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A Capels Family History

Graves of Edward H., Tommy, & Thomas J. Capels
St. Mary's Cemetery
Graves of Thomas J., Tommy, and Edward H. Capels
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Graves of Edward H. Capels, Tommy Capels, and Thomas J. Capels
Edward H. Capels was born January 23, 1883 in Syracuse, New York and died June 17, 1941 in his 58th year.
Thomas J. Capels, born in 1902, was killed in a truck accident September 27, 1926 in his 22nd year.
Tommy Capels was born January 14, 1928 and killed by a car on August 1, 1932 at only 4 years of age.  His grave is not marked, but is in the approximate location of the grassy area next to the main Capels marker.
St. Mary's Cemetery, DeWitt, New York (2001).

Edward H. Capels' Obituary
Thomas J. Capels' Obituary
Tommy Capels' Obituary
Photo: Valerie Capels

Posted May 2003
Updated March 12, 2007

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