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In September, 2002, I traveled to Chappell Hill, Washington Co., Texas with my parents, David H. and Ketta London Casey to explore Chappell Hill and its museums, graveyards, and historical sites.  We spent time at the Chappell Hill Historical Museum, and copied the documents in this folder at their museum.  As a means of indexing and explaining what each document is, or seems to be, I created this page to help guide fellow researchers of the Jackson line.

I hope you enjoy!

Please see the NEW document obtained 5/03
(courtesy of Mr. Bill Morris)

Document from Genealogical Tips, September 1986 Vol. XXIV, No. 3 (pages 55-6):
(These are scans of the originals)

Terrell J. Jackson and Julia Coleman Jackson
Come to the Land of Promise

Page 2

Also See the easier to read versions below:

Also, please see the newly acquired (5/23/2003) document by Carolyn Wallace entitled:

"Terrell Jethro and Julia Coleman Jackson Come to the Land of Promise"

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The following documents are in this folder:
Please note that some documents have more than one page, and to follow each logically, one just read "Page 1" then hit back, then hit "page 2", etc.
CH902-1 Page 1 -- This is a typewritten document, author unknown, outlining the genealogy of Gilbert Jackson, et al.  Gilbert Jackson was the son of William Jackson, and nephew of Terrell J. Jackson.

CH902-1 Page 2 -- Page 2 of the above document.

CH902-2 Page 1 -- A brief genealogical outline of the children of the 5 Jackson children (Terrell J., William, Harris, Reddick, and Joseph Jr.).

CH902-2 Page 2 -- Page 2 of above document.

CH902-3 Page 1 -- The last will and testament of "Easther" Jackson, mother of Terrell J. Jackson from Pickens Co., Alabama ca. 1840.

CH902-3 Page 2 -- An addendum to the last will reflecting the death of William R. Jackson, son of Joseph Jackson, Jr., who had been named in the original will.

CH902-4 Page 1 -- A handwritten genealogy worksheet written by an unnamed great-grandchild of William Jackson.

CH902-4 Page 2 -- Page 2 of above document.

CH 902-4 Page 3 -- Page 3 of above document.

CH 902-5 -- A genealogical outline of descendants of Terrell A. Jackson (son of William Jackson).

CH 902-6 Page 1 -- This fascinating document is a letter written home to a sister by John Andrew Jackson, son of Terrell J. Jackson during his service in Terry's Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry) during the Civil War.  It is handwritten while the soldier was at Bowling Green, KY, and has been restored by someone at the museum to some degree, but still is quite interesting.

CH 902-6 Page 2 --  Page 2 of the J.A. Jackson letter.

CH 902-6 Page 3 --  Page 3 of the J.A. Jackson letter.

CH 902-6 Page 4 -- Page 4 of the J.A. Jackson letter.

CH 902-7 Page 1 --  This is a letter written in 1980 by Lois Jackson, great-granddaughter of William Jackson (bro. of Terrell J. Jackson) to Carolyn, perhaps Carolyn Rogers (?) another descendant of William Jackson.  There is a treasure trove of information written, most of it correct.  One statement that Hettie Bird Jackson being buried at Durango, Falls Co., Texas is false, I believe.

CH 902-7 Page 2 -- Page 2 of the above mentioned letter.

CH 902-7 Page 3 --  Page 3 of the above mentioned letter.

CH 902-7 Page 4 --  Page 4 of the above mentioned letter.

Please feel free to copy any of these documents by right clicking and "saving" to your hard drive for future use/printing.  My manifold thanks to the Chappell Hill Historical Society and to Mr. Bill Morris for the kindness of providing copies of these treasured documents.

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