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Cornelius Johnson of Dorchester County, Maryland

On the 18th of August 1733 it was recorded in Dorchester County Judgment Records "that Henry Davis feloniously killed and bore away a hog of Harmon Johnson." 1

1739, Cornelius Johnson, father of Harmon, writes his will on the 19th of October in this year and it is probated on the 6th of December following. Cornelius Johnson devises his home plantation "Tittenton" (Tiddenton) containing 85 acres to his wife Mary, and at her death to pass to his son Isaac. He left his son Harmon part of a tract called "Hardship" lying on the west side of his Lordships Road and the part of "Hardship" lying on the east side of the road was left to Isaac. Cornelius also left a tract of 100 acres called "Pokedy" in Kent County on the Delaware to his daughters Sarah Dukes and Rachel Sexton. He finally appoints his wife, Mary, and son Harmon as executors of his last will and testament. Witnesses to the document were John Young, Thomas Causey and John Andrew. (MD Wills Lib. 22 fol. 124)2

10 Jun 1747, Isaac Johnson and Harmon Johnson receive payments from the estate of Andrew Sexton (Saxton), of Dorchester County., Maryland. (MD Accounts Lib. 24 fol. 106)3 Andrew was the husband of Rachel Johnson, sister of Isaac & Harmon.

13 December 1748, Thomas Causey, Junior, and Rosanna, his wife, of Dorchester County, planter, to Harman Johnson of the same county, planter, "Nottingham" on Cornelius Branch, containing 112 acres. Witnesses: Dan. Sulivane, Wm. Kirkham. Acknowledged before Henry Hooper, Justice of the Provincial Court. (14 old 327)4

20 August 1753, Harmon Johnson dies according to his family Bible 5, but his will was written on the 27th of August 1753, so the 20th of  August date must be in error. Perhaps it should be the 28th or 29th of August. If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of this Bible I would be more than happy to relieve you of it's care, with a monetary reward of course.

27 August 1753, Harmon Johnson writes his will which is probated on the 19th of October following. He devises his dwelling plantation to his son James, and his other dwelling plantation "Nottenham" and 60 acres called "Rouse Beguild" to his son Cornelius. He left his three daughters; Naomi, Mary & Trephena Johnson, 170 acres called "Johnson's Adventure" to be equally divided between them. His daughter Sarah Johnson was left a small piece of land "between the fork of the road and the huckel berry phong." He also left slaves to his sons; James & Cornelius, and daughters; Philadelphia, Catherine, Easther, Margaret & Elizabeth Johnson. His widow was left some slaves as well and she with son James were appointed executors. Witnesses to Harmon's will were recorded as Joshua Wheeler, Cortes (Curtis) Beauchamp and James Johnson. (MD Wills Lib. 28 fol. 535)6

6 May 1754, James Johnson, of Dorchester County, planter, son of Harman Johnson of the same county, planter, deceased, and Philadelphia Johnson his mother, to John Clarke of the same county, planter, part of a tract called "Rogues Beguile," on Cornelius Branch (and) on the west side of the northwest fork of the Nanticoke River, containing 60 acres. (15 old 261)7

30 January 1759 (I believe that this should be 1756), the final distribution of Harmon Johnson's estate was recorded, with total payments of £242.11.9 made equally to his children; James, of age, Neomy, of age, Mary, of age, Sarah, of age, Trephenah, of age, Catherine, of age, Philadelphia, of age, Cornelius, a minor, Esther, a minor, Margaret, a minor, and Elisabeth, a minor. Harmon's son James Johnson was listed as the acting executor with Charles Buchamp (should be Curtis Beauchamp) and Edward Rumbly as James' sureties. (MD Final Accounts Lib. 2 fol. 18)8




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