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These are copies of various pictures I have obtained through the Kansas State Historical Society or through family members. Enjoy!

Picture of Joseph DEUBLER; Emerence (DEUBLER) ADOLPH; Charles ADOLPH

Picture of George ADOLPH, Sr.; George ADOLPH, Jr.; Charles ADOLPH and Thornton ADOLPH (baby)

Picture of Katherine (ADOLPH) MARTIN

Picture of George ADOLPH and Amanda Ann (WILCOX) ADOLPH - Ca. 1910 Eskridge, Kansas

Picture of George Adolph and his gang of Eskridge, Kansas on Santa Fe Railroad - Taken in 1892 at the tool house at Burlington, Kansas. The way they used to keep up the track for the Santa Fe Railroad. George Adolph, Sam Moon, Jake Little, John Malfar and Elmer King.

Picture of the family of George ADOLPH and Amanda Ann WILCOX - Beginning with back row: Elnora Isabel, Phoebe Ann, Joseph, George, Mary Ellen - Amanda Ann WILCOX ADOLPH, William Henry, Lottie Eunice - Clarence Leroy, Clara, George ADOLPH, Sr. and Harvey

Picture of Phoebe ADOLPH & Gessia (Jessie) ROYER - children: Noah, Minnie, Charles and George Roscoe - lived in Clackamus, Oregon

Picture of Burwell Mathew BARTON & Amanda Ann ADOLPH & Anna May (picture on left) - Phoebe ADOLPH (daughter of Charles & Emerence) & Jess ROYER (picture on right)

Picture of Amanda Ann ADOLPH and Burwell Mathew BARTON

Picture of Jacob Henry ADOLPH (son of Charles) and Flora KINYON ADOLPH - Children: Viola, Myrtle and Alonzo

Picture of George and Elmira (Saul) Adolph

Picture of Henry ADOLPH and Elizabeth KLEIN

Picture of Sarah CROSBY - sister of Lucy Mae CROSBY

Picture on left is Bertha WINTERS, Nellie WINTERS and Carrie WINTERS, daughters of Mary Ann ADOLPH and George W. WINTERS - Picture on the right is of Mary Ann ADOLPH (a/k/a Mrs. George Winters and Mrs. Dan Ulrich) - I do not know who is in the picture at the bottom of the page

Picture of Henry ADOLPH

Picture of four generations of Hall boys - Raymond Joseph Hall (baby), Thomas Edward Hall (left - Tommy Joe's father), Chester Hall (center - Thomas Edward's father) and Tommy Joe Hall (right - Raymond Joseph's father)

Picture of William Simon CROSBY family - from left to right Frank, William, John and Nancy

Picture of John and Frank CROSBY

Picture of John CROSBY, Paul HOTT and friends

Picture of Lucy (left), John (center), Della (right) and Paul HOTT (boy in front)

Pictureof Lucy CROSBY Martin and Roscoe MARTIN

Picture of Lucy CROSBY with group of people in front of the Salvation Army building - Lucy is the one standing directly behind the drum - she played drum during singings

Picture of Maxwell Monroe MARTIN and his family - Left to right is Zella?, Esther, Juanita?, Rose, Dicky, Max, and Jean?

Picture of William Simon CROSBY

Pictureof William Richard CROSBY

Picture of William Roscoe MARTIN

Picture of William MARTIN dressed up as a cowboy

Picture of John Henry CROSBY

Picture of Frank CROSBY

Picture of Lucy CROSBY's half brother Joe CROSBY (center) with friends

Picture of John's sister Dell and Mack (will add more info when I have it)

Picture of Dick CROSBY

Picture of Thomas W. Crosby in uniform

Picture of Lucy CROSBY at age 17

Picture of Elmer STONEHOUSE and Bernice MILLER Stonehouse

Picture of Hubert Ira ADOLPH

Picture of James "Jim" Ira ADOLPH (son of Hubert ADOLPH and Elvina ATTERBERRY), Leroy SMITH (son of Maggie ADOLPH Smith) and Phyllis Serrault (daughter of Helen ADOLPH Thompson) taken by Carrie Hall at an ADOLPH cousins reunion in Chapman, Kansas on 28 SEPT 2003

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