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MARRIAGES 1877 - 1882

Source: LDS Film No: 1596289

Note: Some of the entries are faded, smudged or unreadable, I have indicated these entries with a question mark [?].



Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 224 448 Apr 1 Thomas Henry PASCOE 20 bach Miner Tuckingmill James Miner x Henry Eustice [x] Banns
      Philippa* Nicholls EUSTICE 23 spins   Tuckingmill Henry Engine Driver Yes [*Phillipa] Edward Gilbert  
Page 225 449 July 7 Thomas HARVEY 24 bach Miner Tuckingmill Thomas[dec'd] Miner x Richard Bosence Banns
      Elizabeth WATERS 25 spins   Tuckingmill John[dec'd] Miner x Elizabeth Bosence [x]  
  450 Sept 19 Thomas Northey JORY 20 bach B.Smith Tuckingmill Richard[dec'd] Carpenter Yes William Medlyn Banns
      Elizabeth WILLIAMS 18 spins   Tuckingmill John[dec'd] Miner Yes Elizabeth Basset  
Page 226 451 Oct 4 John HARRIS 21 bach Miner Tuckingmill George Miner Yes George Harris [x] Banns
      Ellen MOYLE 22 spins   Beacon Richard Miner Yes Edward Gilbert  
  452 Oct 20 Hercules PAINTER 24 bach Miner Tuckingmill John[dec'd] Postman x John Painter Banns
      Kate PENPRAZE 24 spins   Tuckingmill Henry[dec'd] Miner x Emma Toy [x]  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 227 453 Jan 16 Samuel HARVEY 21 bach Labourer Tuckingmill Samuel[dec'd] Miner Yes Edward Gilbert Banns
      Mary BLIGHT 26 spins   Tuckingmill Richard Paul BLIGHT Tin Dresser Yes Susan Madren  
  454 Feb 9 Stephen RULE 22 bach Miner Camborne Joseph[dec'd] Ostler x William Rowe [x] Banns
      Elizabeth Mary ROWE 17 spins   Tuckingmill William Miner Yes Susan Madren  
Page 228 457* June 27 John Henry BENNETTS 22 bach Carrier Tuckingmill George Miner Yes George Bennetts [x] Banns [*5 crossed out and replaced by 7]
      Mary Elizabeth JENNINGS 20 spins   Tuckingmill Thomas Miner x Elizabeth Mary Bennetts  
Page 229* 456 May 30 Charles Frederick BENNETTS f.a. bach Clerk Tuckingmill John JACKSON Tin Dresser Yes John Jackson Licence [*page number written in]
      Ellen JENKINS f.a. spins   Camborne William Merchant Yes Elizabeth Berriman  
Page 229 455* Feb 24 William CADWELL 23 bach Labourer Pengegon John Miner x Susan Bennetts Banns [*7 crossed out and replaced by 5]
      Elizabeth Ann BLEWETT 25 spins   Pengegon Christopher[dec'd] Miner Yes Mary Jane T?  
Page 228* 458 July 27 Edward BAWDEN 27 bach Tin Dresser   John[dec'd] Carpenter Yes Elizabeth Pearce Banns [*page number written in]
      Anne WHITEHAIR 19 spins   Camborne William[dec'd] Mason Yes Edward Gilbert  
Page 230 459 Sept 14 John Henry DUNSTAN 21 bach Miner Pengegon John Miner x John Hocking Banns
      Mary Ann HOCKING 18 spins   Pendarves St William Miner Yes John Dunstan  
  460 Nov 9 Thomas MUTTON 21 bach Miner Brea Joseph Miner x Edward Gilbert Banns
      Emma PASCOE 21 spins   Brea Charles Henry[dec'd] Miner x Susana E. Madern  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 231 461 Jan 30 Henry PRIDEAUX f.a. bach Merchant Tuckingmill Edmund[dec'd] Miner Yes James Hicks Licence
      Mary Maria HICK f.a. spins   Camborne James Butcher Yes Edward Gilbert  
  462 May 17 William ROWE 21 bach Miner Edward St John Miner x John Chegwidden Banns
      Ellen GOGGIN 19 spins   Tuckingmill James Labourer x Jeremiah Burgess  
Page 232 463 June 14 John HILL 23 bach Miner Tuckingmill John[dec'd] Miner Yes Matthew Bennetts [x] Banns
      Eliza BENNETTS 22 spins   Tuckingmill Matthew Miner x Susan Madern  
  464 July 12 Charles CADWELL 22 bach Miner Pengegon John[dec'd] Miner Yes Josiah Harris [x] Banns
      Sarah Ann TREZONA 22 spins   Camborne Benjamin[dec'd] Miner Yes Mary Trezona  
Page 233 465 Aug 16 William John GLANVILLE 22 bach Waggoner Tuckingmill Thomas Tin Dresser Yes Mary Ann Davey Banns
      Catherine DAVEY 20 spins   Tuckingmill William[dec'd] Engineman Yes Thomas Glanville  
  466 Oct 12 John PHILIPPS 22 bach Miner Tuckingmill Edward Miner x Edward Prideaux Banns
      Susan Jane BAWDEN 20 spins   Tuckingmill William[dec'd] Miner x Isabella Bawden [x]  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 234 467 Jan 10 James WILLS 25 bach Miner Brea John Miner x Francis Wills Banns
      Caroline PEET? 21 spins   Brea Joseph[dec'd] Engineman Yes Minnie Peet?  
  468 Apr 15 James TEMBY 20 bach Miner Troon James Farmer x Elizabeth Mary Temby Banns
      Elizabeth JAMES 19 spins   Beacon James[dec'd] Miner x Richard Dunn  
Page 235 469 Apr 24 Frederick WILLIAMS? 22 bach Sawyer Tuckingmill Charles P? Maker Yes John Michael Phillips Banns
      Jane Moyle TOY 22 spins   Tuckingmill James[dec'd] Farmer Yes Grace Phillips  
  470 May 1 William HILL f.a. bach Tin Dresser Condurrow William[dec'd] Miner Yes Frederick Calawy? Banns
      Mary BRAY f.a. Wid   Condurrow John BAWDEN[dec'd] Miner x Bessie Williams  
Page 236 471 May 30 John ODGERS 26 bach Miner Camborne Joseph Miner x Simon Rogers Banns
      Edith ROGERS 25 spins   Tuckingmill John ?lder Yes Carrie Rogers  
  472 July 6 Arthur Henry TYACK f.a. bach Merchant Camborne William Cock TYACK Merchant Yes Josiah Thomas Licence
      *Elizabeth Jane BOWDEN f.a. spins   Tuckingmill John Miner Yes [*Elizth.] Jeremiah Burgess  
Page 237 473 July 17 Mark SLOGGETT f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill William Miner Yes Charles Harris [x] Banns
      Ellen HARRIS 20 spins   Tuckingmill Henry Tin Dresser Yes Rosealie Phillips [x]  
  474 Nov 13 William John WILLIAMS 20 bach Miner Tuckingmill John Tin Dresser Yes E.Eudey Banns
      Elizabeth Simmons EUDEY 22 spins   Tuckingmill Thomas Safety Fuse Agent Yes Thomas Eudey  
Page 238 475 Nov 16 Richard LANE f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill Richard Farmer Yes Thomas Barnard Banns
      Elizabeth DUNSTAN f.a. spins   Tuckingmill James Butcher Yes Eliza Barnard  
  476 Dec 6 William GOGGAN f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill James Stamps-man x Jeremiah Burgess [blank]
      Grace HOCKING f.a. spins   Tuckingmill John Engineman x Susan Madren  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 239 477 Feb 6 William GREEN 19 bach Tin Dresser Tuckingmill[Brea] William Tin Dresser Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Ellen Louisa JOHNS 19 spins   Tuckingmill[Brea] George Miner Yes Susan Madern  
  478 Feb 18 John Henry JENNINGS f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill John Miner Yes George Bennetts [x] Banns
      Elizabeth Mary BENNETTS f.a. spins   Tuckingmill George Miner Yes Elizabeth Mary Rule  
Page 240 479 Mar 19 George Morgan BALL f.a. bach Pattern Maker Tuckingmill John Carne BALL Pattern Maker Yes William Harris [x] Banns
      Harriett HARRIS f.a. spins   Tuckingmill Josiah Miner x Elizabeth Harris [x]  
  480 June 25 John KENT f.a. bach Tin Dresser Tuckingmill James Mason x John Tresidder [x] [blank]
      Selins TRESIDDER 18 spins   Tuckingmill John Tin Dresser x Joseph Kent [x]  
Page 241 481 July 9 James Penrose MATTHEWS 20 bach Miner Tuckingmill Robert Miner Yes Joseph Henry Bawden Banns
      Eliza Jane BAWDEN 18 spins   Tuckingmill Joseph Railway Gate-man Yes Ellen Jane Prideaux  
  482 Aug 4 James Howard HARRIS 24 bach Schoolmaster Porthcurnow John -?- Reader? Yes Henry Jenkin Banns
      Catherine JENKIN 21 ? spins Schoolmistress Roscroggan Henry Farmer Yes Anne Dunstan  
Page 242 483 Aug 8 Thomas Humphry SAMPSON fa. bach Draper Camborne William Boot & Shoe Manufavturer Yes John Jennings Banns
      Mary Jane JENNINGS 20 spins   Tuckingmill John Mine Agent Yes Jeremiah Burgess  
  484 Sept 18 James Constantine TYACKE f.a. bach Blacksmith Tuckingmill James Forester Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Julia Ellen CROCKER f.a. spins   Tuckingmill William Blacksmith Yes Susan Madern  
Page 243 485 Oct 17 Thomas Henry MORCOM f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill[Brea] George Miner x John Scadden [x] Banns
      Eliza SCADDON f.a. spins   Tuckingmill[Brea] John Miner Yes Ellen Morcom  


Year/Page Entry No Date Groom/Bride Age Status Occ: Residence Father Fathers Occ: Signed Witnesses Notes
Page 243 486 Jan 22 Robert KNABB* f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill William Miner Yes [* Knapp] William Knapp Banns
      Edith Bonds HART f.a. spins   Tuckingmill Joseph Labourer Yes Jeremiah Burgess  
Page 244 487 Mar 10 Andrew NICHOLLS f.a. bach Mason Tuckingmill -?- Gardener x Mrs. Eliz.M.Rule Banns
      Florence NICHOLAS f.a. spins   Tuckingmill Richard Miner x Richard Truan [x]  
  488 Apr 29 Francis DOWNING f.a. bach Miner Tuckingmill William Miner x Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Susan ROWE 20 spins   Tuckingmill John Miner x Susan Madren  
Page 245 489 June 17 John PAYNTER f.a. bach Gas Stoker Tuckingmill John Postman Yes John James Whitburn Banns
      Mary Ann TRURON? f.a. spins Dressmaker Tuckingmill Samuel Mine Agent Yes Jeremiah Burgess  
  490 Dec 3 John Henry RICHARDS 22 bach Miner Tuckingmill John Miner Yes Jeremiah Burgess Banns
      Selina Jane KEAST 21 spins   Tuckingmill Thomas Miner x Susan Madren