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BURIALS 1772 - 1773


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 347          
1772 Vivian Margery dau of John 9 Jan  
  Jasper Thomas   11 Jan  
  Skewis James son of James 12 Jan  
  Whinnam Zacharius son of Zacharius 13 Jan  
  Temby William son of John 24 Jan  
  Cocking John son of Richard 28 Jan  
  Frederick John son of John 28 Jan  
  Gribble Joseph son of Arthur 11 Feb  
  Cocking Richard son of Richard 15 Feb  
  Trezona Benjamin son of John 16 Feb  
  Woolf Wm. son of Arthur 20 Feb  
  Cock Elisabeth dau of Nicolas 21 Feb  
  Oatfield Richard   23 Feb  
  Thomas Jane widow of Jame 1 Mar  
  Glanvill Richard   3 Mar  
  Sampson Elizabeth dau of Peter 6 Mar  
  Michell John   7 Mar  
Page 348 Paul James   9 Mar  
  Tellam Avice   12 Mar  
  Whennan John son of Henry 16 Mar  
  Uren Eleanor w of Wm 24 Mar  
  Williams James son of John 1 Apr  
  Vivian Philippa dau of Wm 5 Apr  
  Richards Jenepher dau of Edward 10 Apr  
  Rowe Philip son of James 22 Apr  
  Stephens Martin   24 Apr  
  Sampson Rebecca   28 Apr  
  Richards John son of Mary 4 May  
  Vial Cornelius son of Robert 14 May  
  Trezona Elizabeth dau of Samuel 24 May  
  Mill John son of John 27 May  
  Tonkin Jane widow 2 June  
  Sowden James   3 June  
  Bennetts Elizabeth dau of Wm 3 June  
  Trevilion George son of John 3 June  
  Rule Henry Snr   27 June  
  Fine Wm son of Wm 29 June  
  Bennetts John son of Christopher 15 July  
  Vivian Clarinda   15 July  
  Boase Mary widow of Robert 22 July  
  Davey Joseph   23 July  
  Roberts Priscilla dau of Joseph 23 July  
  Vial Alice dau of Thomas 26 July  
  Bryant Margery basechild of Elizabeth 29 July  
  Wakeford [Wakfor] Grace dau of Wm 1 Aug  
  Bryant Bridget dau of Wm 5 Aug  
  Ja[M]? James son of Richard 9 Aug The surname has been omitted from the Bishop's Transcripts.
  Mitchell John son of Edward 31 Aug  
  Carnarthen Thomas   1 Sept  
  Tranchess Wm   28 Sept  
  Harris Richard   2 Oct  
  Waters John son of Hannibal & Mary 4 Oct  
  Donstone Henry   22 Oct  
  Richards Jane dau of Edward & Mary 1 Nov  
  Fine Nicholas   7 Nov  
Page 349 Gilbart John   23 Nov  
  Kegwin Ann dau of James 5 Dec  
  Rule Johnson   7 Dec  
  Hocking Richard w of Francis 12 Dec  
  Glanvil Roger   19 Dec  
1773 Harris Mary dau of Wm & Mary 2 Jan  
  Thomas John   15 Jan  
  Dunn Mr.James   18 Jan  
  Bailey Richard   19 Jan  
  Cock Nicholas   24 Jan  
  Carter William son of Wm & Eliz 5 Feb  
  Carter John son of Eleanor 12 Feb  
  Richards Jane dau of Mary - widow 14 Feb  
  Rowe Ruth dau of Samuel & Ruth 23 Feb  
  Daniell Catharine dau of John & Catharine 12 Mar  
  Rogers Margaret w of John 16 Mar  
  Hocking Elizabeth widow 20 Mar  
  Chenowath Walter   20 Mar  
  Bennetts Francis   24 Mar  
  Walters Beatrix w of Wm 25 Mar  
  Newton Benjamin   2 Apr  
  Mitchell Hannah   2 Apr  
  Prideaux Ann   3 Apr  
  Gwellam Jane w of John 30 Apr  
  Trezona Samuel Jnr   6 May  
  Richards Edward son of John 7 May  
  Waters William Snr   22 May  
  Hocking Bartholomew   3 June  
  Mill Andrew   3 June  
  Bryant William   [4] 5 June  
  Hocking Richard   8 June  
  Glanvill Benjamin   [15] 16 Aug  
  Rowe Joseph son of George & Barbara 17 Aug  
  Waters John   28 Sept  
  Wearn Elizabeth   18 Oct  
  Vincent Mary   4 Nov  
  Bryant Francis   29 Nov  
  Ambrose [Ambris] James   10 Dec