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BURIALS 1763 - 1765


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 336          
1763 Cowling Constance   4 Jan  
  Littlejohn Mary dau of James 12 Jan  
Page 337 Maddern Anne w of Martin 12 Jan  
  Temby Mary dau of Peter 23 Jan  
  Williams Jane widow 26 Jan  
  Hockin William son of John 29 Jan  
  Bennatts Joseph   30 Jan  
  Ham James son of William 2 Mar  
  Rablin William son of Henry 4 Mar  
  Snell John   7 Mar  
  Glasson Jone w of William 27 Mar  
  Rogers William son of William 28 Mar  
  Glasson William   4 Apr  
  Richards Elisabeth w of Thomas 5 Apr  
  Maddern Margaret widow 11 Apr  
  Eva Richard   14 Apr  
  Bennatts Joseph son of Willm 22 Apr  
  Bennallack Mr.Henry   25 Apr  
  Shugg John son of John 25 Apr  
  Richards Anne dau of Philip 25 Apr  
  Pooley Honour dau of Willm 28 Apr  
  Hensley Grace w of Willm 5 May  
  Williams Mary   12 May  
  Lethlean Anne w of Willm 18 May  
  Hensley William   20 May  
  Hill Anne dau of Jacob 20 May  
  Symons Richard   24 May  
  Vivian John   25 May  
  Pearce John son of Thomas 26 May  
  Percival Mrs.Grace   29 May  
  Pearce Anne dau of Thomas 2 June  
  Verrant Francis   17 June  
  Lethlean William   18 June  
  Tabb Grace   28 June  
  Cundy Philip son of John 4 July  
  Prideaux Thomas son of Jane - widow 4 July  
  Lean Stephen   10 July  
  Rule John   1 Aug  
  Warren Dorothy widow 19 Aug  
  Denis Joanna w of Francis 24 Aug  
  Champion William   3 Sept  
  Roberts Noel son of Noel Jnr 18 Sept  
Page 338 Hocking John   19 Sept  
  Eva Jane widow of Richard 4 Oct  
  Thomas Jane dau of Charles 6 Oct  
  Nettle Dorcas widow 7 Oct  
  Stephens Elisabeth dau of Thos 3 Nov  
  Temby Peter son of John 4 Nov  
  Richards Elisabeth dau of Philip 7 Nov  
  Bennatts Francis son of Gilbert & Anne 10 Nov  
  John Mrs.Anne widow 12 Nov  
  Briant Daniel   23 Nov  
  Bennatts Elisabeth dau of Gilbert 27 Nov  
  Carter Anne w of Willm 30 Nov  
  Teague Grace widow 22 Dec  
  James Jane widow 27 Dec  
1764 Bennatts Jethro   2 Jan  
  Vivian John son of John & Eliz 6 Jan  
  Eva Francis   17 Jan  
  Carter Mary   18 Jan  
  Roberts William son of James 20 Jan  
  Dunkin James   26 Jan  
  Battrall Anne dau of John 2 Feb  
  Bennatts Francis son of Richard 9 Feb  
  Bennatts Honour widow 11 Feb  
  Williams Alce dau of Thos 16 Feb  
  Rogers Henry son of William of Illogan 27 Feb  
  Rablin Elisabeth dau of James Sanders 9 Mar  
  Bellman John   18 Mar  
  Vivian Eleanor widow 8 Apr  
  Williams Dorothy dau of Thomas 19 May  
  Lemon William   24 May  
  Vine Edward   24 May  
  Littlejohn Charles son of James 28 May  
  Eachim Alce widow 29 May  
  Rablin Elisabeth w of James Sanders 30 May  
  Bennatts Elisabeth w of William 1 June  
  Williams Francis w of Thos 2 June  
  Kirby William   7 June  
  Pearce Anne widow 20 June  
Page 339 Rablin James son of James Sanders 21 June  
  Faulls Mary dau of Giles 27 June  
  Verrant Richard son of William 8 July  
  Osborne Mary w of Matthew Jnr 29 July  
  Alford Joseph   12 Aug  
  Dunstone Barbara w of Henry 18 Aug  
  Bryant John son of Johnson 23 Sept  
  Bray Johnson   27 Oct  
  Bartle Jilbert son of Henry 3 Nov  
  Swaine Benjamin son of Samson 17 Nov  
  Faulls Elisabeth dau of Giles 17 Nov  
  Tyack Joseph   23 Nov  
  Semmons Philippa widow 24 Oct  
  Maynards John son of John 27 Nov  
  Richards Samuel son of Henry 29 Nov  
  Dunstone Grace dau of Henry 22 Dec  
  Reed Mary w of Joel 22 Dec  
1765 Warren Kate widow 9 Jan  
  Cook Florence widow 28 Jan  
  Hocking William son of James 1 Feb  
  Vivian Mr.John   15 Feb  
  Carpenter Honour dau of Henry 15 Feb  
  Carter Wilmot dau of Willm 17 Feb  
  Beckalegg William son of Charles 25 Feb  
  Tyack Thomas son of Willm Jnr 24 Feb  
  Rule John son of Henry 26 Mar  
  Williams Richard   29 Mar  
  Hocking Simon   3 Apr  
  Edwards Mary dau of Thomas 7 Apr  
  Sowden Thomas   18 Apr  
  Hotton Anne w of John 6 May  
  Carter Wilmot widow 9 May  
  Rule Dorothy w of Stephen 1 June  
  Prideaux Stephen   3 June  
  Quintral Richard   6 June  
  Magor John   7 June  
  Ivey John   2 July  
  Maddern William   18 July  
Page 340 Hocking Jenefer   21 July  
  Lisle Richard   25 July  
  Ellis Jone w of William 25 July  
  Trevailer Elizabeth widow 17 Aug  
  Williams Alce w of Stephen 25 Aug  
  Bennatts Elizabeth w of George 30 Aug  
  Temby Richard   18 Sept  
  Bullock Thomas   10 Oct  
  Morshead Jane dau of Philip 13 Oct  
  Edwards Mary w of Thomas 14 Oct  
  Newton Katherine w of Benjamin 18 Oct  
  Bennatts Grace w of James 25 Nov  
  Bennatts Elisabeth dau of the said James 28 Nov  
  Trevarthen Joseph & Mary twin children of Thos 1 Dec  
  Quintral Grace w of James 21 Dec  
  Stephens Elisabeth widow 24 Dec  
  Arthur Sarah w of William 30 Dec