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Snowden Genealogy

A work still in progress.

Descendants of Joseph Snowden
*indicates direct lineage

Generation No. 1


Children of JOSEPH (SR.) SNOWDEN and SARAH (SNOWDEN) are:

2. i. *JOSEPH (JR.) SNOWDEN, b. Abt. 1765, Washington County, Pennsylvania; d. Abt. 1804, Athens County, Ohio.






Generation No. 2

2. *JOSEPH (JR.) SNOWDEN (JOSEPH (SR.) SNOWDEN) was born Abt. 1765 in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and died Abt. 1804 in Athens County, Ohio. He married MARGARET HANING 1794 in Washington County, Ohio, daughter of MATTHEW HANING. She was born Abt. 1774 in New Jersey, and died Bef. 1850 in Athens County, Ohio.


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Joseph Snowden Jr. was born circa 1765, Washington County, PA, died circa 1804 in Athens County, OH., and his wife Margaret Haning Snowden was born circa 1774 in N.J., died circa 1849 in Athens County, OH. Joseph Snowden Jr. was the son of Joseph Snowden Sr. and Sarah Snowden. Joseph Snowden Jr's wife, Margaret Haning Snowden was daughter of Matthew Haning.

Joseph Snowden Jr. is listed in the 1790 census as a son of Joseph Snowden SR. He is listed as living at his father's home at that time along with his brother John and his sister Rachel.

Joseph Snowden Jr. is found in early records of Washington County. His name is found on a petition for a New State sent to the Continental Congress from Southwestern PA between 1776-1780. He is on this list with his father Joseph Snowden Sr., and David and William Snowden, his brothers.

Joseph Snowden Jr. served as 4th Sergeant in the Washington County, PA, Militia, 5th battalion of Riflemen in 1792. His brother John served as an Indian scout. It was consistent with militia practices to have brothers serve together. ( This was taken from PA archives, Ser. 6, Volume V, Page 695)

Joseph Snowden Jr. and Margaret Haning Snowden

Joseph Snowden Jr. married Margaret Haning Snowden circa 1793/1794.

The Haning, Snowden and Brooks families came to Marietta, OH from New Jersey and floated down the Ohio River with their livestock in flatboats. They remained in Marietta until the Ohio Indians were appeased. Matthew Haning, Margaret Haning Snowden's father, was one of the Mariettans who parleyed with the Indians after the Battle Of Fallen Timbers. They, The Snowden's, Hanings and Brookses, came down the Ohio in their flatboats, up the Hocking and then up what became Margarets Creek. The first person to step ashore was Margaret Haning Snowden, 22 yrs old. She was the wife of Joseph Snowden Jr. and Matthew Hanings daughter. She was one of the first two white women to settle in Athens County. (Athens County History page 255, (1947)

The Daughters of the American Revolution in Margarets honor put a plaque up.  The plaque for Margaret Snowden can be found just south of the intersection of Highway 50 and County 17 on the West side of the road on County road 17. It is just before the first house on the West side. The cemetery is completely overgrown (or was a couple of years ago which of this writing would of been 2002. The marker is a bit difficult to see as it is backed by a lot of brush and face south, but it is there. Again this writing was 2004. This location is south of Athens Ohio going towards Albany Ohio and you have to watch for the turn off for 17.

Back to the accounts of the family, another account is in circa 1796 the Snowden Families and the Haning Families arrived in OH circa 1796, and their trip up the Ohio River to Athens County, circa 1798. (This agrees with records of Selvus McNeir of Gallipolis, OH, and is taken from an American Bible owned originally by Mrs. McNeir's great grandmother, Mrs. James Haning Sr., which was found in the Gallipolis Public Library.)

In Howe's Ohio Valley History dealing with Athens County, page 203, "Early in 1798 a number of emigrants arrived; among them were...John and Moses Hewitt, Cornelius Moore, Joseph Snowden,...the Brookses and the Hanings.

Joseph Snowden Jr., and his wife Margaret, obtained along with members of the Haning party a grant of 100 acres out of the Donation Land Tract from the Ohio Company. This land lay near Elk Run in the Olive Green Survey, Lot 32. Later on in Joseph and Margarets life while living in Belpre Ohio, on April 18, 1797, this land was sold to Nathan Abbott. (Deed book, 15, Plot Book, Elk Run Survey, Washington County, Ohio)

Joseph Jr. and Margaret Haning Snowden's Children

Joseph Snowden Jr. And Margaret had 4 children.

The first child was a son. We do not know his name. He was born circa 1795, in Washington County PA, and died circa 1824, in Athens County, Ohio. He married circa 1820, to unidentified spouse. They had twin sons, George Washington Snowden, and Thomas Jefferson Snowden. I will talk further on about him, as he is our direct descendant.

The second child born was Sarah (Sally), born circa 1797 in Washington County, PA. She married Thomas Brooks II on June 30, 1818. This family moved to Jackson County, OH after 1832.

Third born of Joseph Jr. and Margaret, was Mary E., born February 16, 1801; died September 10, 1883, in Lodi Twp., Athens County, OH. She married circa 1817 Charles Brown. Charles was born circa February 1795; died September 20, 1879, In Lodi Twp., OH. They are buried in Jerseyville Methodist. Cemetery, Athens Co. Oh.

Both Mary and Charles were farmers in Lodi Twp. They had 6 children, First born of Mary and Charles was Isaac born 1818, died May 19,1894. Isaac had a daughter named Jane, who died of quick consumption. Jane had a daugher named Mary Howard Sprague. Mary had a daughter named Zelma Sprague Hawk Fasone born in 1913, who as of this date 9/28/2004 is still living and is 89 years old. Second child of Charles and Mary was Matilda, born April 26, 1820, died November 10,1895. Third born

Charles B. born October 5, 1824, died June 12, 1905. Fourth child of Charles and Mary Alexander, born circa 1827, died August 17, 1897. Fifth child of Charles and Mary Brown was

Mahaala, born circa 1828, died July 30, 1875. And last and sixth born of Charles and Mary E. Snowden Brown was Joseph, Born circa 1832.

Fourth and last-born of Joseph Jr. and Margaret Haning Snowden was Matthew Snowden. Born circa 1803; died 1842. He married Louisa Chadwick August 14, 1838, in Athens County. Louisa as born Oct 2, 1811, and died July 25, 1872.She married a second time, to Josephos Day, and they had 7 children.

Margaret Snowden's leased land And her burial

In 1807, after Joseph was gone, "Margaret Snowden leased from the Ohio University at Athens 80 acres of land for 100 years....The archives of the University have no records of people who lived on their land in Athens and Alexander Twp. OH, Athens County. The renters paid their tax directly to the college; therefore, no public records of taxes exist...The oldest son of Joseph Jr. and Margaret Snowden, (the son we don't know his name, our direct descendant) probably paid taxes during the few years he lived while of age, but there are no records of his name nor when or whom he married. This nameless son probably lived at home and farmed the place." (Vital statistics cited by their descendant and serious researcher, Walter Farwell of Tipton, IW.)

The U.S. Censuses indicated that he and his wife and twin boys, Thomas and George made their home with his mother, Margaret Haning Snowden. At Margarets death and as a fitting tribute to her, she was buried on an eminence on farm lot #7, Section 24, overlooking the steam, Margarets Creek, bearing her name. Her two-story log cabin home (see picture below) was still standing to circa 1960.

Joseph Snowden's Death

Joseph Snowden drowned in the Hocking River and his body was never found. He died around 1804, in the river in Athens County Ohio.

Mr. Farwell, descendant and serious researcher 1960's of Joseph Snowden Jrs, states that some descendants of the family question this drowning. However, they offer no authentic research to disprove it, and neither he nor Virginia Whitman Snowden has found any. Joseph's last child was born circa 1803/04. No public or private documents have been found to indicate that Joseph Jr. lived beyond this time. Since histories for the area of this time document high water, floods, capsized boats and numerous drownings, the odds favor the possibility that he did drown.

(I found the first child's name, they all are listed below.)


3. i. PRESTON THOMAS3 SNOWDEN, b. 1795, Washington Athens County, Ohio; d. 1835, Athens County, Ohio.

ii. SARAH (SALLY) SNOWDEN, b. 1797, Washington Athens County, Ohio; d. 1842, Athens County, Ohio; m. THOMAS BROOKS II, 30 Jun 1818.

4. iii. *MARY ELIZABETH SNOWDEN, b. 16 Feb 1801, Washington, Athens County, Ohio; d. 10 Sep 1883, Athens County, Ohio.

iv. MATTHEW SNOWDEN, b. 1803, Washington Athens County, Ohio; d. 1843, Athens County, Ohio; m. LOUISA CHADWICH, 14 Aug 1838, Athens County, Ohio; b. 02 Oct 1811; d. 25 Jul 1872, Athens County, Ohio.


Generation No. 3

3. PRESTON THOMAS3 SNOWDEN (JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 1795 in Washington Athens County, Ohio, and died 1835 in Athens County, Ohio. He married (UNKNOWN) SNOWDEN.





4. *MARY ELIZABETH3 SNOWDEN (JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 16 Feb 1801 in Washington, Athens County, Ohio, and died 10 Sep 1883 in Athens County, Ohio. She married CHARLES BROWN 02 Mar 1816 in Athens County, Ohio. He was born 06 Feb 1795, and died 20 Sep 1879 in Athens County, Ohio.


5. i. *ISAAC4 BROWN, b. 1818, Athens County, Ohio; d. 19 May 1894, Athens County, Ohio.

6. ii. MATILDA BROWN, b. 26 Apr 1820, Athens County, Ohio; d. 10 Nov 1896, Athens County, Ohio.

7. iii. CHARLES B. BROWN, b. 1823, Athens County, Ohio; d. 12 Jun 1905, Athens County, Ohio.

iv. ALEXANDER BROWN, b. 1827, Athens County, Ohio; d. 17 Aug 1897, Athens County, Ohio.

v. UNKNOWN BROWN, b. 1828, Athens County, Ohio; d. 30 Jul 1875, Athens County, Ohio.

vi. JOSEPH BROWN, b. 1832, Athens County, Ohio.


Generation No. 4

5. *ISAAC4 BROWN (MARY ELIZABETH3 SNOWDEN, JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 1818 in Athens County, Ohio, and died 19 May 1894 in Athens County, Ohio. He married ELIZABETH BRIGHT 05 Dec 1844 in Athens County, Ohio, daughter of CURTIS BRIGHT and MARY (BRIGHT). She was born 1825 in Virginia.


8. i. *ALEXANDER B.5 BROWN, b. 1851, Ross, Butler County, Ohio; d. Pickaway, Pickaway County, Oh.

ii. WILLIAM BROWN, b. 1845, Lodi,Athens,OH.

iii. CHARLES BROWN, b. 1847, Lodi,Athens,OH.

iv. JAMES A. BROWN, b. 1849, Lodi,Athens,OH; m. ELIZABETH KING; b. 1851.

9. v. MARY F. BROWN, b. 1853, Lodi,Athens,OH.

vi. JOHN L. BROWN, b. 1854, Lodi,Athens,OH.

vii. MARGARET B. BROWN, b. 1857, Lodi,Athens,OH.

viii. SARAH J. BROWN, b. 1859, Lodi,Athens,OH.

ix. GEORGE BROWN, b. 1862, Lodi,Athens,OH.

x. FLORA BROWN, b. 1867, Lodi,Athens,OH.


6. MATILDA4 BROWN (MARY ELIZABETH3 SNOWDEN, JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 26 Apr 1820 in Athens County, Ohio, and died 10 Nov 1896 in Athens County, Ohio. She married (1) SAMUEL PRICE 02 Aug 1838 in Athens County, Ohio. He was born Abt. 1818, and died Abt. 1842 in Athens County, Ohio. She married (2) JOHN KELLY 28 Jul 1844 in Athens County, Ohio. He was born 1824 in Ohio.


i. SARAH A.5 PRICE, b. 1839, Athens County, Ohio.

ii. MARY PRICE, b. 1842, Athens County, Ohio.

Children of MATILDA BROWN and JOHN KELLY are:

iii. JOHN L.5 KELLY, b. 1845, Athens County, Ohio.

iv. IVY JANE KELLY, b. 1847, Athens County, Ohio.

v. ADALINE KELLY, b. 1850, Athens County, Ohio.

vi. JOSEPH KELLY, b. 1852, Athens County, Ohio.

vii. JOANNA KELLY, b. 1854, Athens County, Ohio.

viii. HARRIETT KELLY, b. 1856, Athens County, Ohio.

ix. LEVI KELLY, b. 1856, Athens County, Ohio.

x. ELIZABETH KELLY, b. 1858, Athens County, Ohio.

xi. CHARLES KELLY, b. 1861, Athens County, Ohio.

xii. EFFIE M. KELLY, b. 1866, Athens County, Ohio.


7. CHARLES B.4 BROWN (MARY ELIZABETH3 SNOWDEN, JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 1823 in Athens County, Ohio, and died 12 Jun 1905 in Athens County, Ohio. He married MARY (BROWN). She was born Abt. 1845 in Ohio.

Children of CHARLES BROWN and MARY (BROWN) are:

i. JOSEPH5 BROWN, b. 1862.

ii. JAMES BROWN, b. 1866.

iii. SUSAN J. BROWN, b. 1867.

iv. MATILDA BROWN, b. 1868.

v. IDA BROWN, b. 1871.

vi. ALTA BROWN, b. 1874.

vii. MARY A. BROWN, b. 1876.

viii. AARON BROWN, b. 1878.

10. ix. JESSE CLIFFORD BROWN, b. 14 Feb 1884, Athens County, Ohio; d. 20 Sep 1957, Athens County, Ohio.


Generation No. 5

8. *ALEXANDER B.5 BROWN (ISAAC4, MARY ELIZABETH3 SNOWDEN, JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 1851 in Ross, Butler County, Ohio, and died in Pickaway, Pickaway County, Oh. He married MARY (BROWN). She was born 1853, and died Oct 1880.

Children of ALEXANDER BROWN and MARY (BROWN) are:

i. *ANNA MARIA6 BROWN, b. 21 Jul 1876, Ross County, Ohio; d. 29 Jan 1926, Franklin Co., Oh.; m. LEWIS SEYMOUR, 23 Jan 1896; b. 1873, Ross County, Ohio; d. 06 Apr 1963, Franklin Co., Oh..

From Feb 4 1926, Circleville Paper,
Anna Maria Brown Seymour was born in Ross county, near chillicothe, July 21, 1876 and departed this life, January 29th 1926, aged 49 years six months and eight days. At an early age she was baptized and became a faithful member of Ebenzer Evangelical church at Hayesville under the pastorate of Rev. A. C. Stull.

She was united in marriage to Lewis Seymour September 23, 1896. To this union 7 children were born.
She leaves to mourn her untimely death her husband her children, Mrs. Edith Schumucker of Detroit, Michigan; Roy A. Mrs. Kathryn Dennis, Mrs. Helen Taylor of Columbus and Anna, Eleanor and Lewis at the home. She also leaves 2 grandchildren, three brothers, four sisters, and other relatives and many friends.

ii. MORRIS BROWN, b. 1873, Ross County, Ohio.

iii. CARRIE BROWN, b. 1874, Ross County, Ohio.

iv. FRANCIS BROWN, b. 1875, Ross County, Ohio.

v. LEWIS BROWN, b. 1879, Ross County, Ohio.

vi. MARTHA BROWN, b. 1877.



Children of MARY BROWN and UNKNOWN BROWN are:

i. HENRY6 BROWN, b. 1877, Ohio.

ii. WALLACE BROWN, b. 1877, Ohio; m. JOSPHINE (BROWN).


10. JESSE CLIFFORD5 BROWN (CHARLES B.4, MARY ELIZABETH3 SNOWDEN, JOSEPH (JR.)2, JOSEPH (SR.1 )SNOWDEN) was born 14 Feb 1884 in Athens County, Ohio, and died 20 Sep 1957 in Athens County, Ohio. He married ADA GLADYS FRASHIER. She was born 18 Mar 1892 in Ripley, Jackson County, WV, and died 29 Nov 1954.

Children of JESSE BROWN and ADA FRASHIER are:

i. LUCILLE F.6 BROWN, b. 1910.

ii. ETHEL W. BROWN, b. 1910.

iii. GLEN W. BROWN, b. 1913.

iv. ANNA BROWN, b. 1915.

v. CHARLES NOAH BROWN, b. 05 Nov 1917, Ohio; d. 04 Mar 1939, Ohio.

vi. JESSE KATHYRYN BROWN, b. 10 Jul 1929, Athens County, Ohio; d. 10 Jul 1981.


All information was collected from: Census Records, Cemetery Readings, Birth Records, Marriage Records, Death Records, Family Bible, Christening Records, Old Pictures, Family Memories and You.

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