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Eliza Hutchinson


Grant and Eliza

Eliza Bentina Christina Jantzen

     Eliza was born 26 Dec 1875 in Lansing, Allamakee County Iowa. According to the same 1900 Washington State census, Eliza's father Nels was born in Denmark and her mother Christine Olson was born in Norway. Eliza died 22 Feb 1954 in Montesano, Grays Harbor County Washington. She is buried in the Satsop Cemetery up on the hill. Her Brother Freeman is buried close by.
     Grant age 28 and Eliza age 17 were married 1 May 1892 in Kelso, Cowlitz County Washington *. This is where they showed up in the 1900 Washington State census. They had 3 boys**  Arthur, Harry, and Oliver.  The census shows their birth dates as different then their birth records.
     Grant was born Oct 1864 somewhere in Illinois. According to a 1900 Washington State census** both of his parents were born in Pennsylvania. It was passed around the family that Grant might have been a schoolteacher in Longview, Cowlitz County Washington.  Grant and Eliza were divorced, or so the story goes about 1906-07.   She married to Irvin W. Urquhart 4 Mar 1908 in Satsop, Chehalis County Washington***.  They had two children. Later divorced about 1923. He remarried and had more children.
*Copy of Marriage Record
**1900 Census Record
***Copy of this record


Arthur Willard Hutchinson


     Arthur Willard Hutchinson born 25 Mar 1893 in Kelso, Cowlitz County Washington* .      Arthur married  6 May 1919 in Elma, Grays Harbor County Washington**  to Lula Chalmers aka Lola. Lula Chalmers was born 20 Oct 1901 in Satsop, Chehalis County Washington** .  Obituary
     They had the following children Arthur, Lola, Samuel, Vivian, Barbara, Duane, and Frank.

Arthur died 15 May 1959 in Montesano, Washington and is buried at Satsop Cemetery.  Obituary   Lula died 19 July 1984 in Montesano, Washington. She was cremated, location of ashes unknown. 
*Copy of page birth was recorded on
**Copy of this record

Harry Leroy Hutchinson

Harry Hutchinson Harry Leroy Hutchinson born 25 March 1894 in Kelso, Cowlitz County Washington. He married 21 June 1911in Montesano, Chehalis Co, WA*  to Bessie May Divine born about 1893 in Kansas.
     Harry died 30 October 1923 and I know nothing else about Bessie and Ethel. Harry is buried at Oddfellows Cemetery in Elma.**

Harry Leroy Hutchinson

Ethel May born about 1914 in Oregon.

     Update on Harry & Bessie, It seems that they divorced and both remarried.  In a trunk full of letters and photos that my aunts recently gave me (where these photos came from), there were letters from Harry and wife Lora (his obit said survived by wife Lora and daughter Mae, thought it a typeo), and a letter to Harry's mothers from Bessie May McKinnon stating Mae was doing well.  So I am guessing that Harry remarried Lora and Bessie remarried and became a McKinnon. 
*Copy of record
**Copy of Death Certificate

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Oliver Sydney Hutchinson

Oliver Sydney Hutchinson born 
10 Aug 1897 in Kelso, Cowlitz County Washington  died 27 Feb 1916.    Buried at Oddfellows Cemetery in Elma.*

Oliver Hutchinson
*Copy of death certificate

Oliver Sidney and friend

Oliver Sidney
5 July 1915 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor CountyWashington

Eliza Bentina Christina Jantzen Hutchinson
Irvin W. Urquhart 
4 Mar 1908 in Satsop, Chehalis County Washington


Irvin A. Urquhart born 18 Mar 1909 in Elma, Washington. 
died   9 July 1996
Married first to Ruth then Elaine

Winona Arlene Urquhart born 20-Mar-1914 in Elma,Washington
1st Weston Harner  2nd Mack Hammond.

Children of 
Arthur Willard and Lula Chalmers

Arthur William
b. 20 Mar 1920 Elma,Washington 
d. 17 Sept 1987 in Montesano, Washington   
Buried in Satsop Cemetery.
Married abt 1941
Norma Lorraine Smith b. 31 Jan 1923 d. 1998 in Pierceton, Indiana
They had 7 children
  Married Lloyd Daniel Taylor 
4 children
Carol Ann
Married Mark Anderson
5 children
Arthur William Jr.
b. 18 June 1948 
d. Nov 1991 in Indiana married Sally
3 children
Norma Darlene
Married Frank Smith
3 children.
Irvin Lee
Married Diane Sanford
7 children
b. 14 May 1957 
d. 14 May 1957
Buried somewhere in Tacoma,Washington
Robert Bruce 
Married Stacey

Virginia Lola Hutchinson

Virginia Lola
born 6 May 1922 in Satsop, Washington,  
died 27 June 1996 in Olympia, Washington
First married Harold Cherry
Janet and Joyce
Second Fredrick Charles Harner born 18 July 1919 
died 10 July 1990 in Montesano, Washington
Ronald Bruce
Sandra Kay
Lola Virginia

Samuel Oliver

Samuel Oliver
born 1 Oct 1922 Satsop, Washington 
died 17 Mar 1969 in Montesano, Washington
Buried in Satsop Cemetery.
Married 20 May 1947
Mardell Smith born 20 May 1926 
died 15 Aug 1987 in Montesano, Washington
Buried in Satsop Cemetery.
Samuel Oliver Jr.

Vivian Lucille

Vivian Lucille
born  25 Apr 1925 in Montesano, Washington 
died  31 Aug 1995 in Aberdeen, Washington
Cremated, ashes with brother Frank
Paul Husom born 28 Oct 1916 in Laramie, Wyoming 
died Aug 1977 in Montesano, Washington
No children and later divorced

Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee born  Satsop, Washington   
died 1 Feb 1981 in Puyallup, Washington
Arne Elo Riipipen died 10 Jan 1988 in Puyallup, Washington
Arnie Elo Jr.
Judy Arlene
Susan Diane
Barbara Phyllis
Carl Eugene
Lisa Ileen
Joel Duane

Duane O'Brien

Duane O'Brien born 21 Mar 1931 in Montesano, Washington  died 5 May 1937
Buried at Satsop cemetery.

Frank O'Brien

Frank O'Brien  Married Carolyn Joyce Warren-Schaffner
Catherine Jean Married  Mark Anthony Larkins
Malorie Tianna Mae
Mathew Graham Frances
Richard Lee
Married Richard Ferguson
Kyle Alexander
Married 2nd Roy Townsend Jr.
Roy Nicholas
Dillon Edward Spencer
Kiana Katherine Elizabeth.
Frank O'Brien  Jr. partner Patty Lee
Megan Rochelle Lee-Hutchinson
2nd Married Kelly Koppleman
Kenneth Robert O'Brien Hutchinson
Lee O'Brien married Laurie Ann Gerrish
Amanda Leigh
Melody Lynn

Frank O'Brien Sr.
3rd partner Jerry Bravos
2nd Married Susan Ann Belcher

Larkins Family

Chalmers Family