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Miss Essie's Family

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1 Aunt Jennie Dicus and family
Sitting is George R. Dicus, to his left, Virginia F. Clifton his wife, on his right their daughter Rose Dicus. Behind them leaning on the porch, Georgia Lee (Martin) and her husband Loonie Albert Dicus (George's son from first marriage)
2 Jennie Dicus
(Virginia F Clifton)
"Fannie (Young) Guffey looked exactly like this."


3 grandmother Dikus Essie's Mother
Virginia F. Clifton
4 Rasa(Resa?)Dicus 
my daughter (Jinnie Dikus)
5 Dona Chesser is on the left she is my grandaughter
6 Lilly Hall
7 ? (metal picture bef 1850?)
8 Name Hursel Payne age 7 months
(to aunt Jennie Dicus)
9 Willie Clifton,
(brother or nefew of Virginia F (Jinnie) Clifton ?)
10 Mr. Sid Bradley Children 
(who is Sid Bradley)

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