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Cornelius Johnson, Sr. Family Groupsheet


14 January 1673(/74) Cornelius Johnson (of) Pocomoke pl't vs. John ffreeman
"Sommersett Ss John ffreeman Late of this County was attached to answer unto Cornelius Johnson of Pocomoke in An accon of the Case &c. And whereupon the said Cornelius Johnson saith for himselfe That about six months since The wife of him the said Cornelius Did Sell unto John ffreeman abovesaid ffive hundred and fifty foote of Inch and three quarter planck being lawfully due unto the plaintiffe (as may appeare by evidences herein Court) the said John Denyeing and Still doth though often demanded to pay unto unto the pl't: the aforesaid quantity of planke which he the said John Did receive of the wife of the aforesaid
Cornelius in Consideracon of Two matchcoats and Two pounds of powder, and shott Sutable to it but he the said John ffraudulently intending to deceive him the said Cornelius of the aforesaid quantity of planke the pl't said he is Dampnified and hath Dammadge to the vallue of Two thousand pounds of tobacco And thereupon brings his sute.
The Attorney for the Def't: Craves A nonSute ordered that y pl't: be nonSuted"
(Maryland State Archives Vol. 87 pg. 313 -315)

The Same Day being the 14th January: 1673(/74)  James Gad vs. Cornelius Johnson of Pokomoke, accon of debt
Sommersett Ss Cornelius Johnson was attached to answer the Sute of James Gadd in an accon of Debt.
And the said James by his attorney John ffreeman Saith that the said Cornelius Did often induce and persuade the said James to become bound with him for A Debt due from the sd. Cornelius of twelve hundred pounds of tobacco and Caske unto Henry Hudsen of the Deviding Creeke in Northumberland County in virg'a: but the said Cornelius ffraudulently intending never minding to Cleare the said Debt the said James was forced forced to pay the said Debt to his greate Dammadge and Since the said James hath Demanded the said Debt of twelve hundred pounds of tobacco & Caske with his Damadges of the sd. Cornelius but the said Cornelius hath refused to pay and Still Doth refuse whereby the said James is Dampnified and hath Damadge to the vallue of Two thousand foure hundred pounds and Caske and thereupon brings his Sute ; Ordered that this Cause Depending be referred to y next County Court:
(Maryland State Archives Vol. 87 pg. 313 -315)

10 November 1675, William Broadwell plt ag't Cornelius Johnson (of) Pocomoke def't The def't being Called 3 Times doth not appear by himself nor attorney whereupon the plte desires ord'r: According to what he formally declared for ag't the def't as alsoe desires ye deposicon of Richard Lewis This examinant Saith upon his oath that William Broadwell in December last past bought A Long boat of Cornelius Johnson of Pocomoke in ye County of Sommersett plantor And the Said Cornelius was to rigg & Sett the Same Long boat & make her fitt to Sayle by the 12th of Jan'ry then next following Richard Lewis. The former proseedings in this Court being read in this Cause depending betweene William Broadwell plte ag't Cornelius Johnson of Pocomoke def't: This Court: orders that the def't: Cornelius Johnson pay unto the plte Wm Broadwell or his order Six hundred pounds of tobacco with Cost of Suit alias Execucon (Maryland State Archives Vol. 89 fol. 5 & 6)

28 May 1696 Cornelius Johnson  and Henry Whitaker witnessed a transaction between Anthony Squires of Dorchester County and William Wattson which was acknowledged on the 2nd of June in the same year in Dorchester County, Maryland. (Abstracts from the Land Records of Dorchester County, Maryland Vol. B, by James A. McAllister, Jr., pub. 1960 2nd printing 1982, by Family Line Publications, pg. 15)

1699 Cornelius Johnson and Francis Falconer witness power of Attorney from Katherine Sullivan, wife of Derby Sullivan, to William Wattson, to convey her interest in tract "Tangier" in Dorchester County, Maryland (Dorchester Co., MD Land Records 5 old 144)

3 June 1702 Henry Harman and Cornelius Johnson, of Dorchester County, planters, to William Edmondson of said county, merchant, "Cosser" (or "Caesar") containing 380 acres at the head of Cosseys Creek. Wit: Jno. LeCompte, James Earle. Acknowledged: 3 June 1702 by Henry Harman before Jacob Loockerman and William Campbell. (Dorchester Co., MD Land Records 6 old 11)

10 August 1705 Arthur Whiteley and Elizabeth, his wife, to Daniel Sherwood, of Talbot County, "Adventure" containing 412 acres, adjoining land of Cornelius Johnson on the south side of Great Choptank River at the head of a branch of Cobiases Creek. (Cobiasas Creek is actually Coqiacass or Cokiacus  Creek [now Mill Creek] near the present village of Williston in Caroline County) (Dorchester Co., MD Land Records 6 old 70)

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