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The Sherrod family is a large family with several different spellings of the surname: Sherertz (apparently the original Dutch or German name), Sherrold, Scheretz, Sheretz, Sharrett, Sharrits, Sherod, and Sherrod.

My great-great-great-grandfather was Henry Sherrod. A great deal has been done on the genealogy of this family, and I recently obtained a copy of The Sherertz-Sherrod Family, 1714-1984, compiled by James Andrew Sherrod. This work will be revised within the next few years, adding information about births, marriages, and deaths that have occurred since 1984. If you can help update any of this information, please e-mail David Gray.

The Sherrods have a reunion in July of each year in Knoxville, Tennessee. If you are a member of this family and do not receive notices of the reunion, please e-mail David Gray (see link above) to send your current "snail mail" address so you will receive a notice next year.

Below are pictures of my great-grandparents. Mary Jane is, of course, a member of the Sherrods.

FC Beaman My great
MJ Beaman
Fernando Cortes Beaman   Mary Jane Sherrod Beaman


The Sherrod Grist Mill (circa 1775)

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger copy.
(I am standing in front of the mill.)

Arnholtz Sherertz, German progenitor of the American Sherrods, was born circa 1714 in what we now know as West Germany. In 1754 he and his wife, Catharine, along with their five young sons - Jacob, Daniel, Christopher, Conrad, and John, sailed from the Port of Rotterdam, arriving in Philadelphia on Monday, September 30, 1754.

By 1772 the Sherertz family had apparently changed their last name from Sherertz to Sherrold. They purchased 530 acres on the waters of Little Connewago Creek in the Mannheim Township of York County, Pennsylvania

On that land the Sherrolds built two mills, one a grist and saw mill, the other a fulling mill. Both mills were powered by a man-made mill race from the waters of the South Branch of Little Connewago Creek.

"It is unknown when the fulling mill actually ceased operation, but in 1935 the mill race and traces of the breast of the dam could still be seen when the Sheppard-Myers Impounding Dam was built, covering the site." (The Sherertz-Sherrod Family 1714-1984, 1984, p. 28)

Approximately a mile downstream from the fulling full stood the grist and saw mill. This well built mill still stands today. It is now owned by D. K. Rutledge, a New York attorney.

In July of 1999 my husband and I went to Pennsylvania and decided that, while there, we would try to find the old mill. We did so and above is one of the pictures we took.

Here are links to two more pictures we took of the mill.


Web Pages of Sherrods and Sherrod descendants

Carol Dysart Tapp
Sherrod Reunion
The Sherrod Family: NC, GA, AL, TX
(Apparently, this family is not part of our tree.)
Sherrod Geneology

If you are a Sherrod or a Sherrod descendant and have a home page that should be referenced here, please send me e-mail and give me the URL.


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