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Probate Records of George Gullett

of Kent County Delaware & Guilford

County, North Carolina

Will of George Gullett
Dated 14 May 1796
Probated August Court 1796 in Guilford Co., NC

In the name of God amen I George Gullett Being of sound memory but weak in Body and knowing the uncertianity of life do give dispose & bequeath all my worldly Goods in manner following.
____, I give and bequeath my soul to him that made it in firm hopes of a just & happy resurection.
Item, I give and bequeath to Isaac Jester my Grandson the sum of twenty six pounds which he is already possessed of.
Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Nancy Smith the sum of twenty six pounds which she is in possession of.
Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Margret Clifton the sum of ten pounds which she is poss'd of.
Item, It is my desire that the rest of my children should have an Equalvilant sum with those that has allready received.
It is my will and Desire that after all Just Debts and Legiseys being paid that the remainder of all my personal & real Estate shall be Equally Divided amung the hole of my Children.
Revoking & Disanuling all former wills it is my will that my two suns John & George Gullett shull be solely appointed the Executors of this my will and Testament.


Sign'd in presence of
14 May 1796
                                                                                                                    George "X" Gullett

Thomas Buckner
Aylett Buckner
Stephen "X" Huddleston

State of North Carolina
Guilford County


I do hereby Certifiy that the above
Is a true Copy of George Gulletts Will which
was proven in this Court as also the Certificate
anexed refering to the probate of said will
is a true Copy from the record. Witness my
Hand at Office and Seal of Office this 7th Novem'r
1796............John Hamilton Cle

Executor's Bond of George Gullett
Dated 25 November 1796

KNOW all Men by These Presents, That We John Gullet of North Carolina & Abraham Gullet of the County of Kent, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Delaware, in the Sum of one Thousand pounds current Money of the said state; unto which payment, well and truly to be made unto the said State, we bind ourselves, our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals, and dated at Dover, in Kent, aforesaid, this twenty fifth Day of November in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-six.

THE CONDITION of this Obligation is such, That if the above bounden John Gullit Executor in the Testament and last will of George Gullet late of the County aforesaid Yeoman deceased, do make, or Cause to be made a true and prefect Inventory of alland singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said deceased, which have or shall come to the Hands, Possession or Knowledge of the said John Gullit or unto the Hands or Possession of any Persons, for him and same so made do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited, into the Register's Office of the County of Kent, aforesaid, at or before the twenty fifth Day of May next ensuing the Date hereof, and the same Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits, of the said deceased, at the Time of his death; or which at any Time after shall come to the Hands or Possession of the aforesaid John Gullit or into the Hands or Possession of any other Person or Persons, for him do well and truly adiminster, according to Law, and further do make or cause to be made, a true and just Account of his Executorship, at or before the 25th Day of November which shall fall in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-seven, and all the Rest and Residue of the said Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits, which shall be found remaining upon the said Executors Account, the same being first inspected and allowed of by the Register for the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration of Kent County, aforesaid, shall deliver and pay unto such Person or Persons, respectively, as the said Register, by his Decree or Sentence, Pursuant to the true Intent and Meaning of the last Will and Testament of the said deceased shall limit and appoint, then this Obligation to be void and of none Effect, or else to remain in full Force and Virtue.

Sealed and Delivered
in the Presence of

John Laws


John Gullett (Seal)
Abraham "X" Gullit (seal)

Inventory of George Gullett
Dated 5 December 1796

The Goods and Chattels of George Gullett late of Kent County Dec'd, Appraised by us the subscribers on the 5th of December 1796 as Rendered to us by John Gullett Ex. of the Dec'd

to 14 3/4 Bushels of wheat @ 8/3 pr B'

  6.01.08 1/4

to 123 B' of Indian Corn @ 3/9 pr B'


to one pair of Cart wheels @ 6-0-0   6.00.00
to one Cow and Calf @ 4-0-0   4.00.00
to sundry old Iron @ 20/0   1.00.00
to 9 1/4 Gallons of Brandy @ 7/6 pr G'   3.09.04 1/2
to his ready Cash 22-5-0 22.05.00
to one Ox yoke @ 3/9 old Cart wheels @ 7/6   0.11.03
to 2 old Chairs @ 1/3   0.01.03

    Obligations due to the Deceased and at the
    request of the Ex' we enter

to Note of hand on John Coldscot for


Dito William Taylor 4-1-4 Dito Wm Edgin 7-15-0


Dito Christopher Jump 22-1-3


Do Emanuel Jester 45/9 Do Olive Jump 92/7


Do John Vinyard 42/0 Dito Waitman Goslin 80/0


Do Frederick Dawson assinee of Thomas Bullock


Do John Gullett Jur 19/3 Do Frances Jester 38/10


Do Roger Scully 7-10-6 Do Charles Smith 41/3


Do Charles Nutter 69/0 Do John Adkisson 9-13-4


Do Lennard Jester 20/0 Do John Whaley 11-17-6


Do John Jones 44-13-6 Do John Gullett Sr 6-4-8


Do Caleb Walker 68/0 Do Peter Adams 5-18-11


           Book Accounts

To open Account Standing @ Benjamin Edgin


Do Major Anderson 9/5 Do Abraham Gullett 5-0-8


Do Ralph Coldscot 50/0 Do James Adams 7/6


Open Account @ John Stafford for


Do Thomas Griffith 1/3 Do Levin Kimmey 24/7


Do Nathan Clifton 6/3 Do John Smith 9-15-0


Do Joshua Willis 34/3 Do Abraham Collins 17/6


Do John Mills 13/6 Do George Thompson 5/8


Do Michael Chance 53/11 Do Charles Craynor 7/0


Do Samuel Goslee 59/11 Do Richard Eckles 15/3


Do Josiah Leach 42/3 Do Jonathan Morgan 17/3


Do Hezekiah Morris 18/6 Do Samuel (Smith?) 2/7 


Do James Nutter 10-8-10






We the Subscribers being appointed to praise The Goods and Chattels of George Gullett Deceas'd as well at the Request of the Executor have Made an Entry of All obligations and open Accounts that Was Rendered to us by John Gullett Ex. the Whole Am't being 276.5.7 3/4 this Day and date Above Wrote witness our hands.


Charles Turner
Zachariah Pritchett

Kent Co'y
State of Delaware
25th Day of Jan'y 1798
came Zachariah Pritchett and Charles Turner and was duly sworn to the foregoing Inventory and appraisement by them made of the Goods & chattels of Geo: Gullett dec'd.


Before me
John Ralston


Distributive Account of George Gullett, dec'd
Dated 9 January 1804

To Isaac Davis, Reg'r: John Gullett Acting Executor of George Gullett, dec'd Presents the following Account Distributive of said dec'ds estate & prays its Adjustment.


John Gullett By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3
Nancy Hambleton By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3
Margaret Clifton By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3
Eliz'h Aydelott By your share of Ball. 12.10.7. 1/3
Samuel Gullett By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3
Waitmon Gullett By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3
Mary Pearson By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3
Lydia Gullett By your share of Ball. 12.10.7 1/3


Examined Adjusted Proved & Settled the 9th Jan'y 1804.

Isaac Davis, Reg'r

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