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The McMullen family
How far does this branch go?

Mac Mullen is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic Mac Maolain, which means, "son of Maolain." The word Maolain was a diminutive form of the Gaelic word maol, which meant bald, but in most cases regading the surname, referred to tonsured, as in "one who wore a tonsure". It is considered an Ecclestiastical Highland Clan. The more commom Anglicized form of the name is Mc Millan, but is also found as Mc Millen, Mc Mullan, Mc Mullen, Mc Mullin, Mc Mowlane, and Mc Moylan. (All of the Mc surnames began as Mac, the Gaelic term for "son of".)

Related surnames in my database: Fisher, Hutchens, Knoller, Kotler, Loffer, Mendenhall, Rigg, Schepers, Sterling, Violas, Walstead, and Wolford.

I decided to put a page together listing everything I have on the McMullens. I know it's not much, but I have gotten such an outstanding response on the branches that I have already posted, I thought I would give the McMullens a try.

The earliest McMullen I have a direct line to is John. On the 1919 Atlas of Buffalo County and on his headstone in Shelton, Nebraska, his last name is spelled with an -in. He was born in 1844, I don't know where. He married Ellen Sterling, born in 1848. John died in 1921, and Ellen died in 1925, both are buried in the Shelton, Nebraska cemetery.

John and Ellen had several children, only one of whose name I know, a son named Andrew Y., born March 10, 1881 in Jetmore, Hodgeman County, Kansas. Sometime before 1900, the family came north to Buffalo County, and settled on some land in Sharon Township, north of Shelton. That is where Andrew met and married Susie Schepers in about 1910. They had eight children:

Clockwise from left: Pauline, George, Ellen, Maude, and James.

Andrew farmed 160 acres, and bred duroc jersey hogs with his father, John, and a cousin, Robert.
In 1932, Andrew was killed in a car accident on one of the dirt roads in rural Buffalo County. Susie turned to her brothers and brothers-in-law to help with the farm, while she began teaching at district 18 school.

The house she raised the children in still stands, and is owned by the youngest son, Andrew, although he no longer lives there. Most of the land is farmed by distant relatives, the Widdowsons.

Andrew and Susie, 1910.

Andrew John married Patricia Jeanne Wolford on September 18, 1947 in Buffalo County, and shortly after moved to Minneapolis, where Andrew, or Jack as he was called then, was pursuing his bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota, and the two oldest children, Robert James and Andrew John, Jr. were born. After graduating, the family moved to Omaha, and Andrew got his graduate law degree from Creighton University, and the youngest son, William Clark, was born. Andrew began practicing law in Buffalo County, but in 1964, Pat and Andrew divorced, later, Pat and the two youngest moved to Southern California.

Andrew remarried to Margaret Anderson in 1965, and was elected Buffalo County Attorney in 1968. Margaret died in November 1980. A few years later, he married a third time, to Bonnie Roessler. In 1985, Andrew and Bonnie had a son, Ross.

Robert is the only one of the three boys who married or had children. August 15, 1974, he married Doris Loffer in Gibbon, Nebraska, and they had 2 girls, Nicole (me), and Jill. The couple divorced in 1994.

I married Troy Lee Carr in January 1996, and currently have 3 children. Ryan, Aaron and Lauren.