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Affidavit Of Death
Will And Testament
Richard Pierce Hazelton

June 1, 1878


In the Probate Court
of the County
Affidavit of death
of Modoc
State of California
for Will and Testament
In the Matter of the estate of
Pierce R. Hazelton deceased
State of California
County of Modoc   SS


Obedience Hazelton being duly sworn on her oath and says:  That she is the surviving wife of the above named deceased. That she is of suitable age and is competent to be a witness on the hearing of the matters pertaining to the above named estate. That since the death of said deceased, this affiant has made due and dilligent search for a Last Will and Testament of said deceased, but has been unable to find any such Will and Testament and that according to the best knowledge, information and belief of this affiant said deceased died intestate.

Subscribed and sworn to
before me on this
1 day of June A. D. 1878
Justice of the Peace

In the Probate Court
of the County of Modoc
State of California
In the Matter of the Estate
of Pierce R. Hazelton, deceased
Petition for Matters of Administration
To the Honorable Judge
of the Probate Court
of the County of Modoc
State of California.

The Petition of Obedience Hazelton of Goose Lake Valley in said county respectfully shows:  That Pierce R. Hazelton died on or about the eighth day of March A. D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight, at the said county of Modoc, State of California and that said deceased at the time of his death was a resident of said County of Modoc, State of California.

That said deceased left estate in the said County of Modoc, State of California consisting of real and personal property. That the value and character of said property are as follows to wit:

The real estates consists of two tracts of land. One of said tracts being a homestead of the value of two hundred dollars.  The residue of said real estate consists of ninety (90) acres of deeded land of the value of seven hundred dollars or thereabouts.

The personal property consists of household furniture including beds, bedding and stoves of the value of fifty dollars or thereabouts.

Thirteen head mixed horses, of the value of two hundred and sixty dollars thereabouts, sixteen head of stock cattle of the value of one hundred and sixty dollars or thereabouts, seventy head of pigs of the value of thirty dollars or thereabouts.

Farming implements of the value of fifteen dollars or thereabouts, one old clock of the value of five dollars, poultry of the value of five dollars.

That the estate and effects for or in respect of which Tellers of Administration are hereby applied for, do not exceed the sum of fourteen hundred and twenty five dollars in value, and that the said real estate described as 90 acres of deeded land is encumbered by notes and mortgage in the amount of seven hundred and fifty dollars.

That the next of kin of said deceased and whom your Petitioner is advised and believes and therefore alledges to be the heirs at Law of said deceased are your Petitioner aged 38 years and residing at Goose Lake Valley in said County of Modoc as aforesaid and Mary Ann Hazelton aged 18 years, and Sarah Jane Hazelton aged 17 years, and Enos Carter Hazelton aged 16 years, and Ida Janette Hazelton aged 13 years, and Laura Somelia Hazelton aged 11 years, and George Pierce Hazelton aged 8 years, and Evan Charles Hazelton aged 6 years.  All residing with your Petitioner at said Goose Lake Valley and county of aforesaid the children of deceased and your Petitoner.

That due search and inquiry have been made to ascertain if said deceased left any Will and Testament but none has been found and according to the best knowledge, information and belief of your Petitioner said deceased died intestate. That your Petitioner is the surviving wife of said deceased, and therefore as your Petitioner is advised and believes is true to Letters of Administration of said estate.

Therefore your Petitioner prays that a day of court may be appointed for the hearing of this application, that due notice thereof be given by the clerk by posting notices according to Law, and that appointed hearing and the proofs to be addressed. Letters of Administration of said estate may be issued to your Petitioner. And your Petitioner will ever pray.

Dated May 27th A. D. 1878
J. C. Bonner
Attorney for Petitioner
Filed in the Superior Court
January 5th, 1880.

Probate Court
County of Modoc
Estate of Pierce R. Hazelton
Petition of Obedience Hazelton
Letters of Administration
Filed the 27th Day of May
A.D. 1878
Geo H. Knight, Clerk
By Deputy

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