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The Mahoney Family

From Ireland to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Iowa and beyond
(aka: "The kissin' cousins")

This is a picture of a Mahoney Family Reunion, taken in the 1920's?
Does anyone know who some of the individuals are?

Early Mahoneys came from the Dublin area of Ireland in the mid 1760's, and settled in Coleraine Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A tax list in 1780 lists Stephen Mahoney, with the following assets:

The first Mahoney in America was Stephen, born in 1757 in Dublin, Ireland. He married Margaret Huss in 1777. Margaret was born between 1741 and 1766, and died in 1797 in Pennsylvania. Stephen and Margaret had 8 children:

  1. Mary, b. November 1, 1778, married John Hastings
  2. Jeremiah, b. April 15, 1782 in Coleraine Township, Pennsylvania, married Eleanor Owen
  3. Stephen, b. September, 1783 married Elizabeth McCauley
  4. Elisha, b. 1786, married Martha Reed
  5. Nancy Ann, b. May 11, 1788, married Samuel Armour
  6. Elizabeth, b. 1791
  7. John, b. 1793
  8. Margaret, b. 1795

Volume No. 18, Archives entitled "Master Record of Services Of Maryland Troops - American Revolution", in the Elkton Library, stated that Stephen Mahoney was enrolled by First Lt. Andrew Porter, reviewed and passed by Elihu Hall of Elisha, Second Major of Susquehanna Battalion, on July 27th, 1776, into a regiment of the famous "Flying Camp", as a Second Class Private. This regiment joined Washington's Army on September 8, 1776 near Harlem N.Y., and took part in the Battle of White Plains - Frogs Neck, N.Y.

In 1798, he moved to Cecil County, Maryland. In Volume No. 25, Folio No. 257, in the Clerk's office of Elkton, dated May 25, 1804, it is noted that Stephen Mahoney purchases 171 acres (more or less) for $513.00, from the original grant of land from Lord Baltimore called "Baltough".

Stephen Mahoney is buried at the Brick Meeting House, Calvert Maryland, but no marker has been found.

Jeremiah Mahoney (2), married Eleanor Beaston Owens July 18, 1802. Eleanor was born March 20, 1783 in Maryland.
They had 11 children:

  1. Bartholomew, b. October 24, 1802, married Mary Ann Lightner
  2. Margaret, b. December 23, 1804
  3. Stephen, b. February 7, 1807; d. September 15, 1808
  4. Stephen, b. February 13, 1809 married (cousin) Margaret Mahoney
  5. Rachel, b. July 25, 1811; d. December 22, 1822
  6. Jeremiah, b. June 11, 1813
  7. Elnor, b. March 15, 1816; d. December 22, 1822
  8. Ann, b. September 22, 1818
  9. Maria, b. February 20, 1821; d. May 30, 1895. Married (cousin) John H. Mahoney (Elisha and Martha (Reed) Mahoney)
  10. Elisha, b. March 27, 1823; d. November 13, 1880. Married (cousin) Maria Mahoney (Elisha and Martha (Reed) Mahoney)
  11. John, b. November 20, 1826; d. July 24, 1828

(4) Stephen Mahoney married a daughter of his uncle Stephen. Margaret was born May 30, 1811, to Stephen and Elizabeth (McCauley) Mahoney and died February 21, 1850 in Maryland. Stephen and Margaret had 11 children:

  1. Rachel, b. April 23, 1832; d. August 30, 1863. Married Martin Luther Spire
  2. Anna Mariah, b. April 11, 1833; d. February 5, 1902. Married Henry Garner
  3. Harriet E., b. August 30, 1834; d. December 22, 1873. Married Chester Staley
  4. Theodore, b. February 29, 1836; d. September 12, 1893. Married Emily Wakefield
  5. James Henry, b. March 28, 1838; d. December 1, 1897. Married Mary William
  6. Steven C., b. November 25, 1839; d. September 20, 1863.
  7. Jeremiah H., November 5, 1841; d. April 5, 1868. Married Ada Louisa Phippen
  8. William, b. October 8, 1843; d. May 28, 1863, in Little Rock, Arkansas, from wounds received in battle.
  9. Joseph S., b. October 25, 1845; d. May 4, 1864
  10. Hannah Elizabeth, b. November 5, 1847, d. December 22, 1873. Married Robert Fry
  11. Lucinda M., b. September 17, 1849; d. April 25, 1850 enroute to Iowa.

Shortly after Margaret passed away, Stephen, his children, and a goup of 120 other Latter-Day Saints, began their journey west. They settled in Kanesville (now Council Bluffs) Iowa. He married Martha Barrowclaugh Ketcheman on April 5, 1851. Together they had 6 more children:

  1. Hiram Smith, b. December 27, 1852; d. December 22, 1920. Married Belle Tuttle. Married Orah McClendon.
  2. Benjamin Franklin, b. August 20, 1854; d. September 16, 1903. Married Margaret Chatburn.
  3. John Thomas, b. July 4, 1856; d. September 30, 1936. Married Harriet Hall.
  4. Margaret Ann, b. May 12, 1858; d. April 22, 1919. Married Benjamin Franklin Benson
  5. Elisha, b. October 18, 1860; d. January 21, 1919. Married (cousin) Martha Scarborough (daughter of William and Amy (Mahoney) Scarbourough, Amy was the daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth (McCauley) Mahoney)
  6. Sarah Ellen, b. September 2, 1868; d. April 6, 1959. Married Edward McWilliams

Stephen started a

Some of Stephen and Martha's children went farther west, to Wyoming, and ranched, and are still ranching. In fact, Martha died in Alva, although she was buried in Harrison County. Elisha stayed on the family land in Iowa, raised a family, and died there. He is buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

Got all that? My husband used to kid me when I talked about researching my family history. He would say, "Why bother? It will only go in a big circle anyway." I would usually just stick my tongue out at him, and walk away.

Needless to say, I haven't described this branch to him yet.

Way up near the top, there was a Rachel Mahoney, that married a Martin Spire. That would be my branch of the "circle", and information on their descendants can be found on the Spire Page of this site. Details on the other branches can be found by searching my Family Tree Database on the WorldConnect website. I am trying to locate Rachel's grave, and I have decided that it may not be marked, since her name doesn't appear in any cemetery record in Harrison County. The only sibling that died sooner is her brother William, who was killed in Arkansas during the Civil War three months earlier, but may not have been moved from Arkansas.

A good picture of Stephen, a pominent man in Harrison County, is on the Harrison County, Iowa website. It will also give more sources for researchers of the Mahoneys, just type "Mahoney" in the search engine. A transcription of his will can be found here.


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