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2001, 2002 Nicole Carr

The Wilsons
of Northern Ireland
and Scotland

Other related surnames in my database (either direct or indirect):
Aumand, Birdsall, Bloom, Bolt, Campbell, Cathers, Cline, Colwell, Edwards, Fall, Greer, Haverly, Lee, Linbloom, Loffer, Mayo, Middlebrook, Palmer, Plullem, Russom, Sharpe, Sloan, Sober, Still, Tweedie, Urwiller, Wendt, and Yendra.

(If you have any more to add, let me know!)

For the Wilsons, I can start with James Wilson, born between 1815-1820, and his wife Sarah Cathers. One of an unknown number of children was William, born August 28, 1841. He married Nancy Ann Greer, born December 20, 1841, on April 14,1863 in Glasgow, Scotland, where he is listed in the marriage entry as being a spirit merchant salesman. Their union brought 10 children:

  1. Hugh Cathers Wilson, b. January 10, 1864 in Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Lizzie Sloan Wilson, b. January 17, 1866 in Glasgow
  3. James Wilson, b. January 1, 1868 in Glasgow
  4. Annie Rebecca Wilson, b. January 18, 1870 in Glasgow
  5. William Wilson, Jr. b. March 3, 1871 in Glasgow
  6. Sarah Wilson, b. January 1, 1875 - d. April 16, 1876 in Glasgow, of Pertussis, or Whooping Cough.
  7. John Galbraith Wilson, b. January 28, 1877 in Glasgow
  8. Mary Estelle Wilson, b. January 16, 1880 in Marquette, Nebraska
  9. Ida Mae Wilson, b. May 11, 1882 in Marquette
  10. Clarence Clyde Wilson, born October 5, 1885 in Marquette

The Wilson family immigrated to the United States in 1878, at first staying with Nancy's uncle, William Harkness Greer, in Magnolia, Ohio. About a year later, the settled on a farm near Nancy's father, John, and his second wife, Elizabeth (Nesbit) in Hamilton County, Nebraska. The last 3 Wilson children, Mary, Ida, and Clarence were born there. About 8 years later, they moved again to Washington County, Colorado. In 1917 William and Nancy made their final move, to Round Lake, New York. Nancy died in 1920, and William died in 1924.

Sarah Wilson's death entry lists her Whooping Cough as lasting for 14 days prior to her death. In the final 13 hours, she also suffered through convulsions, before she died at about 4:30 am on March 16, 1876.

William, Nancy, and (l to r) Lizzie, Annie, Hugh,
William (on Nancy's lap), and James.

Descendants of William and Nancy have scattered to the four corners of the country, and perhaps the world. Two granddaughters of Lizzie did extensive research on the Wilsons, and even more on Lizzie's husband's side, the Sobers. I have included much of it in my database, as well as new information obtained from one of Mary (Wilson) Bloom's granddaughters. There is a Wilson Section in the Sober Book, which mostly includes the descendants of William and Nancy (Greer) Wilson. There is also more detailed information for the Wilson's on Linda Bailey's website, so I won't copy it all here.


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