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A Bullock Family History

Letter from Dr. E. Hadley Greene of Atlanta, Georgia
to B. C. Bullock, Hester, North Carolina, February 19, 1892

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Atlanta Ga Feb 19th 1892
Mr. B.C. Bullock
       Hester N.C.
                 Dear Sir:--
Your kind favor of the 16th inst., bearing the sad intelligence--sad, in one sense--of the death of your excellent father, is just now recd.
          I hasten to write and extend to you , and all his family, my sincere and heart-felt sympathy in this, to you, sad affliction and bereavement.
          I know what the loss of a good father is, and however much better off we may be assured he is, it, I know leaves your hearts bruised and crushed by your loss. You miss his wise and loving Counsel, in things both temporal and spiritual, as well as the example
he gave of a patient, and I am sure cheerful and submissive spirit, under very great physical suffering.
          I loved your father very much for the brief acquaintance I had with him, and shall long remember, and I trust profit, by his wise council and precepts.
         I did all I could for him, and when he was first here under my professional care, felt very hopeful that I would be able, through Divine help, to relieve him of his terrible disease. The last time, although I was much more doubtful, felt it was my duty to do all I could. After his return home, I sent him medicines twice, not with a prospect of curing him , but with the belief that I might retard the progress of the disease, and and thus prolong his stay with you and make him more comfortable. I hope the medicines did this.
          Again expressing my sympathyfor you all, & with the full conviction that you, loss is his gain.
          I am, With Much Respect,
Yours Truly, E. Hadley Greene, M.D.
I enclose bill for last two [?] treatment

According to Ann Gillon, this was the last in an interesting series of letters.

Photocopy courtesy of Ann Gillon.

Posted July 31, 2003

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