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BURIALS 1737 - 1741


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 241          
1737 Rogers Mary   25 Mar  
  Rowe James   30 Mar  
  Pentier James   31 Mar  
  Hosking [Hockin] William   16 May  
  Harris Thomas son of Thomas 19 May  
  Eva Stephen son of Joshua 21 May  
  Tredinneck [Tredinnick] Gules dau of John 31 May  
  Tabb Richard   24 June  
  Lemmon [Lemon] John son of Wm. 27 June  
  Cocken Elizabeth dau of Alexander 28 June  
  Lemmon [Lemon] George son of George 8 July  
  Belman [Bellman] Elenor dau John 15 July  
  Tellam Richard   8 Aug  
  Hoten [Hoyton] Christian dau of Robert 4 Sept  
  Rule Mary dau of James 4 Sept  
  John Ann [Anne] dau of George, in the Church 5 Sept  
  Rule James son of James 11 Sept  
  Snell Christian dau of Thomas 20 Sept  
  Jeffery Francis   22 Sept  
  Paul William son of Alexander, in the Church 15 Oct  
  Pridex [Prideaux] Edward   5 Nov  
  Webb James   4 Nov  
  Daniel [Daniel] Welmott [Willmott]   11 Nov  
  Bennatts Francis   27 Nov  
  Cook Anne dau of George 29 Nov  
  Islack Grace   3 Dec  
  Eva Jane   30 Dec  
  Chappell [Chaple] William   31 Dec  
  Mitchell Richard   23 Feb  
  [Lethlean Wm.   17 Mar]  
  Richards Henry   22 Mar  
1738 [1]         [1] The signature of John Trevenen, Curate, appears for the years 1738 to 1745.
  Williams Elizabeth wid. 30 Mar  
  Hockin William son of Simon 9 Apr  
  Hawes Mary wid. 11 Apr  
Page 242 Row Margery dau of Philip 11 May  
  Stephens Patience   11 May  
  Richard Anne   10 June  
  Hockin Jane   20 June  
  Rule Johnson son of Stephen [1] 1 July [1] "Stephen" written over an erasure
  Hockin Mirian w of Mr. Thos. [Thomas] 14 Aug  
  Briant Richd. [Richard]   25 Aug  
  Oatfield John [Richard] son of Sarah - wid. 27 Aug  
  Donithorn [Donnithorne] Joseph son of Cyprian 11 Sept  
  Cowling Mary dau of Henry 2 Oct  
  Bennats Jone w of Edward 9 Oct  
  Pearce John son of John 17 Oct  
  Warren Jane wid. 18 Oct  
  Mitchell Mary w of Philip 22 Oct  
  Bellman Thomas son of John 30 Oct  
  Bellman Eleanor w of John 1 Nov  
  Bray John   15 Nov  
  Briant Tabitha dau of John 21 Nov  
  Tellam Philippa dau of Wm. [William] of Illogan 8 Dec  
  Murton Philippa dau of Robert 23 Jan  
  Cornelius William son of Martin 29 Jan  
  Rogers Anne wid. of Mr. William 4 Feb  
  Rule Richard son of John 24 Feb  
  Richards Martha   18 Mar  
1739 Treweek Mary   28 Mar  
  Johns Jone w of Henry 4 May  
  Bennats [2] Christopher   9 May [2] "Bennats" written over an erasure.
  Snell Mary dau of Thos. 12 May  
  Glanvil Jane w of Joseph 1 June  
  Tredinick John   4 June  
  Bennats Jane dau of Christopher & Eliz. [Elizabeth] 6 June  
  Johns Richard son of Richard   1 July
  Teague Alexander   12 July  
  Briant Francis son of Francis 22 July  
  Eva William   6 Aug  
  Snell Philippa dau of Thomas [14] 4 Sept  
  Clear Elizabeth   27 Sept  
Page 243 Hockin Elizabeth wid. of Illogan 5 Oct  
  Glasson Robin   12 Oct  
  Glanvil Benjamin son of Joseph 28 Oct  
  Bennats John son of George 7 Feb  
  Briant Jane dau of William 11 Feb  
  Williams Philippa   20 Feb  
  Roberts Hugh son of Hugh 8 Mar  
1740 [1]         [1] Following "1740 Burials" is written: "NB - It was agreed on Easter Monday by the Twelve Men of this Parish that altho there was nothing Customarily to be paid for Burying by the Parishoners yet all those that are not legally Parishoners are to pay."
  Vivian Johnson   26 Mar  
  Warren George   12 Apr  
  Trevailer John   1 May  
  Dunkin John   [6] 16 May  
  Anger John   13 June  
  Hockin John son of Thomas 13 June  
  Harris Thomas son of Francis 14 June  
  Bennats Eleanor dau of Francis & Jane 14 June  
  Nettle William   19 June  
  Briant John son of William 19 June  
  Lethlean Alce base child of Mary 20 June  
  Carter James son of John 21 June  
  Glanvile Philip   22 June  
  Bennats Richard son of Matthew & Clarinda 23 June  
  Hockin John son of John 27 June  
  Olive Margaret dau of George 27 June  
  Ambrose Daniel son of Charles 27 June  
  Thomas John son of Morrice 27 June  
  Edwards Grace base child of Susanna 28 June  
  Martin Anne dau of Thomas 29 June  
  Ambrose Charles son of Charles 8 July  
  Harry Elisabeth dau of Anthony 10 July  
  Whinnon Margery dau of Henry 12 July  
  Hoskin George base child of Anne 15 July  
  Terril Martha dau of John 26 July  
  Tredinick Hannibal son of William 27 July  
  Rowe Mary wid. 3 Aug  
  Bellman Thomas son of John 3 Aug  
  Bennats Clarinda dau of John & Mary 14 Aug  
  Snell Thomas   23 Aug  
Page 244 Daniel Mr. Thomas   14 Sept  
  Arthur Hannah dau of James 24 Sept  
  Prideaux Margaret   10 Oct  
  Trevarthen Thomas Jnr.   12 Oct  
  Eva Henry son of Henry 20 Nov  
  Glanvile John son of Thomas 6 Dec  
  Johns Grace dau of Richard 29 Dec  
  Johns Joan dau of George & Joan 9 Jan  
  Warren Henry son of William 14 Jan  
  Ingove John   23 Jan  
  Vivian John   31 Jan  
  Warren Elisabeth wid. 3 Feb  
  Vivian Alice w of Robin 6 Mar  
1741 Love Elisabeth w of Luke 25 Mar  
  Cook Anne dau of George Jnr. 25 Mar  
  Tellam Jane dau of William of Illogan 2 Apr  
  Tredrea Jane wid. 9 Apr  
  Paul Jane dau of Charles 28 Apr  
  Trevarthen Mary dau of Willm. 15 May  
  Warren William son of William 30 May  
  Eva Elisabeth w of Francis 18 June  
  Vivian Anne   9 July  
  Vivian Christian wid. 10 July  
  Williams Henry   18 July  
  Lemon William son of Willm. 22 July  
  Tab James   29 July  
  Hockin Mary dau of Richd. 7 Aug  
  Warren Jane dau of George 26 Aug  
  Mitchell Dorcas wid. 22 Sept  
  Warren Grace   1 Nov  
  Tab John   9 Nov  
  Teage Thomas   28 Sept  
  Jack Anne dau of Peter 6 Dec  
  Bray Mary wid. 14 Dec  
  Row John son of Abednego [Benjamin] 17 Dec  
  Dunscomb Elisabeth base child of Elis. [Eliz.] of Illogan 20 Jan  
  Briant William son of John 23 Jan  
  Briant Bridget dau of Daniel of Gwinyar 18 Mar  
  Harris Thomas   23 Mar