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This research was done based on a photo album that I purchased. Clark Swift and Oliver Lee were prominent citizens of Silver Creek, Chautauqua Co., New York. The links below lead to their family histories and that of others who are in the album.

Clark Carley Swift 1807 - 1896
m1. Eunice Lee 1815 - 1866
m2. Abbie Kingsley -

Oliver Lee 1791 - 1846
m. Eliza Downer 1794 - 1882

Other residents of Silver Creek, NY

Other residents of Buffalo, NY

Other misc photos in the album

Links to other websites that have information on Silver Creek and the above families:

Chautauqua County Gen Web graciously shared photos and information with me. There is still more on their website than what I have here.

B&B with biographies and photos of headstones.

History of Hanover, NY.