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2001, 2002 Nicole Carr

My Lockwoods:
Descendants of Peter and Elizabeth "Betsey" (Kirby) Lockwood

Migration: CT>NY>MI>NE

Related surnames in my database (either direct or indirect):
Barrett, Betzer, Brown, Mathews, Rowe, and Stover.

If you see any I have forgotten, let me know!

Up until recently, the Lockwood branch of my tree was my most challenging brick wall, bar none. It was as if Charles Wesley Lockwood's parents (my great-great-great gandparents), didn't want to be found. It was only after I receive Charles' obituary, that I was able to piece some clues together, and though it is at this point only circumstantial, I believe I have connected my Charles to his parents, grandparents, and maybe even beyond. Here is what I have found:

So, here is a brief outline of "My Lockwoods":

Seth Lockwood, b. August 05, 1797 in New York to Peter and Elizabeth "Betsey" (Kirby) Lockwood; d. October 25, 1880 in Tittibawassee township, Saginaw County, Michigan. Married Amanda (Unknown) anout 1817 in New York. Amanda, b. August 21, 1797 in New York; d. April 21, 1856 in Kent County, Michigan. Amanda is buried in Courtland Cemetery in Kent County.

Seth and Amanda had 4 children:

  1. Dix Lockwood, b. February 23, 1818 in New York; d. September 24, 1886 in Kent County, Michigan. Dix married Eliza (Unknown) about 1840.
  2. Horace Lockwood, b. October 03, 1821 in New York; d. April 03, 1855 in Kent County, Michigan. Married Clarissa Unknown about 1848.
  3. Unknown Lockwood, b. about 1824 in New York. He only appears in the household in the 1840 census, and there are too many other possibilities in later years for me to say which one is this third child.
  4. James A. Lockwood, b. between 1826-1827 in New York; d. after 1880 in Nebraska, although he may have moved back to Michigan before he died. Married Amanda (Davis) about 1845 in Michigan. Amanda, b. between 1828-1829 in New York; d. after 1880.

James and Amanda had 5 children:

  1. Charles Wesley Lockwood
  2. Frank Lockwood
  3. Harry Lockwood
  4. Otela Lockwood
  5. Ella Lockwood

For more details about the Lockwoods and related lines including dates of death, birth, marriage, and many notes and sources, visit my family tree database on the WorldConnect site.

Charles and Elizabeth (Betzer) Lockwood

Charles and Elizabeth Lockwood were very 'well to do' farmers in the Buffalo County area, and I feel pretty confident that Mary Ellen's marriage to a migrant farm worker forged a rif between her and her parents. She did, however, remain close to her 2 sisters, but virtually nothing is known of Cass, or Frank. I am not sure if Elizabeth stayed in touch with Mary Ellen or not before Charles died, but I do have a picture of Mary Ellen, her daughter Ethel, and Elizabeth holding Ethel's oldest daughter, Dorothy, sometime around 1925.

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