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BURIALS 1721 - 1727


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 229          
1721 Wms. Christopher   25 Mar  
  Belman Eleanor w of Arthur 25 Mar  
  Bryant Agnes wid. 19 Apr  
  Rogers Rebekah wid. 10 May  
  MenHenat Gorge   16 May  
  Ambis Danell   14 June  
  Williams Christepher   10 July  
  Rule Jane of Illuggan 17 Aug  
  Hocking James son of Wilam 17 Aug  
  Paule Mary dau of After 23 Aug  
  Jefery John   6 Oct  
Page 230 Wallish Benat [1]   19 Oct [1] "Benat" written over an erasure.
  Basat [2] The Honrabell Fr: Esq., was buried in Illuggan Church, in the forty seventh eare of his age 7 Dec [2] This entry is written on the verso of the last folio, which is otherwise blank.
  Teague Charity   24 Dec  
  Hocking John son of John 2 Jan  
  Eva Joshua son of Joshua 9 Feb  
  Hocking Elizabeath in the Church 15 Feb  
  Hont Henery   16 Feb  
  Paule Degery in the Church 20 Feb  
  Scuis Richard in the Church 20 Feb  
  Scuis Robard   9 Mar  
  Hocking James son of Mathes 19 Mar  
1722 Bellman John   7 Apr  
  Bennats James son of Arthur 27 Apr  
  Nuten [3] [Mutton] John   4 May [3] Altered from "Nutue"
  Perce Dorathy   22 May  
  Hocken James son of John 24 May  
  Bennats Grace wid. 6 June  
  Fine Marey dau of James 11 June  
  Daue Elisabeth dau of Stephen 11 June  
  Dadda Samson   14 July  
  Bartell Rosamond dau of Will [4] 25 July [4] Written over an erasure.
  Tellam Cristopher [4] son of Cristopher 1 Aug [4] Written over an erasure.
  Glason Constance dau of Robard [4] 12 Aug [4] Written over an erasure.
  Belman Marey dau of After 2- Aug  
  Tellam Richard son of Richard 30 Aug  
  Glason Jone dau of Robard 5 Sept  
  Sandars Roberd son of Robard 6 Sept  
  Jexson [Jaxson] Petter   8 Sept  
  Evia Dorathy dau of William 12 Sept  
  Samson John son of John 30 Sept  
  Skewes Jane   29 Oct  
  Perce Ruth dau of Andaru 9 Nov  
  Vivian Hotten son of Roben 2 Dec  
  Stoddan Wm.   9 Dec  
  Chapel Rd. [Richard] son of Jno. 10 Dec  
  Dawe Stephen   31 Dec  
Page 231 Teeg An dau of John 3 Jan  
  Gilles John   13 Jan  
  Trithall Catharin [Trythall] dau of John 13 Jan  
  Samson [blank] [Ruth] dau of Heu 14 Jan  
  Tardree Will. [William]   17 Jan  
  Tellam William son of Richard 25 Jan  
  Herell Mr. William in the Church 19 Feb  
1723 Rull John   3 May  
  Glanfull [1] Jonson [Johnson]   30 June [1] The next entry which reads, "ye dau of John Terell, July 14" has been crossed through.
  Williams Grace base child of Elisabeth 8 Sept  
  Targegan [Tergidgin] Petter   1 Oct  
  Tellam Ricard [Richard] son of Richard 6 Oct  
  Targerten Joan dau of Francis 25 Nov  
  Rule Johnson   4 Dec  
  Skeues Preudans [Prudence]   19 Dec  
  Bryant Honar   22 Dec  
  Herell Mrs. Tamsen [Tamson]   2 Jan  
  Paull James son of Alexsander 4 Jan  
  Paull Elisabeth   23 Jan  
  Paull Mary w of Richard 23 Jan  
  Edmonds Catran [Catherine] wid. 14 Feb  
1724 Michall Trestram   1 Apr  
  Tyack William son of William 10 May  
  Werren Marey dau of William 30 May  
  Bennats Doratha   2 July  
  Richards Jane dau of Phillip 24 July  
  Bennets Samuel   5 Sept  
  Rowe Barbara dau of Richd. 23 Sept  
  Rule Catherine wid. 14 Oct  
  Mitchell Jame   22 Oct  
  Mitchell Richd. Senr.   7 Nov  
  Hocking Edmund   5 Dec  
  Edwards Thomas son of Thomas 12 Dec  
  Trevarthen Timothy   14 Dec  
  Hocken John   22 Dec  
  Thom Jone wid. 29 Dec  
  Cosens Richard   13 Feb  
Page 232          
1725 Watters [Waters] William   25 Mar  
  Tellam John   17 Apr  
  Semens [Simons] Elisabeth wid. 25 May  
  Jefery Tamson base child of Charity 14 June  
  Stephens Ann wid, in the one hundred & third year of her age 21 July  
  Bayly Chesten wid. 3 Aug  
  Bennats Frances   20 Aug  
  Bennats Henry   9 Sept  
  Hosken Elisabeth w of Gorg. 3 Oct  
  Tregerthen Ann w of Frances 9 Nov  
  Vivian Ann dau of Francis 25 Nov  
  Bray Charles   12 Dec  
  Bennats Josieph [Joseph] son of Cristophar 2 Jan  
  Sampson John   4 Feb  
  Quck Richar [Richard] son of Thomas [4] 7 Feb  
  Angove Mary   12 Feb  
  Glanvill Bengiman [Beniman]   22 Feb  
  Bryant Jane   6 Mar  
  Hancock Richard son of Stephen 6 Mar  
  Teag Richard & Admonition twains son & dau of Thomas 9 Mar  
  Quentrall Richard son of Richard 10 Mar  
  Tarfailer [Trevailer] Margret wid. 23 Mar  
  Samson [1] [Sampson] Heuie [Hugh]   [24] [blank] Mar [1] This entry is written in the left-hand margin.
1726 Angove William Sexen 4 Apr  
  Eva Elisebath wid. 11 Apr  
  Belman William son of John 11 Apr  
  Harris Thomas son of Thomas 30 Apr  
  Bennats Jane   9 May  
  Hancock Cathrin dau of John 3 June  
  Hocking Sidwell dau of Joseph 5 June  
  Boden Lovdy wid. 26 June  
  Sandrey Blanch   5 Aug  
  Davey John son of Thomas 22 Aug  
  Hocking Benadick   30 Aug  
  Bennats Richard son of Richard 3 Oct  
  Bennats Jane dau of Arter 4 Oct  
  Vivian Robart   1 Nov  
  Sandars [2] [Sanders] Thomas son of William 21 Nov [2] This entry is written over an erasure.
Page 233 Stevens [1] [Stephens] Marree [Mary]   17 Jan [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Souden [1] Eisabeth [Elizabeth] dau of John 1 Feb [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Bowcher [1] [Boucher] William in the Church 21 Feb [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Hocking [1] Ann in the Church 21 Feb [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Rubeary [Ruby] Elizabeth   12 Mar  
  Pendarves The Honourable Sr. William in the Church - aged 37 [2] 21 Mar [2] "Aged 37 years" written in another hand.
1727 Quick Thomas   27 Mar  
  Lea John son of James, in the Church 21 June  
  Bennats [Bennets] Margre [Margery] dau of John 6 July  
  Bray John son of John 30 Aug  
  Glasand Charles   29 Sept  
  Lethlean Barnard [Bernard] son of William 29 Sept  
  Bouchear [Boucher] Grace wid, in the Church 4 Oct  
  Timby John son of John 26 Oct  
  Nettel [Nettle] Mare [Mary] dau of Cristopher [Christopher] 9 Nov  
  Watte [Warry] Bengaman [Beniamin] in the Church 4 Dec  
  Pockinhorne [Pokinghorn] Ralph son of Rallph [Ralph] 5 Dec  
  Houmfre [Humphry] John in the Church 8 Jan  
  Donking [Dunken] Elizabeth   18 Jan  
  Belle [Baily] Mare [Mary] wid. 27 Jan  
  Cartar [Carter] Thomas son of Somars [Summers] 4 Feb  
  Bennats Jane wid. 13 Feb  
  Angove Elisabeth [Elizabeth]   15 Mar