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BURIALS 1742 - 1745


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 245 Bennats George   1 Apr  
  Bawden Henry   1 Apr  
  Perkin Philippa dau of John 5 Apr  
  Stephens William   9 Apr  
  Hockin James son of Mary of Crowan 10 Apr  
  Cowling Catherine wid. 16 Apr  
  Lethlean Mary   16 Apr  
  Glasson Margery wid. 19 Apr  
  Ley James Jnr.   26 Apr  
  Treweek Charles   19 May  
  Love Jane w of Luke 20 May  
  Roberts Thomas   23 May  
  Prideaux Francis   1 June  
  Bennats Jane dau of Thos. 20 June  
  Saunders Mary w of Robert 21 June  
  Hockin Susanna dau of Samuel 27 June  
  Temby John   30 June  
  Bennats Grace wid. 12 July  
  Bennats Richard son of Gilbert & Jane 21 July  
  Sampson Elisabeth w of John 31 July  
  Rule Jane dau of John & Mary 31 July  
  [blank] Jeptha a base child [whose reputed father was John Teage of St. Agnes] 3 Aug  
  Jeffery Mark   13 Aug  
  Ambrose James son of Charles 1 Sept  
  Rowe Kezias   5 Sept  
  Glanvile Susanna w of Johnson 5 Sept  
  Rowe Philip [Phillip] son of Phillip 7 Sept  
  Briant John   28 Sept  
  Bennats Christopher   1 Oct  
  Bawden Elisabeth   2 Oct  
  Hockin Prudence w of John 27 Oct  
  Glanvile John   28 Oct  
  Carter John son of Summer 5 Dec  
  Tellam Matthew son of William of Illogan 24 Dec  
  Harry Anthony   4 Jan  
  Jane Elisabeth wid. 6 Jan  
  Quintrel John   7 Jan  
  Tyack [1] [Teague] Henry son of William 30 Jan [1] "Tyack" written over an erasure.
Page 246 Harris Joseph   14 Feb  
  Teage Alexander   15 Mar  
  Paul Anne wid. 18 Mar  
  Carter James son of John 18 Mar  
  Bennats Mary dau of Willm. & Grace 24 Mar  
1743 Roberts Joseph   25 Mar  
  Tellam Anne dau of William of Illogan 3 Apr  
  Acham Gilbert   4 Apr  
  Hockin [Hocking] Elisabeth dau of Nicholas Jnr. 14 Apr  
  Hockin [Hocking] Mary dau of Nicholas Jnr. 17 Apr  
  Rickart Thomas   17 Apr  
  Rickart Margaret wid. of Thomas 23 Apr  
  Rickart John   25 Apr  
  Blake Elisabeth wid. 28 Apr  
  Skewis John   2 May  
  Wolf Robin   5 May  
  Jeffery Elisabeth wid. 6 May  
  Cornelius Francis son of Martin 8 May  
  Sampson Thomas son of John 12 May  
  Frenchis William son of William 26 May  
  Richards Thomas   29 May  
  Tallack Margaret wid. 5 June  
  Temby John   8 June  
  Skewis Remfrey son of Remfrey 8 June  
  Warren George   20 June  
  Briant Johnson   25 June  
  Rogers Edward   30 June  
  Robins Anne dau of William 3 July  
  Olive Joan   5 July  
  Warren William   9 July  
  Bawden Laurence   2 Sept  
  Bennats Elisabeth wid. 3 Sept  
  Rowe Elisabeth dau of George 8 Sept  
  Ambrose Jane dau of Daniel 13 Sept  
  Prideaux [blank] dau of Stephen 20 Sept  
  Cowling Martha dau of Henry 26 Sept  
  Davy Anne dau of Thomas of Illogan 23 Sept  
  Eva Henry   8 Nov  
  Tellam John son of Richd. [1] 12 Nov [1] "Richd." written over an erasure.
Page 247 Cowling Dorothy   29 Nov  
  Gribble William son of Benjamin 7 Dec  
  Hockin [Hocking] Matthew   9 Jan  
  Pentire Thomas son of James 14 Feb  
  Bennats Eleanor w of Richard 15 Feb  
  Harris Blanch dau of Francis 18 Feb  
  Newton Jane dau of Benjamin & Jane 21 Feb  
  Bennats Henry   1 Mar  
  Hocking Samuel son of George 16 Mar  
  Mitchell Eleanor w of James 18 Mar  
  Belman [Bellman] Arthur son of John 20 Mar  
  Trithall Jennifer w of John 24 Mar  
1744 Vivian Robin   6 Apr  
  Cook Samuel son of George 7 Apr  
  Hunt Elisabeth wid 9 Apr  
  Richards John   27 Apr  
  Chapple Elisabeth w of Charles 7 May  
  Trevailer Avice wid. 9 May  
  Wollens John son of John 22 May  
  Rowe Jane dau of David 28 May  
  Prideaux Margery   3 June  
  Hoskin Anne dau of George 13 June  
  Trevailer Edward   15 June  
  Roberts Thomas   19 June  
  Bennats John son of George 22 June  
  Briant [Bryant] Richard son of Daniel 26 June  
  Rowe Samuel son of George 27 June  
  Briant Jane dau of Francis 1 July  
  Giles Jane   8 July  
  Chapple John   14 July  
  Tyack Thomas son of Willm. 27 July  
  Eva Mary dau of Francis 21 Aug  
  Hays William   9 Sept  
  Jeffery Mary w of John 22 Oct  
  Ambrose Daniel son of Daniel 26 Oct  
  Chapple Mary wid. 21 Nov  
  Trevithick Francis son of John of Illogan 9 Dec  
  Ambrose Charles   12 Dec  
  Magar William   22 Jan  
Page 248 Magar Rebecca dau of John 9 Feb  
  Skewis Henry   21 Feb  
  Glasson Julian wid. 6 Mar  
  Williams John   6 Mar  
  Glanvile Elisabeth dau of Benjamin 16 Mar  
1745 Howes Susanna w of John 25 Mar  
  Hensley Michael   25 Mar  
  Bryant John   29 Mar  
  Briant Mary wid. of John 5 Apr  
  Cooke John son of George Jnr. 11 Apr  
  Rule Elisabeth w of Stephen 15 Apr  
  Jack Anne dau of Peter 15 Apr  
  Lethlean [1]   17 Apr [1] Part of Christian name cut away.
  Prideaux George   26 Apr  
  Bourn John   26 Apr  
  Glanvile John son of Johnson 20 May  
  Tredinick Hannibal son of William 23 May  
  Harris Mary wid. 25 May  
  Osborn Anne dau of Matthew 26 May  
  Dunkin John   28 May  
  Franches William son of William 28 May  
  Temby Richard   7 June  
  Carter Francis son of John 24 June  
  Trevarthen[2] Mary w of Thomas [3] 1 July [2] "Trevarten" altered to "Trevarthen" [3] "2" altered to "1".
  Stephens Joan   20 July  
  Mitchell Grace   21 July  
  Woon Mary w of Stephen 31 July  
  Bawden Mary wid. 22 Aug  
  Vivian Sarah wid. 30 Aug  
  Swine Abraham   2 Sept  
  Geach Mary w of Titus 26 Sept  
  Gribble Jane wid. 23 Nov  
  Lemon Mary dau of Willm. 30 Nov  
  Boaz Robert   11 Dec  
  Geach Thomas son of Titus 24 Dec  
  Williams Elisabeth w of Richard 20 Jan  
  Wakeford James   21 Jan  
Page 249 Hocking Jane w of George 29 Jan  
  Chaple Honour dau of Charles 3 Mar  
  Carter Somer   13 Mar