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Since I started collecting our family history back in 1995, I have learned more information on our family that I never knew one could learn. I just wish I would of thought of this a lot sooner so I could of asked questions and 
learned a lot more.

As some of you know genealogy is time consuming and you hit a lot of brick walls, but we keep on going to learn that no wall is high or hard enough for the avid genealogist to climb.  Keep on trucking as you will finally find those lost relatives.

I have many "thank you's" going out each and every day, to newly found friends and cousins, but the biggest
"thank you" goes out to my husband and three boys.
Thank you Rob, Robert, John and AC -
for the love and support that you have given me,
you all mean the world to me.    


Surname List and Links
There may be two (2) or more surnames listed,
be sure to check all of them as each one is different.

Also, a lot of genealogy websites do not allow you to share the living over the internet. 
So, if you come across a locked door or there is a message stating
that you need to email me for more information, do not forget to
put the SURNAME and NUMBER (if any) in the subject line.

Also, there is links to others researching some of these SURNAMEs at the bottom of
this page, you may want to check them out too.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Huntin'

Abbott, Aldrich, Allen1, Allen2, Altchorn, Alley, Anders, Anderson, Andrews1, Andrews2, Ankrom, Apple, Archer1, Archer2, Arledge, Armstrong, Arnold1, Arnold2, Ash1, Ash2, Arterburn, Atkins, Atkinson, Atwater,
Babcock, Babson, Bailey, Baker1, Baker2, Baker3, Baldwin, Ballard, Barber1, Barber2, Barnard, Barnhart1, Barnhart2, Baxley, Baxter, Bayes, Bayless, Beagle, Beatty, Bedell, Bell, Belt, Berry, Bickell, Bidwell, Billington, Bishop, Blake, Blakely, Boggs, Bond, Bonnette, Booth, Boosey, Botkins, Bowman, Brace, Bracket, Breek, Brennen, Brenner, Briggs, Bright, Brill, Bringarner, Broadwater, Bronson, Brooks, Brown1, Brown2, Brown3, Brown4, Brown5, Brumfield, Budac, Bull, Bullman, Bunce, Burch, Burdett, Burton1, Burton2, Butler1, Butler2, Butterfield, Butts,
Caldwell, Cale, Calvert, Camp, Campbell1, Campbell2, Canfield, Capehart, Carrell, Carrier, Carpenter, Carse, Cary, Chadwich, Chancellor, Chapman, Cheuvront, Church, Cianco, Clark, Clayton, Cleveland, Clingan, Clingerman, Clinton, Clymer, Coburn, Coffman/Kauffman, Cole, Combs, Conaway, Conner, Core, Cornelius, Cornman, Corey, Copley, Crabell, Craven, Criss, Crites, Crosby, Cross1, Cross2, Crouse, Crowles, Cundiff, Cupples, Curtis,
Daniel, Darby, Darman, Darnell, Davis1, Davis2, Davis3, Davis4, DaLaet, DeGuzmann, Deming, Dennis1, Dennis2, Dent, Derr, Deth, Detrick, DeWeese, Dickenson, Diehl, Difenbaugh, Dilts, Dixon, Doane, Dodd1, Dodd2, Dorn, Dotson, Drake, Du Cherme, Dugan, Dunlap, Duty,
Eagles, Easley, Edward, Edwards, Ellis, Epps, Evans1, Evans2, Evers, Ewing,
Falkenbach, Farnsworth, Farrell, Fast, Fawcett, Feiss, Ferguson, Fetty, Fields, Ferrell, Flanegan, Fletcher, Flesher, Flowers, Fishbaugh/Fishpaw, Fisher, Folger, Folk, Fore, Foster, Foster Fowler, Francis, Frank, Frantz, Frashier, Frazier, French, Fultz,
Gales, Gardner, Garland, Gaun, Gaylord, Gebhardt, Gibbs, Giboney, Gillespie, Glass, Glendenning, Glover, Goffe, Goldsmith, Good, Goodwin, Gorby, Gorrell1, Gorrell2, Graham, Green, Gregory, Grimm, Grey, Griggs, Grimes, Griswold, Grubbs, Grube, Guererr, Guinn1, Guinn2, Guysinger,
Hadley, Haley, Hall1, Hall2, Hamilton, Hamrick, Hanna, Haning1, Haning2, Harbert, Hardmans, Harmon, Hart1, Hart2, Hatcher, Haught1, Haught2, Hawley, Hayborn, Haywood, Hayden, Hayes, Hays, Heintzman, Henry, Hevlock, Hickman, Hill1, Hill2, Hill3, Hindman, Hine/Hines, Hightland, Hodgson, Hof, Hoffman, Holdcraft, Holmes1, Holmes2, Holt, Holtzmann, Homer, Horner, Hornish, Hoskins, Hovey, Hunt, Hyde,
Jackson1, Jackson2, Jester, Jobson, Johnson1, Johnson2, Johnson3, Johnson4, Johnson5, Johnston, Jones1, Jones2, Judd, Justice,
Kabota, Kaufman, Kay, Keaton, Kelly1, Kelly2, Kendall, Kettell, Keys, Kibby, Kidder, Kiggins, King1, King2, King3, Kinsley/Kinesley, Kirk, Kitchell, Kneece/Knees, Knox, Koontz, Kurtler,
Lamp, Landfred, Langdon, Lasater, Lawson, Lee, Lenhart/Leonhart, Lewis, Light, Lincoln, Linger, Little, Livermore, Lloyd, Lockhart, Long, Lou, Ludlow, Lyman, Lyons
MacIntosh, Maier, Mallory, Malon, Mapes, Marshall1, Marshall2, Martin1, Martin2, Mathews, Mauer, Means, Mercer, Mason, Matheny, Maxon, McAffee, McCoy, McCoy, McCrea, McDaniels, McGlaughlin, McGee, McGreevey, McHenry, McIntosh, McInturff, McKay, McKinley, McKinney, McKnight, McVey, Mercer, Milburn, Miller1, Miller2, Mills, Minnick, Minnich, Mix Montgomery, Montier, Mooney, Moore, Mooreall/Morell, Morgan1, Morgan2, Moritiz, Morrice, Moore, Morris, Morrow, Mott, Mummert, Murray, Musgrave, Myers, Mygatt,
Newburn, Newell, Nicholas, Norman North, Norton, Nott, Nutter,
O'Donnell, Olmsted, Ord/Orth, Osborn, Owen1, Owen2, Owens1, Owens2,
Padgitt, Palmer1, Palmer2, Parker1, Parker2, Parker3, Parker4, Parrish, Parish, Parsons1, Parsons2, Patterson, Payne, Peacock, Peck, Pence, Phillips1, Phillips2, Piatt, Pitkin, Pokorny, Poole, Porter, Powers, Preece, Price1, Price2, Proctor, Putnam,
Ramsey, Rawson, Reed, Reynolds, Rice1, Rice2, Rice3, Rickets/Ricketts, Risley, Ritchey, Ritshei, Robbins, Robbinson/Robinson, Roemheld, Rollins, Roof, Ross1, Ross2, Ross3, Roth, Rower, Rowlandson, Rowley, Royce, Ruggles, Rupert, Rumpke,
Safreed, Salts1, Salts2, Sams, Sayer/Sayre, Schlarb, Schmucker1, Schmucker2, Schoch, Schultz, Scott, Seevers, Self, Senseman, Seymour, Shawber, Shelding, Shirk, Shoots, Shrader, Shriver, Siegfried, Simmons, Simons1, Simons2, Sites, Skinner, Slider, Smith1, Smith2, Smith3 Smith4, Smith5, Smith6, Smith7, Snell, Snider, Snowden1, Snowden2, Snyder, Sobeck, Sole, Southwick, Spears, Spencer, Spillman, Springer, Squyer, St. John, Stanley, Steinbruch, Stephens, Sterns, Stevens, Stewart, Stilgenbauer, Stillwagon, Stitzel, Stivers, Stoddard, Strong, Stout, Sutton, Swan, Sweat, Swecker, Swinger,
Tallison, Tanacharisson, Taylor1, Taylor2, Taylor3, Taylor4, Tetrick, Thomas, Thompson, Thorton, Tice1, Tice2, Timan, Topping, Trainer, Traub, Tregon, Tritton, Tryon, Tucker, Tugend, Twyford,
Underwood, Urridge,
Vandergrift, Vanfanfosson, Van Dyke, Van Meter, Vaughn, Vergovich, Verden/Virden,
Wade, Wadsworth, Wagner, Wakeman, Waldron, Walter, Wagner, Wagner, Ward, Wardell, Watkins, Way, Weatherly, Weaver1, Weaver2, Webb, Weiss, Weitz,, Welles, Wells1, Wells2, Wells3, Weslager/Wollschlager, Westbrook, Wetstein, Wharton, Wheeler1, Wheeler2, Wheeler3, Wheeler4, Whetstone, Wildermuth, Wiedmann, Williamson1, Williamson2, Williamson3, Whitcomb, Whitlach, Whitlock, Whitney1, Whitney2, Wiant, Wier, Wilcox, Wildman, Willard, Williams, Williamson1, Williamson2, Williamson3, Wilson1, Wilson2, Winship, Wise, Wolat/Wollet, Wood, Woods, Woodward1, Woodward2, Workman, Woznaik,
Yoakum, Yocum,

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