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BURIALS 1713 - 1720


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


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1713 Paule [Paull] Anndrew son of James of Crowan, in the Church 5 Apr  
  Hocking Agotha [Agatha] dau of Fr. 4 May  
  Hocking Honour w of Hauten, Clark of the Parish 7 May  
  Williams Samwell son of Samwell, in the Church 7 May  
  Crase Sarath dau of Anndrew 8 May  
  Benats Grace dau of Fr. 8 May  
  Knight Richard son of Gabrell, in the Church 29 May  
  Williames Grace in the Church 13 June  
  Bellmar Foster w of After 4 July  
  Scuis Sedwell   11 July  
Page 226 Williames [1] Elizabeath   1 Sept [1]A previous entry at the top of the page has been erased.
  Williames John   3 Sept  
  Vivian Roger   26 Oct  
  Trevarthen Awdery [Awdroy]   2 Nov  
  Prust Elener in the Church 3 Nov  
  Davey Darcus dau of John, in the Church 8 Nov  
  Benats Henery   12 Nov  
  Paskow Daved of Illoggan 18 Dec  
  Bray After [Arthur] gent, in the Church 6 Jan  
  Glanfull Gulian [Julian]   16 Jan  
  Ealis [Ellis] Ann in the Church 22 Jan  
  Williames [Williams] Mary   15 Feb  
  Bryant John   22 Feb  
  Gorge Tamson [Thomson]   2 Mar  
1714 Bailey William   9 Apr  
  Cornseue Jane of Crowan 1 May  
  Treweeke Sentnobyea   13 May  
  Teague Alixander   13 May  
  Newton Benjamon [Benimin] son of Benimin, in the Church 31 May  
  Bryant John   1 June  
  Trevarthen Elenyer in the Church 3 Aug  
  Vinsent Richard   9 Sept  
  Craze Jane dau of Andrew 26 Sept  
  Roswarne John gent. 17 Oct  
  Hocking Theadosia   18 Oct  
  Hocking Stephen son of Fr., Clark of the Parish 4 Nov  
  Londer [Lander] Jane of Helstone 30 Dec  
  Bryant Joan   12 Mar  
1715 Glasond Barbar   10 Apr  
  Paule Elizabeath   19 May  
  Edwards Elenyer of Illugan 25 July  
  Baden Richard   6 Aug  
  Grebell Elizabeath   28 Nov  
  Tellam John   31 Nov  
  Jaxson Jone   3 Dec  
  Hosking [Hocking] Dorithy   3 Dec  
  Hockin [Hocking] Thomas   9 Dec  
Page 227 Cornseue John   4 Jan  
  Paule Elizabeath   4 Jan  
  Jefery Paccanse [Pacance]   5 Jan  
  Sampson Stephen   5 Jan  
  Glanfull Rebekea   7 Jan  
  Benats Margarey   12 Jan  
  Tredenick [1] Reynald   10 Feb [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Trevithick [1]     10 Feb [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Scuis William   13 Feb  
  Jaxson Florance [2] [Mary]   16 Feb [2] "Florance" is written over an erasure.
  Paule Constance in the Church 19 Feb  
  Bennets John   6 Mar  
  Vivian Jane   19 Mar  
  Bray Mary   26 Mar  
1716 Vivian Francis   10 Apr  
  Trevarthen Audrey   9 May  
  Paule Richar [Richd] in the Church 13 June  
  Rowe [Row] Margarey [Margrey]   20 June  
  Benats [Bennatts] Christepher   24 June  
  Williams Christion dau of Christepher 18 July  
  Wolfe [3] Robard [Robart]   5 Aug [3] [3] Written partly over an erasure.
  Jefery Richard   17 Aug  
  Paule [Paul] James son of Alixander, in the Church 20 Aug  
  Benats [Bennatts] Elenyer [Elener] dau of Edward [25] 26 Aug  
  Rabards [Robarts] Seuzana [Seusanna]   2 Oct  
  Trevarthen Richard   12 Dec  
  Williams Christopher son of Christopher 19 Dec  
  Trevailer Robert   [24] 19 Dec  
  Edwards Rebeaka [Rebeka]   25 Dec  
  Batrell [Battrell] Margaryet [Margrett]   14 Feb  
  Danna [Dana] Margarey [Margery]   9 Mar  
1717 Gilbert John in the Church, being in ye fourcore and eighteenth year of his age 20 Apr  
  Glasond Jane   24 Oct  
  Cooke Hinery   6 Dec  
  Richards Elizabeth   6 Dec  
  Hockin Francis in the Church 22 Dec  
Page 228 Glasond Mary   12 Jan  
  Scuis Robard in the Church 20 Jan  
  Hockin Edward in the Church 22 Jan  
  Paynter Jone   23 Jan  
1718 Lethleane Margaryet   7 Apr  
  Wering John   22 Apr  
  Painter James   31 Aug  
  Nettell James by the Parish 3 Sept  
  Trevailer Frances   11 Sept  
  Walish Eley   12 Oct  
  Tabb Rebkea in the Church 13 Oct  
  Benats Joseph   23 Oct  
  Benats James son of Tho. 2 Nov  
  Paule Richard in the Church 14 Dec  
  Angove Kathren   11 Feb  
  Rule Pter by the Parish 14 Feb  
  Tresare Mistris in the Church 16 Feb  
  Rule Elizabeath dau of Pter, by the Parish 17 Feb  
  Thomas Hanath   18 Feb  
  Jaxson Elizabeath   2 Mar  
  Giles Pter son of William 8 Mar  
  Jaxson William in the Church 15 Mar  
1719 Rule Olever   18 Apr  
  Teague Richard   18 Apr  
  Williams Margarey   22 Apr  
  Lemon Mary   29 Apr  
  Tresare Mistris Ann in the Church 8 May  
  Stephens Tho.   8 May  
  Jaxson Jane   12 May  
  Verant Margarey   30 June  
  Tom James   9 July  
  Annger Jane in the Church 16 July  
  Reechards William in the Church 23 July  
  Bryant Mathew by the Parish Cost 3 Sept  
  Richards Ann   12 Sept  
  Roue Margarey   13 Nov  
  Simons Ricd. [Richard]   15 Jan  
  Chapel Ursula   1 Feb  
Page 229 Tellam Elizabeth Rich Tellams Child [1] 2 Feb [1] 'Rich Tellams child" written in another hand.
  Bennets Wm. [William] son of Christopher 13 Feb  
  Cook John son of Geo. 7 Mar  
  Davey Dorcas in the Church 9 Mar  
  Hocken [Hocking] Charles   10 Mar  
  Hockin [Hocking] Agotha dau of Fr. 15 Mar  
  Thomas Margaryet   20 Mar  
  Tellam Francis   24 Mar  
1720 Tellam Richard son of Richard 14 Apr  
  Predox Honour dau of John 17 Apr  
  Prediex Francis son of Francis 9 May  
  Daue Fr. son of Stephen 29 May  
  Hocking James in the Church 10 June  
  Bryant Ann   11 June  
  Franchis Honour   8 July  
  AnnGove John Sexton of the Parish 14 July  
  Boden William   25 July  
  Benats Henery   18 Sept  
  Stoden Honour   18 Oct  
  Scuis John son of Henery 19 Oct  
  Benats Elener   7 Nov  
  Giles John son of William, by the Parish 19 Dec  
  Prust William son of William 20 Jan  
  Teague Jennifer   21 Jan  
  Bryant Jone by the Parish 14 Feb  
  Whenann John   13 Mar