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July 6, 2002
Camden Country Club
Camden, South Carolina

Descendants of Andrew Baskin

PDF format genealogical report.  This report has birth dates removed from living folks for security (identity theft) reasons.  If you'd like the full version (with birth dates), please email me.
I have updated my (way-out-of-date) genealogical database with the information I received from folks who saw and corrected the sheets we put up on the wall of the Country Club.

PLEASE send me your corrections/additions--there are lots of mistakes/omissions!  Please use the email below.


Click pictures for enlarged version


Here's the group picture taken on the front steps of the Country Club


Various close-up shots on the front steps.

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 Dcp_0608.jpg (17941 bytes) Dcp_0612.jpg (29624 bytes) Dcp_0613.jpg (31277 bytes) Dcp_0615.jpg (21112 bytes)

(Guess we should have taken these before the sun set!)


Other miscellaneous pictures from the party


Dcp_0620.jpg (16780 bytes) Dcp_0621.jpg (31997 bytes) Dcp_0622.jpg (32871 bytes) Dcp_0623.jpg (29479 bytes) Dcp_0625.jpg (39095 bytes)
Sandi and English What a bevy of beauties! Susan must have something REAL important to say! This group appears to be listing to port... but they sure look happy! Why is no one dancing with the Belle of the Ball?


Dcp_0627.jpg (19008 bytes) Dcp_0630.jpg (20840 bytes) Dcp_0633.jpg (23914 bytes) Dcp_0640.jpg (24233 bytes) Dcp_0641.jpg (20148 bytes)
Yes, we just LOVE your hat! Aunt Kathleen says, "Ooh, I sure wish it was MY birthday!" "Hummm, a purple necklace... what could I wear with this?" "Unca" John gives Ryan tips on how to hold hands when dancing! Ryan's a Natural!

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dance.jpg (6762 bytes) Intros.jpg (8137 bytes) Ta_Dick.jpg (9763 bytes) Ta_Jo.jpg (7723 bytes) img000061.jpg (4478 bytes)


Pictures taken at Noby's house before and after the party.


Dcp_0596.jpg (14729 bytes) Dcp_0597.jpg (19033 bytes) Dcp_0594.jpg (21570 bytes) Dcp_0601.jpg (21537 bytes) Dcp_0655.jpg (40231 bytes)
Lisa & Bean The vicissitudes of balloon transport! Time for "samiches!" Decorating is done; it's time to get ready! The "Bash" is over... time for one quick picture before we all head back home!


You need a movie player (Microsoft or Real Player) and a fast internet connection to see this. (8 Meg)

MPG Movie 



Note: all the pictures that come up when you click them have been compressed to between 15 and 35K so they are faster to download off the internet.  If you'd like a more detailed picture, please email me and I'll send you one to your email account.  These pictures will be clearer... but they'll also be a lot bigger (150-300K) and will take a long time to download into your email program.


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