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Changes to the site

Added Tama, Iowa cemetery page with headstones from the Spire family on October 24, 2007.
October 20, 2007: Posted photos of Judson Hall Sober and Annabelle (Sober) Loffer to Page 1of Photo Album.
Posted obituary of Mary Ellen (Lockwood) Brown on October 15, 2007. Includes image of clipping from the Gibbon Reporter.
Added link to Benjamin Yates Obituary, October 7, 2004.
Added Brown family pictures to Photo Album, page 2, on April 27, 2003.
Designed and posted new pages for mailing lists and message boards I administer on April 2, 2003.
Posted page with listings of webrings I belong to on February 3, 2003.
Posted a new Research Aid page, with links to specific, helpful genealogy and web design pages, on December 31, 2002.
Created a new Hastings Cemetery page with photos of headstones from the Reed family and related lines on November 30, 2002.
Created a Reed family page, posted a letter from Hattie McKnight to beau Frank Reed, added Photo Album page of Reeds and Wolfords, and updated Wolford family page on November 23-25, 2002.
Posted a link to obituary of Ethel (Brown) Miller from Grand Island Independent, November 3, 2002.
Created and posted a small page on the Wolford Family, October 4, 2002.
Added new cemetery page of photos from Magnolia Cemetery in Harrison County, Iowa, on September 26, 2002.
September 4, 2002, photo of the grown-up children of Jerome and Sara (Mullen) Loffer added to Loffer Photo Page.
August 14, 2002, posted link to obituary of Lloyd Lavern Loffer from the website of the Grand Island (NE) Independent.
Added headstone photo of Howard and Wilda (Brown) Reeder on June 28, 2002.
Created and posted the Mahoney family page on April 27, 2002.
Posted a transcription of Stephen Mahoney's will on April 26, 2002.
February 27, 2002, added headstones pictures for Clara and Perry Barrett, Charles Barrett, Dolly Poffenbarger, and Lyda and Delmer Mathews. All are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Gibbon, Nebraska.
February 25, 2002, divided photo album into family pages, with index to come soon.
Link posted to Opal (Loffer) Ripp's obituary, February 11, 2002.
Updates posted to Links, Sources, Headstone Index, About Me, and Obituary pages, February 5-12, 2002.
Posted first 5 pages of Wilson family section of Sober book, January 28, 2002.
Posted Jerome W. Loffer's obituary on January 28, 2002.
Finished Sober Book, January 25, 2002.
Added link to Ruth (Loffer) Godfrey obituary, January 6, 2002.
December 11, 2001, posted new Sober Family Book Index Page, and first three web pages including pages 1-15 of book. Will try to add 1-3 web pages per week.
December 5, 2001, added photo on Loffer Page of William and Annabell (Sober) Loffer, and oldest four children, taken about 1915.
Added obituary of Martin Spire, December 4, 2001.
Photo of Martin and Susanna Spire added, December 3, 2001.
Added headstone photos of the Sober and McMullen families to the Shelton Cemetery page on November 27, 2001.
Posted new Spire Family Page on November 25, 2001.
Added headstone photos of John and Lillie (Spire) Brown, sons George and Walter, and daughter-in -law Dora (Sheen) Brown to Gibbon Cemetery page on November 20, 2001.
October 20, 2001, added a Surname Page, listing all the surnames in my family tree database.
Added new links, graphics, updated Brown family research, and updated list of sources, September 28th, 2001.
Divided headstone photos by cemetery, added index of photos by name and cemetery, August 28, 2001.


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