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This is only a partial list of my sources, I am still trying to gather them together and keep them in one place. As I discover more, I will include them ASAP.

The Brown Family-

  • State of Oregon Certificate of Death - for William Martin Brown.
  • South Dakota Certificate of Death - For William John Brown.
  • Headstones - from William John, his wife Mariah Lillian (Spire), Ethel, Gladys, Stella, Clifford, Phyllis, Frank, Martin, Mary Ellen (Lockwood), Walter, his wife Dora (Sheen), and George.
  • 1919 Atlas of Buffalo County, Nebraska - Lists Martin and Mary Ellen along with Ethel, Gladys, and Stella, Everett, Clifford, Frank, and Phyllis. Gives location of land he farmed during that time.
  • 1910 Census for Gibbon Township, Buffalo County, Nebraska - Lists Martin, Mary Ellen, Ethel, Gladys, and Stella.
  • Social Security Death Index (SSDI) - Used for every Brown who died after 1951. This is a link to's search engine for the SSDI.
  • 1851Canadian State Census, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario - Places John, Jane, Mary, Margaret, and Ann with a 96-year-old Mary Smyllie.
  • 1856 Iowa State Census, Elk River Township, Clinton County - Lists same as above without Mary Smyllie, and with Joanna and William.
  • 1860 Federal Census, Clinton County, Iowa - For all the Browns minus Ellen.
  • Obituary of William Martin Brown - from the Gibbon Reporter.

The Betzer family-

  • 1856 Jones County, Iowa Census - Lists Jacob and Rebecca (Stover) Betzer and oldest 2 children.
  • Early Jones, County, Iowa Marriages - Lists Jacob and Rebecca's marriage, and both parents' names.
  • State of Nebraska Certificate of Death - For Elizabeth (Betzer) Lockwood. It is how I discovered the names of her parents, Jacob and Rebecca.

The Greer family -

  • Linda Bailey - Owner of a great website featuring the Greers and related lines, as well as a WorldConnect database outlining her ancestors in Northern Ireland.
  • Headstones - for John and 2nd wife, Elizabeth (Nesbit), buried at Richland Cemetery in Marquette, Nebraska.
  • Marriage Certificate - for John and Elizabeth. This copy is on Linda Bailey's website.
  • Baptism Book- Has handwritten entry for Nancy's baptism date and birthdate. Only gives her father, John Greer's name in the entry. Hers was entry number 156 for the year 1842. From Brigh Presbyterian Church in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The Lockwood family -

  • State of Nebraska Certificate of Death - For Charles Wesley Lockwood. Left little information on his parents.
  • 1919 Atlas of Buffalo County - Lists both Charles, and his son, Cass's land on the Platte River.
  • 1900 Census of Platte Township, Buffalo County, Nebraska - Lists Charles, Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, and Allie. Indicates Charles' parents were born in New York.
  • 1910 Census of Platte Township, Buffalo County, Nebraska - Lists Charles, Elizabeth, and Allie.
  • Barrett Family Bible - Lists dates of birth and death for Clara (Lockwood) Barrett's children.
  • Clara Lockwood and Perry Barrett's certificate of marriage - Dog-eared and worn.
  • Headstones - for Charles, Elizabeth, Cass, and his wife M. Oma, Perry and Clara Barrett.
  • Obituary of Charles Wesley Lockwood - from the Gibbon Reporter.
  • Obituary of Mary Ellen (Lockwood) Brown - also from the Reporter.
  • 1840 Census Kent County, Michigan - extended family living in household.
  • 1850 Census Kent County, Michigan - same members living in different households
  • 1860 Census Kent County, Michigan - courtesy Western Michigan Genealogical Society.
  • Courtland Township cemetery burials - Kent County, Michigan. Select Lockwoods buried here.
  • Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System (GENDIS) - On line searchale database that included Seth Lockwood, and gave me his places and dated of birth and death, as well as his parents' names.
  • Kent County Marriages, 1845-1870 - Abstracted from records at Kent County Clerk.

The Loffer family -

  • Loffer Family Bible - Listed the Loffer family as done by Pearl. I must note, however, that much of what was listed was either misspelled, or just plain wrong. It did give me a starting point, though, on which to start my research. Also held pictures of the Loffer and Sober families.
  • Social Security Death Master File (SSDI) - Used for most people who died after 1951. This link is to the search done on's website, where you can refine your search to the last known residence.
  • State of Nebraska Certificate of Death - For Roy Aaron Loffer, William Aaron Loffer, and Marvin Merlin Loffer.
  • Headstones - For William, wife Annabell (Sober), Roy, wife Gladys (Brown), Ruth, husband Walter Godfrey, Ethel, husband, Howard Bowman, Irvin, wife Golda, Harry, wife Bertha (Lahm), Harold, Simon, wife Hannah (Hemper), and Ethel and husband Thomas Brown.
  • 1850 Census of Howard County, Indiana - Simon, Hannah, and Henry and John are listed.
  • Certificate of Marriage - for William and Annabell (Sober) Loffer.
  • 1858 General Land Office Land Patent - Granted to Simon P. Loffer, for 80 acres in section 17 of Sylvan Township, Richland County, Wisconsin. I am searching for the record again on-line, since they are again available. I printed off a hard copy about 2 years ago.

The Mahoney Family-

The McMullen family -

  • Marriage certificate - for Robert James and Doris Esther (Loffer) McMullen.
  • Birth Certificate - for Robert James, and Nicole Patricia.
  • Death Certificate - for Andrew Y. McMullen.
  • SSDI - Used only for Susie (Schepers), and Pauline (McMullen) Knoller. None of Susie or Andrew's other children are listed.
  • 1919 Atlas of Buffalo County, Nebraska - Both John, Andrew, and Andrew's father-in-law, Herman Schepers can be found in Sharon Township in Buffalo County. Andrew's last name is misspelled McMullin.
  • Headstones - For Andrew Y., John, and Ellen (Sterling), George, James, Mary, and Ellen.
  • 1880 U.S. Census, Jetmore township, Hodgeman County, Kansas - Lists John and Ellen, William and Andrew.

Schepers family -

Sober family -

  • Sober Book - The name I use for the compilation by Ida Sober Woodin and Ruby Sober Wiltsey.
  • Descendants of Isaac Sober - Lists other Sobers not in my book.
  • The Branches of My Family Tree - Pictures of old Sober headstones, and old Sober people.
  • SSDI - I used this to update as many names from the book as I could.
  • Headstones - For Judson and Lizzie (Wilson), Judson Clyde and Myrtie, Fred, Alexander and Mary (Foy), Salathiel, and Aaron.
  • Letter - from Stella Sober to cousin Louisa (Sober) Bierman, regarding some genealogy, and the origin of the Sober surname. Link to transcript of original.

Spire family-

  • Roster of the 29th Iowa Infantry - Lists Martin, his wounding date, and discharge date, as well as company (C), and rank (private).
  • Early Harrison County, Iowa marriages - Lists both of Martin's marriages to Rachel Mahoney, and Susanna Yaple. Still waiting to hear an answer to my request for more information on parents of the brides and groom.
  • Ancestral File #BD96-S2 - From the LDS website. How I first got wind of Mariah Lillian's parent's names.
  • State of Nebraska Certificate of Death - For Mariah Lillian.
  • Register of Marriages for Harrison County, Iowa - Lists both of Martin Luther Spire's marriages. First to Rachel Mahoney, and second to Susanna Yaple.
  • 1851 Census of Gloucestershire, England - Lists Jeremiah, Ann, James and Martin. Other Spires are listed on the same page, as well.
  • Obituary of Mariah Lillian (Spire) Brown - from the Shelton Clipper.

Wilson family -

  • Registrar General for Marriages in Scotland - Not the official certificate, but a list of marriages in the District of Tradeston in the Burgh of Glasgow. Lists William Wilson's marriage to Nancy Greer on April 14, 1863.
  • Standard Certificate of Death for the State of New York - For William and Nancy Wilson.
  • List of Passengers on the SS Victoria - Lists Nancy, Hugh, Lizzie, James, Annie, William, and John.
  • 1880 Census for Monroe Township, Hamilton County, Nebraska - Lists William, Nancy, all the children but Ida, and John and Elizabeth Greer with 3 youngest children.
  • The Sober Book - Has a section in the back with information on William and Nancy's descendants, along with a transcription of William's obituary from the Hudson Valley Times, and a copy of the 1880 census.

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