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“Descendants of Thomas Austin"

Generation  No. 1

THOMAS AUSTIN was born before 1755 in Virginia and died before July 16, 1804 in Amherst Co., Virginia.  He married REBECCA TURNER (Jopling) December 3, 1798 in Amherst Co., Virginia, daughter of JAMES and REBECCA TURNER.  She was born 1779 in Virginia and died about March 1852 in Nelson Co., Virginia.

 Notes for Thomas Austin:

Thomas Austin is believed to have been born before 1755, although his ancestry is unknown.  He was likely married at least once prior to his marriage on December 3, 1798 to spinster Rebecca Turner.  They were married in Amherst County, Virginia, with the consent of her father James Turner, and with James Turner Jr. as Surety.  Rebecca was born circa 1779 in Virginia.  Thomas and Rebecca resided in Amherst Parish at the time the 1800 Tax List was made.  On July 16, 1804 a Bond was recorded in the Amherst Co. Court in which Rebecca Austin, John Turner and James Turner signed to make an Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Austin, Decreased.  On March 1, 1805, the Inventory was returned by Zach Roberts, John Mosby and William H. Mosby, showing a value of L80-7.  Rebecca remarried on July 12, 1810 in Nelson Co., Virginia to John Jopling.  She was living in Nelson County, Virginia at the time of the 1850 census, a widow aged 71.  She wrote her will in February 1852 and it was presented in the Nelson County Court on March 23, 1852.  Thomas' only known children are those named in Rebecca's will, and all are born in Virginia.

 Notes for Rebecca Turner:


I, Rebecca Jopling, of Nelson County and State of Virginia, being infirm of body, but of sound mind, in view of the uncertainty of life, so make this my last will and Testament.

Item 1st.  I wish my body decently buried, and after all the necessary expenses thereof are paid.  I will and request the following disposition of my property. 

Item 2nd. I give and bequeathed to Bluford Ball and Lucinda, his wife, for the term of lives, and at their death to descend to their daughter, Ann Maria Ball, a Negro woman named Violet and two boys named Sam and Jim, and in case of the said Ann Maria Ball dying unmarried, these slaves are to revert back to my other children and their heirs.

Item 3rd. I give and bequeath to Ann Maria Ball, the daughter of said Bluford Ball and Lucinda, his wife, the sum of two hundred dollars, which sum is to be held in trust for said Ann Maria Ball's use, by Lewis Ball, until said Ann Maria Ball shall become of age, or shall be married.

Item 4th. I give and bequeath to Nathaniel Townsend and Sally, his wife, during their lifetime, and at their death to their children, the following slaves, Edmund a boy, and a girl by the name of Nancy.

Item 5th. I give and bequeath to Nathaniel Townsend and Sally, his wife, a portion of my land adjoining the lands of said Nathaniel Townsend's tract, as follows.  The line is to commence at the corner of said Nathaniel Townsend's fence, and running a straight line to Powell's line, said line touching the north corner of my new clearing, and all the land lying north of said line, is portion allotted to Nathaniel Townsend and his wife Sally.

Item 6th. I give land bequeath to my son, Jesse Austin, the following slaves, Cleaton, a boy and Betsy, a girl, for the term of said Jesse Austin's life, and at his death to the children on his first wife.

Item 7th. I give and bequeath to my son, Jesse Austin, my dwelling house, and all my lands except those given as above to Nathaniel Townsend and Sally, his wife.

Item 8th. I give and bequeath to my grand daughter, Sarah Austin, now living with me, the sum of fifty dollars, to held in trust by my Grandson, William Austin, for the use of said Susan Austin, until her marriage, or until she shall become of age.

Item 9th. It is my desire that all the slaves bequeathed above shall be appraised, and to go as bequeathed at such appraised value.

Item 10th. I wish my household, kitchen furniture, stock of all kinds, crop of all kinds, and all other property not otherwise provided for to be sold at public sale, and that the proceeds thereof be applied so as to make Bluford Ball and Lucinda, his wife; Jesse Austin; and Nathaniel Townsend and Sally, his wife, equal as to their portions of slaves, after which the balance is to be equally divided among them.

Item 11th. It is my desire that William S. Murrill and Nathaniel Townsend shall be the executors of this my Last will and Testament, and that they carry out all its provisions.

In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal in the presence of Jesse Townsend and George M. Drumheller on this the ? day of February, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-Two. (1852)

Rebecca (+) Jopling

her mark

H.L. Blain

Wm.H. Bowman

Wm.S. Smith

At court held for Nelson County on the 23rd day of March 1852, this Instrument of writhing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Rebecca Jopling dec'd was produced in said court, and proved by the oaths of Wm. H. Bowman and Wm. S. Smith, two subscribing witness hereto, and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Wm. S. Murrill and Nathaniel Townsend, the Ex'ors in said will mentioned, who made oath and together with Alex. Fitzpatrick and Wm. H. Bowman, their securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $1000 conditioned (?) according to law. Probate of said will granted herein form of law.

Test. Thomas J. Massie, Clerk

1)  LUCINDA AUSTIN, born 1800
2) SARAH AUSTIN, born 1801 and died 1868 in Nelson Co., Va.
3) JESSIE AUSTIN, born 1803, Amherst Co., Va.

Generation  No. 2

LUCINDA AUSTIN (Thomas Austin) was born 1800.  She married BULFORD BALL November 3, 1841. 



SARAH AUSTIN  (Thomas Austin) was born 1801 in Virginia and died 1868 in Nelson Co., Virginia.  She married NATHANIEL C. TOWNSEND November 15, 1816 in Nelson Co., Virginia.  He was born 1786 in Virginia and died 1863 in Nelson Co., Va.

1) JESSE AUSTIN TOWNSEND  (Thomas Austin) was born 1803 in Amherst Co., Va.  He married (1) LUCINDA VAUGHN.  She was born 1825 and died 1900.  He married (2) SALLY JOPLING November 7, 1822.

Notes for Jesse Austin: 


Jesse Austin was born in 1803 in Amherst County, Virginia and married Sally Jopling, sister of Ben Jopling.  The Austin’s, who were of English descent, came to Caldwell County from Mecklenburg County while others of the same clan went to Texas to live, and according to this family that the city of Austin, Texas was named.

Nelson County Marriages -Jesse & Sally Jopling 2 Nov 1822; b-Benjamin Jopling  Minister Edward L. Warren 7 Nov 1822.


Jesse Austin was born circa 1803 in Virginia, probably in Amherst County.  He was married on 2 November 1822 to Sally Jopling in Nelson County, Virginia, with her brother Benjamin Jopling, surety.  Sally was born in Virginia; her father Ralph Jopling left her $1 in his will.  Jesse appears in the 1830 and 1840 Census for Burke County, North Carolina, and the land there on which Jesse and Sally resided once belonged to a Ralph Jopling.  In 1841 Caldwell County was formed out of Burke and Wilkes Counties in North Carolina.  Rebecca Turner Austin Jopling's Will was probated there as well as in Nelson County, leaving little doubt as to this Jesse's parents. Jesse was a Wagoner working for James Harper who owned a store near where Lenoir, North Carolina, is today.  His work can be imagined from page 95 of Nancy Alexander's book HERE WILL I DWELL, in the chapter covering 'The Story of Caldwell County':

"James Harper later became the sole owner of the Burke store.  His trade was done mostly through bartering.  People brought in produce, dried herbs, brandy, furs, and apples, for which he traded articles in his store.  These bartered products were then sent in great wagons to Columbia, Charleston, and other such places to be sold or traded for such commodities as salt and other goods.  Wagoner’s who made the long trips, which often required as long as a month's time, camping by the wayside, were Cannon Lowdermilk, Jesse Austin, James Adams, Perry Tomplin, Reddick Freeman, Hiram Clarke, David Hennessee, and Warren Allen.

"Among the records is one which shows produce sent to Charleston for sale by William C. Lowdermilk, 2 December 1837;  bear skins $34; snake root; 1220 pounds of butter at 12.5 cents, $205; 25 bushels of apples $22; 40 pairs of shoes $60; 25 horse collars; 18 bushels of corn $5.40; cash to purchase cotton $100.00; cash to purchase grocers $200.00; cash for expenses $5.00.

Jesse's first wife Sally died, and by the 1850 census one finds their young daughter Susan living with her grandmother Rebecca Turner Austin Jopling in Nelson County.  Jesse's farm sold 15 November 1849 by the Sheriff in Caldwell County to Jesse's son Thomas (Deed Book 2, pp. 131-134), who sold it in that same year to Benjamin Jopling.

From his mother's Will we know that Jesse married a second time.  It is likely that it was the same Jesse Austin who married circa 1850 in Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina, to Lucinda Vaughn, who was born circa 1825 in Virginia and died in 1900.  "Austin” in Iredell County was sometimes spelled "Ostun".  In 1852 Jesse inherited his mother's house and some of her land in Nelson County, plus two slaves; a boy Cleaton and a girl Betsy.  Jesse and Lucinda had a son Jesse Lafayette Austin born circa 1853, and they are found in the 1860 Iredell County census.  Frances Townsend Andrews states the Sarah Austin Townsend (Jesse's sister) wrote around 1857 to her son Jesse Austin Townsend in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri:

"We had a letter from Bur(?) Monday not long since and he said your Uncle Jesse had spent all his money and had sold Betsy, but William wouldn't let the man take her,      then gave him a bill of sale on Cleaton.  He wrote to me to send him a copy of Mother's Will by the 2nd Monday in October and said if I did not, they would both be gone. I don't reckon it will do any good.  There weren't any trustees left to the Will."

"See Last Will and Testament of Rebecca Turner Austin Jopling" for a copy of her will.


-Jesse Austin sold land to Thomas Austin (Jesse's son) in 1849 (by sheriff).  2-131.

Children of JESSIE and SALLY AUSTIN are:   
2) SARAH ELIZA AUSTIN married (1) SAMUEL FULLWOOD, b. 1836.  She married (2) WILLIAM FULLWOOD.
3) DAUGHTER NO NAME AUSTIN born 1823 and died 1826
4)  THOMAS J. AUSTIN born February 8, 1825, Virginia and died February 7, 1909, Caldwell Co., NC Harpers Chapel UMC.
5) CAROLINE AUSTIN, born about 1828 married ANSON DEAL
6)  DAUGHTER NO NAME AUSTIN, born about 1828
7) ALFRED WEBB AUSTIN, born 1829 married JULIA BEAN AUSTIN born 1830
8) SON NO NAME AUSTIN, born about 1832
9)  SUSAN AUSTIN, born 1832
10) SON NO NAME AUSTIN, born about 1837


Generation  No. 3

THOMAS J. AUSTIN (Jesse, Thomas) was born February 8, 1825 in Virginia, and died February 7, 1909 in Caldwell Co., NC Harpers Chapel UMC.  He married MARGARET JEAN BEAN Februaru 7, 1846 in Caldwell Co., NC.  She is the daughter of JOHN BEAN and MARGARET ?.  She was born August 18, 1827 in NC and died March 20, 1907 in Caldwell Co., NC Harpers Chapel UMC.

Notes for Thomas J. Austin:

1870 Census list him having $2000 in real estate and $1000 in personal property.  
1860 Census list him having $2000 in real estate and $2200 in personal property. 
Caldwell County, North Carolina Marriages 1841-1872
Austin, Thomas J.     Margaret Jane Bean   7 Feb. 1846         
J. C. Newland, C. C. C.


Extract From 1880 Census Caldwell County, North Carolina,  Patterson township     

Thomas Austin 

W M 54 H    Laborer 


Margaret Jane Bean

W F 52 W    Keep House 



W M 20 S 



W F 16 D      

 NC VA NC                                   


W M 13 S


Sarah Etter                          

W F 10 D



W M 09 S



W F 08 D



Extract From 1870 Census Caldwell County, North Carolina, Patterson Township

Page 126  Dwelling No. 67  Family No. 78

Thomas Austin 44 M W, Farmer $2000  $1000    VA
Margaret Jane Bean 42 F W    Keep House   NC
Julius J. 20 M W    Farm Laborer NC
Martha  18 F W    At Home NC
George F.  16 M W    Farm Laborer NC
Mary   14 F W    At Home NC
Charles 13 M W    At Home NC
Joseph 10 M W    At Home NC
Margaret E.  06 F W    At Home NC
Rufus L.     03 M W    At Home NC
Sarah Etter  01 F W    At Home   
Margaret Hays Bean           75 F W    Mother-in-Law NC


Extract From 1860 Census Caldwell County, North Carolina, Lenoir Township
Page 39  Dwelling No. 404
Thomas Austin  34 M W    Farmer  $2000  $2200   VA
Jane  32 F W    Wife  NC
John 12 M W    Son   NC
Julius 11 M W    Son NC
Martha   09 F W    Daughter  NC
George 07 M W    Son NC
May (Mary Jane) 03 F W    Daughter NC
Joseph  9m M W    Son NC
Margaret Hays Bean 65 F W    Mother-in-law NC
E. L. Mathson 25 M W    ? NC
Louisa Wilson  14 F W    ?  NC


Extract From 1850 Census Caldwell County, North Carolina, Lower Creek Township
Page 57  Dwelling No. 579
Thomas J. Austin 25 M W    Farmer VA
Margaret 22 F W    Wife NC
John 01 M W    Son NC
Julius 2m M W    Son NC

 Caldwell County Court Records

-July 1845 road built near Jesses' house.


-Road work- Tucker's Creek to Poor House.


Caldwell County had been in existence some five years when the marriage of Thomas J. Austin and Margaret Jane Bean were recorded February 7, 1846.  Thomas was born February 8, 1825.  He was a son of Jesse Austin, born about 1803, a Wagoner.  Jesse married Sally Jopling, sister to Ben Jopling, 11-2-1822 in Nelson County, Virginia.  The parents of Jesse may have been Thomas Austin, Born before 1755, married 12-3-1798 in Amherst County, Virginia to Rebecca Turner, daughter of James Turner.  According to family tradition, the city of Austin, Texas was named after a relative who was a founder of the city.  Margaret Jane Bean, wife of Thomas J. Austin, born about August 18, 1827, was listed as being from Baton.  She was a daughter of John Bean who married Margaret Hayes.

 In later life, Thomas and Jane lived in the Patterson community in a log house, later weather-boarded, at the junction of Roby Martin and Coy Miller roads of 1983.  Of twelve children, eight were living in 1900.  Son Julius once stated that he and a brother took care of the farming while their father was in the Confederate Army.  At the time of his death 2-7-1909, the LENOIR NEWS stated he was in his 85th year, a member of the Presbyterian Church, having joined under the preaching of Rev. Jesse Rankin.  He was buried directly behind the Harpers Chapel Methodist Church in Patterson, as had been his wife who died 3-20-1907.

-Thomas J. Austin sold land to Benjamin Jopling in 1849.  Deed Book 2-Page 131.
-Thomas J. Austin bought land from John Catron in 1862. 3-316 and 3-317.

-T.J. & M.T. (sic) Austin sold land to James Harper in 1873.  7-16.

-T. J. Austin bought homestead land from North Carolina in 1877.  9-170.
-Thomas J. and Margaret J. Austin sold land to S.F. Harper in 1879.  10-273.
-Julius J. Austin bought land from Thomas J. and Margaret J. Austin in 1879.  15-144.   
-Joseph M. Austin bought land from Thomas J. and Margaret J. Austin in 1887.  20-532.

-J. and M.J. Austin, A.W. and Julia A. Austin et al sold land to G.W.F. and S.F. Harper in 1888.  21-340.

-L.T. Austin bought land from Thomas J. and Margaret J. Austin in 1899.  32-142.


Children of THOMAS and MARGARET AUSTIN are:   
1) JOHN P. AUSTIN, born 1849 and died Mulberry/Clarke.  Married ADALINE M. HARRIS, November 1, 1868.   
2) JULIUS JEFFERSON AUSTIN, born March 27, 1850 and died March 6, 1947, Bellview Cem. Lenior, NC Cauldwell Co.  He married CELIE HARRIS, June 24, 1871.   She was born May 22, 1851 and died August 16, 1946, Bellview Cem., Lenior, NC, Cauldwell County.   
3) MARTHA AUSTIN, born 1852 and died 1900.  She married JOHN W. DULA, November 30, 1871.  He was born 1832.   
4)  GEORGE THOMAS AUSTIN, SR., born February 10, 1854 and died March 12, 1929, Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson, NC.  Cauldwell Co.
5)  MARY JANE AUSTIN, born March 6, 1856, NC and died November 19, 1947.  Cauldwell Co., NC. Harpers Chapel UMC.                 ((SEE SIMMONS GENEALOGY PAGES))
6) CHARLES DAVID AUSTIN, born December 25, 1856 and died in Baynard, Nebraska.  He married REBECCA MAIN on February 10, 1877
7) JOSEPH MILTON AUSTIN, born October 21, 1858 and died March 25, 1944, Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson, NC.  Cauldwell County.  He married MARGARET MATILDA GREENE on August 2, 1882.  She was born June 14, 1861 and died February 24, 1943, Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson, NC. Cauldwell County.
8)  MARGARET ELLA AUSTIN, born May 24, 1864 and died February 24, 1953, Eureka, Missouri.  She married JOHN DANIEL BEAN, January 4, 1882.  He was born August 5, 1862 and died May 5, 1941 in Eureka, Missouri.
9) RUFUS LEWIS AUSTIN, born 1866; died February 20, 1936, Cauldwell Co. NC, Harpers Chapel UMC.  He married MATTIE L. CURTIS, November 1, 1884.  She was born January 21, 1864 and died March 7, 1907, Cauldwell Co., NC Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson, NC.
10) SARAH ETTER AUSTIN, born June 26, 1869 and died January 22, 1892 and married ROBERT A. WOODS.
11) LEWIS AUSTIN, born 1871.
12)  JANE AUSTIN, born 1872.

  Generation  No. 4

GEORGE THOMAS AUSTIN, SR., born February 10, 1854 and died March 12, 1929, Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson, NC.  Cauldwell Co.   He married SARAH ISABEL SIMMONS May 11, 1878.   (((SEE SIMMONS GENEALOGY)))).  She was born October 26, 1854 and died April 21, 1937 and is buried at Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson, NC.  Cauldwell County.  She was the daughter of HUGH SIMMONS and ANNIE MARGARET GILBERT. 

Child of GEORGE and SARAH was:   
1)  JAMES S. AUSTIN, born October 22, 1885 and died April 10, 1886, Caldwell Co., Harpers Chapel UMC, Patterson,   NC.

MARY JANE AUSTIN, born March 6, 1856, NC and died November 19, 1947.  Cauldwell Co., NC. Harpers Chapel UMC.    ((SEE SIMMONS GENEALOGY PAGES))  She married JULIUS THEODORE SIMMONS, son of HUGH SIMMONS and ANNIE MARGARET GILBERT.  He was born February 6, 1839 in NC and died March 26, 1932 in Caldwell Co., NC, Harpers Chapel UMC.

Notes for Mary Jane Austin:
Medical Information:  Mental Illness
Occupation: Housewife   

The story goes this way.  Broughton Hospital burned many a year ago and most of the records were destroyed.  So they thought Mary Jane had died, it was several years later when they found out she was alive. 

AUSTIN'S OF AMERICA        August 1986

Mary Jane Austin was born 6 March 1856, probably in Caldwell County, North Carolina.  At  "age 16" was married in Caldwell County on 25 December 1873 to Julius Theodore Simmons "age 26"by N. H. Gwyn, J.P.  Julius, the son of Hugh Simmons and Anna Gilbert, was born on 6 February 1839. Julius died 26 March 1932, and is buried in Harpers Chapel in Patterson, Caldwell County. Mary, who was ill for over 50 years, died on 18 November 1947, at age 91, and is also buried in Harpers Chapel.  There children were probably born in Caldwell County and have been remembered as being; Thomas R. (probably J. or E.), James R., Matilda (Mattie M.), Anna Margaret, and Minnie (Ninnie Lee).

Notes for Julius Theodore Simmons:  
Caldwell County, North Carolina Marriages 1841-1872. 
Simmons, J. T. (26)       May J. Austin (16)      25 Dec. 1873     
Son of Hugh and Anna Simmons                   N. H. Gwyn, J. P.                                              
Daughter of Thomas and Jane Austin
Occupation: Farmer
Personality/Interest: “A mean old man” said Susie Green.


Extract From 1910 Census   Watuaga County, North Carolina
House No. 51     Dwelling No. 151     Family No. 06
Julius T. Simmons H M W 64 NC 
Mary  W F W 55  NC 
Thomas    S M W 22   NC
Effie  DL F W 16  NC


Extract From 1900 Census   Watuaga County, North Carolina,  Boone Township

Street 103     House No. 60     Dwelling No. 2     Family 88

Julius T. Simmons H W M 2/1842 58 NC
Mattie  D W F 3/1884 16  NC
Thomas J. S W M 11/1887 12 NC
Ninnie L. D W F 4/1892 04 NC


Extract From 1880 Census    Watuaga County, North Carolina,  Boone Twn

Page 7     Dwelling No. 55     Family No. 55

Julius Simmons W M 33      Farmer  NC NC NC
Mary J. Austin W W 34   Keep House NC NC NC
Annie M. W F 02   NC NC NC
im R.  W M 2m  NC NC NC


Children of JULIUS and MARY JANE SIMMONS are:
1) THOMAS E. SIMMONS, born January 21, 1877 in Watuaga Co., NC died July 6, 1877, Harpers Chapel UMC (No record of birth) 

Notes for Thomas: Tombstone found at church.  No one knew that Thomas Jefferson had a older brother also named Thomas E. Simmons.

2)  ANNIE MARGARET SIMMONS, born June 4. 1878 in Watuaga Co., NC, died July 1, 1945, Pitts Cemetery, Winklers Creek, Watuaga Co., NC.  She married JOHN PITTS.  He was born July 22, 1872 and died February 17. 1958.  Pitts Cemetery in Winklers Creek.
3) JIM R. SIMMONS, born June 1880; died Danner Cemetery HWY 105, Boone, NC Watuaga and married ETHEL MOODY.
4)  MATTIE M. SIMMONS, born March 6, 1883, Watuaga Co., NC and died June 29, 1972 in Caldwell Co., NC.  She is buried at Piney Grove B Cemetery.  She married AARON C. MITCHELL; born April 12, 1881 and died September 16, 1959, Caldwell Co., NC.
5)  THOMAS JEFFERSON SIMMONS, born November 26, 1887, Watuaga Co., NC and died December 23, 1972 in Burke Co., NC.
6) NINNIE LEE SIMMONS, born March 29, 1892 in Watuaga Co., NC and died April 22, 1946 in Caldwell Co., NC Harpers Chapel UMC.  She married AARON RILEY SANDERS, December 26, 1908.  He was born January 30, 1887 and died January 20. 1969 in Caldwell Co., NC.

 Generation  No. 5

THOMAS JEFFERSON SIMMONS (Julius Theodore, Hugh) was born November 26, 1887 in Watuaga Co., NC and died December 23, 1972 in Burke Co., NC.  He married EFFIE CLEO GREEN April 20, 1909, daughter of WILLIAM GREEN and ELLEN ?.  She was born April 20, 1894 in Watuaga Co., NC and died July 22, 1989.

Notes for Thomas Jefferson Simmons:  
Social Security Death Record: Thomas Simmons – 245-03-0919 issued in NC
B. 6, Nov 1887 d. Dec 1972.  Last place of residency Morgantown, NC 28655.


Children of THOMAS and EFFIE SIMMONS are:

1) ZELMA PEARL SIMMONS, born April 2, 1910, Thunder Hole, Watuaga Co., NC.  She married FRED GREEN June 27, 1927. He was born February 13, 1909 in Watuaga Co., NC and died December 11, 1989.  Zelma was a homemaker, a Baptist and last resided in Patterson, NC. 
2) MAMIE BLANCHE SIMMONS, born November 13, 1910   
3)  EDWARD THOMAS SIMMONS, born September 3, 1913 in Watuaga Co., NC (Deer park) and died October 22, 1994
4) MAUDE NIDECODA SIMMONS, born June 11, 1915
5)  DALLAS WILLIAM SIMMONS, born March 26, 1917
6)  RAYMOND AARON SIMMONS, born January 6, 1919, Winkler’s Creek, Watuaga Co., NC
7)  PAULINE LOUISE SIMMONS, born April 23, 1921 and died April 19, 1972
8)  INA-MAE GOLDIE SIMMONS, born March 2, 1923, Watuaga Co., NC
9) WILLIS COLINE SIMMONS, born June 2, 1925 in NC
10) JAMES DENNIS SIMMONS, born September 9, 1930
11)  CARL FRANKLIN SIMMONS, born May 27, 1933 in Caldwell Co., Patterson, NC   
12) KENNETH RAY SIMMONS, born February 23, 1935, Caldwell Co., Patterson, NC

FRED ALLEN SIMMONS, born June 30, 1937 in Caldwell Co., NC (Jack Branch-Patterson)


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