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2001, 2002 Nicole Carr

The Schepers
of RhuleTwist

Descendants of Gerhard Herman, born before 1770

Other related surnames in my database (either direct or indirect):
Blackman, Brown, Bruns, Clarkson, Coberg, Giombetti, Groniniger, Hall, Hillermann, Hogg, Knight, Knoller, Kolter, Kothakota, Lammers, Longin, Luschen, McMullen, Mendenhall, Neenstein, Rigg, Scheidt, Shore, Sifford, Stubben, Temmen, Unzer, Violas, Walstead, Walters, and Wicht.

(I'm sure there are more, please feel free to share any not listed.)

BEWARE: There are LOTS and LOTS of Gerhards, Heinrichs, Hermans, and Johans.

Only recently have I acquired enough information on the Schepers to actually put information on a website. Most of my efforts were focused on my maternal line of ancestors, until I came in contact with two people who provided me with pictures, names, and stories of people with whom I had lost touch. You both know who you are. Thank you - Nicole.

So, here we are with a name - Gerhard Herman Schepers, born before 1770 in Kleine Hespe, a villiage in the far northern province of RhuleTwist, now Twist, Germany. He was a farmer and owned land in HesperTwist 6, and through auction or lottery, received land in HesperTwist 21. The people who helped drain the Hesper Moor were entered into a lottery to receive a piece of the property, in exchange for the work they had done draining the land and building canals.

He married Euphemia Adelheid Stubben, and had one son that we know of - Herman Heinrich, born about 1782, who inherited his father's land. He married Susannah Maria Lammers, and they had 6 children:

  1. Herman Heinrich - born February 3, 1806
  2. Gerhard Heinrich - born January 3, 1808 m. Anna Elisabeth Temmen, b. October 1, 1814, and they had a couple of Hermans and Gerhard Heinrichs
  3. Euphemia - born September 1, 1810
  4. Bernard Herman - born April 11, 1814 m. Elisabeth Neenstein after his brother died in 1850.
  5. Johan Herman - born April 16, 1819 m. Elisabeth Neenstein b. March 30, 1824 Johan died in 1850, and Elisabeth married Bernard Herman.
  6. Johan Heinrich - Schepers January 11, 1826

Bernard Herman married Elizabeth Neenstein, born March 30, 1824, and had 4 children:

  1. Gerhard Herman - born February 9, 1852 m. Catherine Walters, b. November 23, 1853
  2. Euphemia Maria Catherine - born February 1, 1856
  3. Johan Heinrich - born December 5, 1859 m. Maria Catherine Groniniger, b. August 7, 1863. They had 7 children: Gerhard Herman, Anna Margreta, Maria Elizebeth, Bernard Herman Henry, Maria Catherina, Maria Gesina, and Bernard Heinrich. The couple and their family immigrated to the United States and eventually settled in Shawnee, Oklahoma.
  4. Gerhard Heinrich - February 5, 1861

Gerhard Heinrich may have immigrated to the United States and settled around the St. Louis, Missouri area. At this point it is still family speculation.

Gerhard Herman immigrated to the U.S; rumor has it to avoid conscription, and moved first to Illinois, where he met and married Catherine Walters. Three of her sisters had moved out to Nebraska with Herman and Catherine in 1886. There they raised their 5 children:

  1. Bernard Herman - born September 1881 m. Edith (Houghton) Conn
  2. Walter Lee - born December 25, 1882 m. Lena Allen
  3. Elizabeth Virginia - born about 1886 m. Floyd Cleveland "Cleve" Hogg
  4. Susie Anna - born July 15, 1888 m. Andrew Y. McMullen
  5. George Milton - born November 22, 1891 m. Mabel Shore
  6. Clarence - born 1897, died 1898.

Unfortunately, Catherine died in the typhoid epedemic that hit central Nebraska in 1899, leaving Herman with the children. He married Fredricka 'Reka' Wilks, who raised Herman's children as her own, and died in 1953. Herman died in 1944. Catherine's obituary can be read here.

Herman, Catherine, and oldest 4 children.
Susie, my great-grandmother, is the blur in the lower left-hand corner.

During the winter of 1907-08, Johann, his wife Maria, and his family stayed with his nephew, Walter, and his wife Lena in Nebraska until the weather became nice enough in the spring to travel to Shawnee, Oklahoma, where they settled.

Susie married Andrew Y. McMullen, and more information on their family can be found on the McMullen page.

Note: The descendants of Barney, Walter, Lizzie, and George can be found in my database, as well as descendants of the 1st Gerhard Herman, and Johan Heinrich, Herman's brother, who settled in Oklahoma.


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