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248. DeLong. UNKNOWN (3)
Rev. Oct 1994
John D. Baldwin
2597 Hampshire #25
Cleveland Hts., OH 44106

UNKNOWN (3) DELONG was born perhaps l720-5. He was likely the same as, or father of, James Delong known only from 1778 and 1780 records of Fannett Twp, now Franklin Co., Pa. Other likely sons were George born late 1740's of Fannett who later went to what is now Howard, Centre Co., Pa, David born say 1753 who fought in the militia in 1777 in Lock Haven (near Howard) and beside whom George would live in 1790, Isaac who was killed 1777 in service in the same militia, and Jonathan 1754-5 who probably also served in the same militia and is found in association with David in various records.

There is nothing which suggests this group was connected with the German Delong family of Berks and Lehigh Counties, Pa. These brothers and their children have names which are ethnically neutral and none of these persons shows up in any of the Penna. German church congregations, many of which kept extensive records.

They may rather be of Scotch Irish origin. George traditionally emigrated from Europe to the Carolinas, reaching Penna. in 1777. Thus he could have been an Ulster man (I reject the claim he was German or that he was father of a George born in Phila. in 1777 who later lived in Botetourt Co., Va.) and may have passed through Carolina, but he was certainly in Penna. before 1777 -- he married about 1768-9 into a family which had taken land in Fannett Twp. in 1766, and likely married in that vicinity. While this tradition states European birth for George, Jonathan was born in Pa. per a son's 1880 census enumeration.

No records have however been found in Pa. for any of this group until the militia records for 1777 for David, Isaac and probably Jonathan. In March 1778 George was called by the militia but did not serve, while James was among those in arms against the United States (Tories) in August 1778. All but James (and Isaac who was deceased) appear extensively in following decades.

Perhaps rather than being from Europe, this clan might be connected with the Dutch Delongs of New York state. James in Dutch is Jacobus and there are two Jacobuses in the NY family which should be mentioned for benefit of anyone pondering the Jacobus (code 1-7-5) baptized 1720 who lived in Dutchess Co. until 1766 in which same year he is found in Kinderhook, presently Columbia County. The other is Jacobus (1-9-2) who is known only from his baptism in 1721. However he seems to have died young, or at least by 1739. Jacobus (1-7-5) is untraced after his 1766 move. He had children born 1749 and 1763, there must have been others Some additional candidates are found in Volume 1. Whether the Penna. brothers might connect here is at present a matter of sheer guesswork.

Another Dutchman meriting note is Nicholas (1-2-4). He disappeared from
NY in the 1740s and is likely the Nicholas who along with other squatters was evicted in 1750 in what is now Huntington Co., Pa. It would be tempting to call Nicholas the father of subject brothers, but it is more likely he was progenitor of a group of Delongs in the Albany Co., NY area from 1777.

Thus there is a possibility of connection of the brothers with the New Yorkers, but there are no clues as to where they might fit.

Children were:

child44 i. George R. DeLong.
child ii. David DeLong was born about 1753. DAVID (3-5)
Rev Oct 1994
John D. Baldwin
2597 Hampshire #25
Cleveland Hts, OH 44106

DAVID (3-5) was born say 1753. While he was over 45 in 1800, it is not likely he was much older. His brother Jonathan was born in the 1754-5 period with David likely only a bit older as he was still not married in 1778. Nor is his birthplace known. His older brother George was traditionally born in Europe but nothing has been found to either support or challenge the statement. The same tradition says George reached Penna. at Philadelphia in 1777 but there are two arguments against that date -- he was married ca 1768-9 into a family which had settled by 1766 in what is now Franklin Co., Pa, also the younger
brother Jonathan was born in Pa, at least according to his own son's statement in the 1880 census.

Nor are David's whereabouts as a child and young adult known. He and
brother Isaac served in the Militia in 1777 in Central Pa, then part of Northumberland Co., later Centre Co., and it seems probable that brother
Jonathan was in that militia at the same date. Also Jonathan and David are both reported in Potter Tp., today's Centre Co. but I do not have the source. On the other hand, nothing has been found to show that older brother George was in the area this early nor that James, another brother or else their father, was ever there. Both George and James were far to the South in what is now Fannett Tp., Franklin Co. Of particular interest, the record of George is dated March, preceding the Great Runaway from the Indian troubles in the North that July; also as stated above George may have been there as early as his 1768-9 marriage.

I think the most likely conclusion is that the family was centered on Fannett by-the late 1760s, that David, Isaac and Jonathan went North in the l770s. Isaac was killed in service l777. David and perhaps Jonathan were in the runaway, both serving in the Cumberland Co. Militia to the South (Centre area at the time was part of Northumberland) and David appearing in the far South in Fannett 1780. David and Jonathan returned to the North in 1784, George followed them probably 1789-1790.

The following chronology is pertinent to reading the rest of this story:

1772 - Formation of Northumberland Co.

1789 - Mifflin Co. was formed from Northumberland. Upper Bald Eagle Twp. of Northumberland was known simply as Bald Eagle Twp. while it was a part of Mifflin.

1798 - Centre Twp. was formed from Bald Eagle Twp.

1800 - Centre Co. was formed from Mifflin, the name Upper Bald Eagle Twp
was restored (though not further pertinent to this discussion).
17__ or 18__ - Howard Twp. was formed from Centre Tp.

1839 - Clinton Co. was formed from Centre. That part of Upper Bald Eagle which had not become part of Centre Twp went with it.

Ca 1788? - He was the "earliest settler" of Howard in today's Centre Co. (per a county history I can no longer identify). This would have been Upper Bald Eagle Tp. of Northumberland Co. at that time, Howard, Centre Co. today (and being part of Mifflin between Northumberland and Centre).

1777 - David served in the Revolutionary War, presumably starting in 1777 when his brother Isaac was killed. The pension application of George Long in 1833 reads "In the Spring of 1777, I volunteered as a private under my father Cookson Long. William Reed was our lieutenant... I then lived about three miles above the Big Island on the West Branch of the Susquehanna... we were taken to Fort Kelly, situate on the said river near the Big Island to defend against the Indians and remained in or near the Fort until the next Spring... there was a large number of troops gathered together... in the fall of 1777.. we had skirmishes with the Indians... in one of those skirmishes James
Culbertson, John Culbertson and Isaac Delong were killed and I helped to
bury them".

David is tied to this unit in the pension file of James Dunn. His widow stated that David Delong and William Reed (among others she named) served in the Militia at the same time as James Dunn under Col. Cookson Long, on the Upper Branch, in the vicinity of the Big Island.

Per W.F.W., annotator of George Long's declaration which reached me via
Betty Morasco, pointed out that Fort Kelly is otherwise unknown. W.F.W.
wondered if it might be another name for Fort Reid in Lock Haven (which is between present Howard and the Big Island, only a few miles from either), but quotes Frontier Forts of Penna. as saying additional forts "of which we had no previous knowledge" were mentioned in declarations of former frontier soldiers of 1777-8, Fort Reid being one of them.

1778 - David was assessed in Upper Bald Eagle Tp. May 1, listed as part
of a group of single men. (History of Centre and Clinton Cos.)

1778 - On June 21, he was among the petitioners for help of the distressed settlers of the Upper West Branch at Horn's Fort above present McElhattan (UBE Twp.) (Northumberland Men in the Revolution). They petitioned the governor not to let speculators take up their land while in service or in the runaway from the Indians, which began in earnest the next month.

1778 - As mentioned before both he and Jonathan have been reported in
Potter Tp, now Centre Co. this year, but reference is missing.

1778-80 - though unmarried as of May 1, 1778, he must have soon after
married ____ ____ as he was father of six by 1790. She b. after 1755.

1780 - he, and also Jonathan if the latter had been in the North with
him, probably fled South, presumably with the 1778 exodus. They are both
found as privates 8th Class, Cumberland Co. Militia.

1780 - he appears on the Supply Rate List, Fannett Tp, Cumberland (now
Franklin) Co.

1781 - He served in the Cumberland Militia. I have two sets of vague data:
a) 6th Apr. 10; 1781 to 1782 5th Bn
b) Co. 8, also co. 6 (sic) Newton Tp. Class Roll Apr 10 (there are No. Newton and So. Newton Tps. in today's Cumberland)

1782 - Private 8th Class, Cumberland Militia

1783 - taxed Tobovne Tp., Cumberland (now Perry) Co. 1 horse value L 18,
1 cow va1ue L 3 (Carlisle Courthouse)

1784 - returned to Bald Eagle Tp. Appears on the Dec. 4 assessment list
of those who had returned, or first settled, in the twp. during that summer. Brother Jonathan is included in a subgroup listed as young men (Hist C & C Cos.). Perhaps the young men category inferred single men, however Jonathan would have married soon after as his first child was born in August 1765.

1785 - assessed UBE Tp. one horse, one cow; 9 pence tax

1786 - " " " " " " " ; 10 " " 20

1787 - " " " " " " " , 125 acres; L 0.7.9 tax 20

1788 - " " " " (Hist. C & C Cos.)

1789 - Mifflin Co. was formed March 19. David and Jonathan were assessed Bald Eagle Tp. March 30. (Hist C & C Cos.)

1790 - David and Jonathan both assessed Bald Eagle Tp on 100 acres, one
horse and one cow each. (Hist C & C Cos.)

1790 - Census of Mifflin Co. 1/4/3 living North of the Juniata River next to brother George who perhaps had only recently arrived. 20

1798 - Centre Tp. was formed out of Bald Eagle Tp. David was shown with
30 acres cleared, one horse and one cow. Based on the unreferenced
mention of being a settler in Howard, it seems evident he lived in that part of the new Centre Tp. which would become Howard Tp.

1800 - Census of the new Centre Co. 42101/01210.

1800 - 5 - taxed in Centre Tp. in this period

1810 - Descendants believed he died about this year but did not state
reason. Not indexed in this year's census.

The censuses of 1790 and 1800 together suggest ten children. There were
four sons born by 1790. Census and/or other records indicate the two
proved sons and one likely son were all born by 1784, yet the 1800
census has only one male in the 16-25 bracket, so possibly the oldest
was gone and the third of the four of 1790 was short of 16 in 1800. This
then would total eleven children.

Four males in 1790 census:
child iii. Isaac DeLong. 3-2 ISAAC, birth unknown, killed 1777. The 1833 pension application
of George Long reads "In the Spring of 1777, I volunteered as a private
under my father Cookson Long. William Reed was our lieutenant.... I
then lived about three miles above the Big Island on the West Branch of
the Susquehanna.. .we were taken to Fort Kelly, situate on the said
river near the Big Island to defend against the Indians and remained in
or near the Fort until the next Spring.... there was a large number of
troops gathered together... in the fall of 1777.. we had skirmishes with
the Indians... in one of those skirmishes James Culbertson and John
Culbertson and Isaac Delong were killed and I helped to bury them".
Other evidence shows that David (3-5) served in this militia unit.
Jonathan (3-6) is known to have been taken prisoner about this time and
likely it was from the same unit.

Descendants of George had a tradition of a brother who was killed "by
Indians or animals". If this pertained to Isaac, we must disregard the
additional part which says "only his goldheaded cane with his named
inscribed was found".
child iv. Jonathan DeLong was born in 1754/55 in PA. John D. Baldwin
2597 Hampshire #25
Cleveland Hts., OH 44106
Unknown-JONATHAN (3-6)
Rev Oct 1994
Sheet 1

JONATHAN (3-6) b. 1754-5 (per age in at death) in Pa (per son in 1880)
specifically Northumberland Co. per Northumberland County in the
American Revolution though no primary documentation is indicated and I
tend to doubt it.

His whereabouts as a child and young adult are not known. His older brother George was likely in what is now Fannett Twp, Franklin Co. in Southern Pa. ca 1768-9 when he married into a family which had taken land there in 1766. Brothers David and Isaac were in central Pa. in 1777 when they served in a Northumberland Co. Militia and it seems likely Jonathan served then also. I suggest this Delong family was centered on Fannett Tp. by the late 1760s, that George stayed there while his unmarried brothers went north to what is now Centre Co. Pa. Isaac was killed, Jonathan was likely a prisoner, and David probably left in the great runaway from the Indians troubles which peaked in July 1778, later serving in the Cumberland Militia as also did Jonathan. In
1784, David and Jonathan went back to Centre, George and family followed
by 1790.

1777 - brothers Isaac and David served under Col. Cookson Long. Jonathan probably did also, when he ultimately received back pay for service and for time as a prisoner, it was recorded for the Northumberland militia, but not until 1791.

1778 - both he and David were said to be of Potter Tp. in today's Centre Co. (source 3D ? ).

1778 - Pa. Archives Series __Vol.__ shows public debt in the amount of L3.12.0 issued in the name of Jonathan Delong for a gun lost in 1778. I conjecture the loss occurred when he was taken prisoner.

1779 - If a prisoner in 1777, he was apparently freed by 1779 when he and David both appear in the Cumberland Co. Militia May 24 (source 3D ? ).

1780 - Jonathan and David both Privates 8th Class, Cumberland Militia

1784 - Jonathan and David on Dec. 4 assessment list of those who had
returned to, or first settled in, Upper Bald Eagle Twp, at that time Northumberland County, during that summer. David lived in that part which is now Howard, Centre Co. In this assessment list, Jonathan is in a group called young men which perhaps infers single men, as was specifically the case for David on the 1778 assessment list. (Hist. Centre & Clinton Cos.)

1784 - Jonathan married probably this year Margaret, possibly Hamilton
her oldest son being named Isaac Hamilton Delong. Though Jonathan may
have been single as of Dec 4 (see immediately above) he would have married soon after, his first child being born Aug. 1785. Margaret was b. 1761-2 (70 in 1832) in Penna. (per son Chauncey in 1880 census)

1789 - Mifflin Co. was created from Northumberland on March 19. Jonathan and David both appear on the Mar. 30 assessment list of Bald Eagle Twp. (Hist. C & C Cos.)

1790 - Both Jonathan and David were assessed in Bald Eagle on 100 acres,
one horse and one cow each. (Hist C & C Cos.)

1790 - census of Mifflin Co. 1/2/2.

1791 - received depreciation pay Sept 9 for service and pay while prisoner L 158.6.8, Northumberland Co. Militia (Pa Archives Series V Vol. IV p. 36). Canceled certification on file in Division of Public Records, Penna. State Library.

1792 - Of Potter Tp. now Centre Co. (Hist. C & C Cos.) NOTE: THIS LINE

1795 - He arrived with his family in Salem Tp, Washington Co., Ohio the first to arrive since the Porter family had come that spring. Bought land from Rufus Putnam May 12, 1795. One account says he settled on Paw Paw Creek near Salem vi11age, then selling that land and moving to Duck Creek in 1801.

1797 - Another account says he settled immediately in Duck Creek which is unlikely as he was called of Marietta when he was among the petition signers June 3, 1797 to set up the town of Salem along Duck Creek.

17__ - He received 100 acres on the Duck Creek Donation Tract as was given to anyone between 1790 and 1820 who was willing to carry a gun, reside on his property, and be ready to protect the approach to Marietta (Reigel: Early Ohioans' Residence from Land Grants, exact year not stated.)

1800 - Paul and Cynthia Fearing to Jonathan Delong of Salem for $300, lot #46 in original survey of Duck Creek and #20 in 4th twp, 6th range, Feb 24 (sale) and Apr 14 (recording date?)

1800 - there is no census for Ohio Territory.

1801 - On Mar. 28, Jonathan and Margaret sold land in Salem to Samuel
Fulton (In one account this is the date of transfer from Paw Paw Creek to Duck Creek, while yet another says Mar 28, 1804).

1802 - Jonathan and Margaret of Adams Tp. when they sold land Apr 6 to
William Craig, Salem Tp. mentioned above was taken from Adams Tp. but I
do not know when.

1805 - Jacob and Matilda White sold him 20 acres in Salem, lot #19, 4th
twp, 8th range, for $300.

1810 - of Salem Tp. 22101/01001. The most likely interpretation: the son over 16 3D Jacob who was not yet married; the three age 10-15 3D Jonathan Jr., Lydia and James L.; the two under 10 3D Samuel and Chauncey.

1813 - Sessions Book of the Fearing-Sa1em Presbyterian Church shows that
on Sept 20 John and wife made application and were admitted to membership with two children being baptized the same day.

1814 - Jonathan died June 26 age 59 (American Friend, July 9). "There will be sold at the dwelling house of Jonathan Delong, late of Salem, deceased, on Monday the 21st of Nov. next, the following property viz.: horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, farming utensils, wheat, rye, oats, flax, hay and household furniture" (American Friend, Oct 29). Son Isaac H. was administrator.

1818 - On Dec. 18, widow "Margat" signed by mark to a deed by the heirs
of Jonathan who made over the property to son-in-law Manley Morse (Deeds
V:15:231). Son-in-law Thomas Gilkerson was administrator of estate.
Signed in this order:

Thomas C Gilkerson
Sarah Gilkerson (dau of Jon) by mark
Joseph Taylor
Betsy Taylor (dau of Jon.) by mark
James Delong
Isaac H. Delong
David Delong
Jonathan Delong
Nancy Delong (wife of Isaac) by mark
Sally Delong (wife of David) by mark

James was not yet married and Jonathan Jr. presumably was not, nothing
more is known of him. Samuel and Chauncey were under 21 so could not
act on their own behalf's at this time. Lydia was married but she and her husband did not participate. Mary was not included as she was wife of the grantee Manley Morse

1820 - Margaret in census of Salem Tp., Washington Co., OH.

1829 - Presbyterian Session Book Apr 17 "A committee appointed to converse with . .. Margaret Delong [among others]... had attached [herself] to the Methodist Society when the church was in a low and broken state and that [their] election was to continue in said society...". On May 15, 1829 "signify disapprobation of the conduct of Margaret Delong, Elinor Waterman and especially that of Elder Amos Porter in withdrawing themselves from the church by saying that they have manifested a weakness and instability of mind unfavorable to the Character of true greatness and are Guilty of Disorder in infidelity to this church... resolved that the session of Salem and Fearing Church be advised to record their names on their minutes their disapprobation of the disorderly conduct of the brethren who have withdrawn from them and
strike their names from the roll of their Church members and proceed no

1830 -

1832 - Margaret age 70 living with son-in-law Joseph Taylor when he bought her and Samuel Delong's property rights.

1835 - W. Williams, desc. of Mary Delong Morse, wrote that Margaret "d.
17 Oct. 1835?" Caldwell, Ohio. This would be a reference to the
gravestone in Olive Cemetery, Caldwell, Noble Co., long ago read as Mary
Delong d. Oct 17, 1835, age 81. The stone is immediately in front of
those of Margaret's daughter Mary and her husband Manley Morse, and may
well indeed be Margaret's marker. There is though an age discrepancy.
Margaret was born 1761-2 per age 70 in 1832, while this woman of the
marker would have been born 1753-4. Perhaps 70 in 1832 was an error or
misreading. Perhaps age or date on the marker was misread.

1840 - We know Margaret was living 1832. If didn't die 1835, is the woman age 80-90 in home of son David?

child v. James DeLong. 3-3 JAMES no birth date or death date. Thus he may have been another
brother, or perhaps father of the others. He was of Amberson Valley, now Franklin Co., Pa. Aug. 2, 1778 when he was among those under arms against the United States (Pa Archives V:5:58, also VI, also Forman 1978). A 1978 communication to Alta Corfman from the Mifflin Co. Historical Society says that under the Act of Mar 6, 1778 that James Delong was one among several others convicted of high treason by way of aiding and abetting the enemy. If held as a traitor it must have been briefly as he appears with George and David on the Fannett Twp tax list of 1780.
child vi. Samuel DeLong. John D. Baldwin
2597 Hampshire #25
Cleveland Hts., OH 44106

3-4 SAMUEL perhaps. A Samuel was drummer, Capt. William Byers' Co.
during the Revolution. This was from the Mifflin Co. Historical Soc. but does not necessarily mean he served in that area though I don't know why they would have highlighted him otherwise. I have not encountered a Samuel in the area at this time otherwise.

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