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The Walters Family

From Germany to Nebraska and beyond
Other surnames include:
Borlin, Cole, Creed, Cummings, Kemper, Knoepp, Evans, Farrow, Flory, Goeddey, Greiss, Heavey, Hogg, Jones, Lavington, Little, Lowe, McMullen, Manfull, Martin, Reisch, Rosenthal, Schepers, Smith, Widdowson, Wiest, Webben, Wylie

I should explain that I have seen Walters spelled with and without the 's'. Unfortunately, I also see that I use both spellings on this site in reference to the same family. You'll have to forgive me until I get to each page and edit it. I think I will stick with the 's', since that seems to be the most common spelling in later generations.

My earliest Walters is Henry, b. about 1792. He and his wife Katherine Knoepp lived in or near the Frankfort, Germany area and had at least one child, Henry B. Walters. He was born in 1816 in Frankfort. At the age of twelve Henry and his parents came to America through New York and settled in Illinois. In 1832, he fought under Genral Winfield Scott in the Seminole War, then in many of the battles from Vera Cruz to Mexico City during the Mexican War, earning him a sargeant's rank. After the war, he lived in Saint Louis, Missouri for a time, then bought several acres of Land in Madison County, Illinois, where his parents had settled. On October 1, 1851, he married Mary Kemper in Saint Louis. Mary was born May 25, 1828 in Hanover, Germany.

I apologize for the quality of this picture, but it's an old copy of an older photo.
This is Henry and Maria (Kemper) Walters. Taken ?

In 1855, they moved from Madison County, to Greene County, and farmed several hundred acres near Carrollton. They had 11 children:

In the summer of 1886, Herman Schepers, and brother-in-law Henry Webben, headed west to Nebraska to stake out new homesteads. The following spring, their families, along with the Widdowsons, and Wiests, moved to farms in Buffalo County. Many of their descendants still live on the same land that the Walters sisters did over 100 years ago.

Henry and Mary Walters lived out the rest of their days in Greene County. Henry died August 8, 1888, and Mary died October 20, 1898. Both are buried in Dayton Cemetery in Carrollton with Sarah.

Mary Borlin and her husband Henry, and Charles Walters are buried in Borlin Cemetery in Woodville Township, Greene County, Illinois.

Catherine and Herman Schepers, Eliza and George Widdowson, Sophia and Bernard Wiest, and Caroline and Henry Webben are all buried within yards of each other and several of their children and grandchildren in the Shelton Cemetery, southeast of Shelton, Nebraska.

Henry and Nettie Walters are buried in City Cemetery, Carrollton, Illinois.

Laura Creed is buried in Frederick, Oklahoma. She had no children.

Helen and Lee Farrow's burial place is unknown to me. I do know that a daughter, Florence, lived for nearly 15 years with her Aunt Laura Creed, in Oklahoma.

Rosa Evans died in Marianna, Arkansas, but is buried in Illinois.

More on the descendants of Henry and Maria Walters, especially those of Catherine, Eliza, Sophia, and Caroline, can be found in my database. Or, learn more about the Schepers here.


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