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Wilhelm Joseph Kram was born on 23 September 1866 on a small farm in Dolina, Austria. He was a farmer and a shoemaker by trade. His father, who died Christmas of 1907, raised horses for the military. His mother died when he was very young. He sometimes talked about a younger brother (who died young) and an older sister Margaret and many half brothers and sisters.

Karolina Buschman was born on 18 September 1878 in Dolina, Austria. Her father died in a logging accident when she was about 6 years old. She had an older sister (already married) and a two year old brother.

Karolina and Wilhelm married when she was quite young. They took over the family farm that Karolina inherited. Her mother and brother lived with them until she (the mother) passed away. Her brother learned the shoemaker trade from Wilhelm and came to Canada with them. He settled in Brandon and worked as a shoemaker all of his life.

The family came over on the ship Armenia (departed from Hamburg, Germany on 13 April 1907 and Arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 27 April 1907). On the Canadian ship‘s passenger list, written beside the names is the sum of $90.00 (I am not sure what it stands for). They then traveled by train and arrived at Brandon, Manitoba on 10 May 1907 where they settled. Times were hard and Wilhelm worked at different jobs including for the City of Brandon maintenance crew and in the Western Canada Flour Mills in the warehouse. Later on, they bought land and had horses, cows and chickens, etc. and started a large vegetable business which their son John managed.

Wilhelm and Karolina Kram changed their names to William and Carolina Cram after they came to Canada. They had the following family:

i. Sigmund Wilhelm Kram was born on 14 December 1898 in Dolina, Austria.

ii. Johann Kram was born in 1900/1902? in Dolina, Austria.

iii. Margaret Kram (known as Maggie) was born on 23 January 1903 in Dolina, Austria, and died 29 July 1920 at Brandon, Manitoba.

iv. Anna Kram was born in 1904 in Dolina, Austria, and died 20 May 1907, just 10 days after the family arrived in Brandon.

v. Mary Kathleen Kram was born on 14 February 1905 in Dolina, Austria.

vi &vii. Family history notes that two female infants were born and died in Dolina, Austria.

viii. Arthur Jack Cram was born on 17 June 1909 at Brandon, Manitoba.

ix. Wilhelmina Dorothy Cram (known as Minnie) was born on 20 August 1910 at Brandon, Manitoba.

x. John Frank Cram was born on 05 November 1912 at Brandon, Manitoba.

xi. William Cram was born at Brandon, Manitoba and died on 26 April 1915 at Brandon at the age of 10 months.

xii. Edith Isabella Cram was born on 15 May 1916 at Brandon, Manitoba.

xiii. Allie Bernice Cram (known as Alice) born 27 October 1917 at Brandon, Manitoba.

xiv. Ruth Elizabeth Cram was born on 14 June 1919 at Brandon, Manitoba.

xv. Living Cram was born at Brandon, Manitoba.

All the children listed on the passport documents had blonde hair and green eyes. Karolina also had green eyes. William was noted as not being a large man, but having a large nose.

William died at his home on Wednesday, 22 January 1947 at Brandon at the age of 80 years and 4 months. Carolina died on Wednesday 1960 at the age of 82. They are buried in the family plot at the Brandon Cemetery .

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