, Dade Co., Missouri and he married (1) FRANCIS ?.  He married (2) JOANNE BROWN.
7) JACOB GREENE was born 1796 and married ELIZABETH DAVIS in 1815.

NATHAN GREENE was born in 1830.

9) JOSEPH GREENE born 1800 and marred NANCY?.

Generation No. 4 

ISAAC (FLATTY) GREENE (Jeremiah3, Jeremiah2, William) was born July 2, 1776 and died February 18, 1856, Meat Camp Cemetary, Boone, NC.  He married MARY BOOTH on December 22, 1793 in Rowan Co., NC, daughter of JOHN BOOTH and CISTAH ?.  She was born October 20, 1776 and died June 8, 1855 in Meat Camp Cemetery, Boone, NC. 

Notes for ISAAC (Flatty) GREENE:
The 1850 Census Issac Flatty Greene as having real property valued at $120.00.
When he died at the age of 79 years he had 11 children, 102 grandchildren and 100 great-grandchildren.
Children of ISAAC and MARY GREEN are:

ELIZABETH GREENE was born March 9, 1795 and died June 18, 1887.  She married JONATHAN NORRIS who was born May 29, 1797and died February 8, 1875.

2)  MARY (POLLY) GREENE was born December 25, 1798and died February 10, 1865.  She married SQUIRE ADAMS, 1818.  He was born August 10, 1798 and died January 23, 1877.
3) SOLOMON GREENE was born April 10, 1801 and died December 24, 1888.  He married  (1) MARY SHERRILL; born April 27, 1815; died January 19, 1900.  He married (2) NANCY HODGES; born 1805; died 1844.
4) JOHN (FLATTY) GREENE was born August 10, 1804and died December 16, 1895.  He married MARY ESTES; born September 19, 1809 and died July 4th, 1888.
5) ISSAC GREEN, JR was born October 9, 1806.
6)  DAVID GREENE was born November 14, 1808 and died January 10, 1879.  He married  MARY LIURANCE; born March 15, 1814 and died September 21, 1897.
7)  MARGARET (PEGGY) GREENE was born April 16, 1811and died May 18, 1892.  She married ALLEN ADAMS, November 26, 1827; born May 16, 1807; died December 14, 1893.
8) JEREMIAH GREENE IV was born October 20, 1814and died May 10, 1890, Meat Camp Church, Boone, NC.  He married MARGARET ?; born May 10, 1818 and died July 5th, 1886, Meat Camp Church, Boone, NC.
10) SQUIRE GREENE was born July 15, 1819 and died September 20, 1898, Meat Camp Church, Boone, NC.  He married (1) ANN MCBRIDE; born 1820 and died May 8, 1873, Meat Camp Church, Boone.  He married (2) MARGARET NORRIS     

  Generation  No. 5 

ISAAC GREENE JR. (Isaac (Flatty), Jeremiah, Jeremiah, William) was born October 9, 1806.  He married Sarah (Sallie) Estes.  She was born 1811. 

Children of Isaac and Sarah Green are:
3) ARCHIBALD GREENE was born before 1833.
4) LOTT W. GREENE was born 1833.
5) CHANEY GREENE was born 1834.

6) MARIA GREENE was born 1837.

7) MARY GREENE  was born March 28, 1840 and died July 25, 1908.  She is buried at  Meat Camp Church Cemetery in Boone, NC.  She  married JOHN CRISP.
8) WILLIAM HARRISON GREENE was born October 18, 1840 and died July 1, 1907.  He is buried at Gragg Cemetery in Boone, NC.
9) ROBERT LEVI GREENE         was born 1846.
10) ALLEN GREENE was born 1849.  He married EVELINE HARMON.

 Generation No. 6 

WILLIAM HARRISON GREENE ( Isaac (Flatty), Jeremiah, Jeremiah, William) was born October 18, 1840 and died July 1, 1907.  He is buried at Gragg Cemetery in Boone, NC.  He married CAROLINE (CYNTHIA) HODGES, daughter of JOHN HODGES and FRANCES ?.  She was born June 10, 1845 and died March 27, 1891 and is also buried at Gragg Cemetery. 

Children of WILLIAM and CAROLINE are:
1) WILLIAM BERT GREENE was born January 1, 1868, NC and died May 1, 1956 and is buried at Gragg Cemetery in Boone, NC.
2) JAMES GREENE was born September 25, 1869 and died February 3, 1927 and is buried at Gragg Cemetery in Boone, NC.  He married ?  AUSTIN.
3)  MAGGIE GREEN was born August 10, 1871 and married CHARLIE GRAY.

SARAH GREENE was born August 23, 1873 and died December 20, 1955 and married CLIFTON SHORE.

5)  JOHN GREENE was born August 24, 1876.  He married NEMORRA WYKE.

SOLOMON GREENE was born June 13, 1878 and married MINNIE HODGES.

7)  ZACK T. GREENE  was born June 16, 1881 and died December 22, 1952, Oak Grove Cemetery, Boone, NC.  He married ALVERDA
8) ROE  GREENE was born May 11, 1884 and died July 10, 1951.  He married ESTE COOK.
9)  BENJAMIN GREENE was born March 5, 1888

Generation   No. 7 

WILLIAM BERT GREENE (William Harrison, Isaac, Isaac (Flatty), Jeremiah, Jeremiah, William) was born January 1, 1868, NC and died May 1, 1956 and is buried at Gragg Cemetery in Boone, NC.  He married ELLEN MARTISHA HAGAMAN in North Carolina, daughter of WILLIAM  and REBECCA HAGAMAN.  She was born April 1870 in NC and died in NC.  She is also buried at Gragg Cemetery in Boone, NC. 

Children of William and Ellen Martisha Hagaman are:
1) HENRY ALBERT GREENE was born December 23, 1888.
2) MAGGIE ALICE GREENE was born March 13, 1890.  She married a PEARSON.
3)  WILLIAM DILLARD GREENE was born April 1891.
4) DORA MAE GREENE was born October 1, 1892.
5)  EFFIE CLEO GREENE was born April 20, 1894, Watuaga Co., NC and died July 22, 1989)              
6)  RALPH CLYDE GREENE was born October 14, 1896.
7)  FRED CROWDER GREENE was born April 1, 1898.
8) CARRIE REBECCA GREENE was born April 9, 1900.  She married a FOX.
9) UNIA ARVILLA GREENE was born November 26, 1902.  She married a SHOOK.
10) DEWEY FRANKLIN GREENE was born December 15, 1905.
11) JOSEPH CASKIE GREENE was born April 7, 1908.

Generation No. 8 

EFFIE CLEO GREENE (William Bert Greene, William Harrison, Isaac, Isaac Flatty, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, William) was born April 20, 1894, Watuaga Co., NC and died July 22, 1989)   She married THOMAS JEFFERSON SIMMONS April 20, 1909, son of JULIUS SIMMONS and MARY AUSTIN.  He was born November 26, 1887 in Watuaga Co., NC and died December 23, 1972 in Burke Co., NC. 

Notes for Thomas Jefferson Simmons:
Social Security Death Records:    Thomas Simmons - 245-03-0919 issued in NC

b. 6, Nov 1887   d. Dec. 1972.  Last place of residency Morgantown, NC 28655


Children of EFFIE and THOMAS SIMMONS are:
1)  ZELMA PEARL SIMMONS, born April 2, 1910, Thunder Hole, Watuaga Co., NC.  She married FRED GREEN June 27, 1927. He was born February 13, 1909 in Watuaga Co., NC and died December 11, 1989.  Zelma was a homemake, a Baptist and last resided in Patterson, NC.
2) MAMIE BLANCHE SIMMONS, born November 13, 1910

EDWARD THOMAS SIMMONS, born September 3, 1913 in Watuaga Co., NC (Deerpark) and died October 22, 1994

4) MAUDE NIDECODA SIMMONS, born June 11, 1915
5) DALLAS WILLIAM SIMMONS, born March 26, 1917
6) RAYMOND AARON SIMMONS, born January 6, 1919, Winklerís Creek, Watuaga Co., NC
7) PAULINE LOUISE SIMMONS, born April 23, 1921 and died April 19, 1972
8)  INA-MAE GOLDIE SIMMONS, born March 2, 1923, Watuaga Co., NC
9) WILLIS COLINE SIMMONS, born June 2, 1925 in NC
10)  JAMES DENNIS SIMMONS, born September 9, 1930
11)  CARL FRANKLIN SIMMONS, born May 27, 1933 in Caldwell Co., Patterson, NC

KENNETH RAY SIMMONS, born February 23, 1935, Caldwell Co., Patterson, NC


FRED ALLEN SIMMONS, born June 30, 1937 in Caldwell Co., NC (Jack Branch-Patterson)

See the Simmons page for their history!  

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