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These sites have been a tremendous resource for my research. I hope that you can find them useful.

Rootsweb is a free genealogy site with tons of info. I have problems accessing all of their records using their search engine; I have better luck using google.

Ancestry is not a free site, but for a fee, you can have access to copies of original documents. This is where I get all of my census records, and where I do the vast majority of my research.

The LDS website (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is another free site with oodles of records, including the 1880 US census, 1881 Canadian Census, and the Social Security Death Index.

Cyndi's List is a free site with hundreds of links to genealogy related websites.

Without this site, I would never have been able to get my website up and running. It offers free lessons on the basics of setting up your own web page.

Google is the ultimate free search engine for genealogists. It searches the content of other websites rather than the subject. This allows you to type in a person's name (sometimes you need a bit more info to narrow the search) to see if other websites have info on that person.

Great free site that breaks down into the different states, and then counties. Alot of census records and local history books transcribed and posted here.

Illinois state archives that has a huge volume of vital records transcribed and posted here. A must for anyone researching in Illinois.

A free website offering access to Ohio's death certificate database.

Canada Gen Web is a free site that is broken down by province. A great site for anyone researching in Canada.

The National Archives of Canada has a great free site that offers access to various databases, including Canadian land grants.

The British Columbia archives offer free access to birth, marriage and death certificate databases.

The Ontario Genealogical Society is a free site that seems to have most of Canada's census records transcribed.

This free site also offers transcribed Canadian census records, plus other information.

The 1890 Swedish Census transcribed and online for free.

A treasure trove of info on the Dilley family.

A free site that offers either scanned or transcribed family bible records. I love this site because I am a firm believer that these records should be shared with all.

A treasure trove of info on the Purdy family.

The Rose Family Association has vast resources for anyone researching any branch of this family.