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BURIALS 1666 - 1673


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


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1666 Thomas Tamson wid. 15 Apr  
  Bray Mrs.Elizabeth   28 July  
  Eva [blank] dau of Laurence 8 Sept  
  Williams Allexander son of John 11 Sept  
  Warren Elizabeth wid. 22 Sept  
  Bennett Katheryn w of Henry 27 Sept  
  Bray Jane   7 Oct  
  Hooper Henry   15 Oct  
  Hockin Richard son of Vincent 15 Oct  
  Jeffree Elinor wid. 25 Oct  
  Pender Margery w of Thomas 17 Nov  
  Scues Thomas son of William 21 Dec  
  Verante John   5 Jan  
  Wade Nicholas   17 Jan  
  Hockin Elizabeth wid. 18 Jan  
  Bray Nicholas   19 Jan  
  Hearle John son of John - gent 10 Feb  
1667 Paule Frances w of Richard 16 Apr  
  Tipatt Peter son of Phillip 20 Apr  
  Achem Gilberte son of Laurence 25 July  
  Vincent Edward   1 Aug  
  Williams Ann w of Silvestr. 17 Aug  
  Williams Charles son of Richard 16 Nov  
  Cocke Alce wid. Dec  
  Bray Jonson   Dec  
Page 124 Paynter Alce dau of Edward Dec  
  Eva Jacob son of Laurence 10 Jan  
  Watty Joseph son of John 15 Jan  
  Lemon Elizabeth w of George 16 Feb  
  Blakey Ude   29 Feb  
1668 [1]         [1] The Register and the Bishop's Transcripts are extant for these years.
  [Giles John   26 Mar]  
  [Richards Joane dau of Edward 31 Mar]  
  [Oliver Elizabeth wid. 25 Apr]  
  [Eles Julian w of William 5 May]  
  [Buswathacke John   8 May]  
  [Bayly Steven   21 May]  
  [Rodgers Elizabeth wid. 30 May]  
  [Bryant Jethro son of Allex. 12 July]  
  [Trery William   7 July]  
  [Ede Elizabeth wid. 9 Aug]  
  [Jeffree Ezechiell   28 Aug]  
  [Edwards Anthony   15 Sept]  
  [Verante William son of John 10 Oct]  
  [Warren Martin son of George 6 Dec]  
  [Richard Grace wid. 15 Jan]  
  [Tearell Dorithy dau of George 16 Jan]  
  [Rowe Jane wid. 4 Mar]  
  [Vivian Elinor wid. 12 Mar]  
  [Williams Cressen wid. 18 Mar]  
1669 Hockin Margerett wid. 17 May  
  Luke Jane dau of Georg. 20 June  
  Bennett John son of Henry 28 Aug  
  Davy alias Geare Katheryn w of William 30 Aug  
  Bryant Mary dau of Allex. Jnr 13 Sept  
  Newton Prudence dau of Steven 19 Sept  
  Gilberte Elizabeth wid. 13 Oct  
  Cock Nell dau of Richard 20 Nov  
  Nickles John son of Nicholas 9 Dec  
  Harry Mary wid. 11 Dec  
  Pedven Cressen w of John 17 Dec  
Page 125 Saundry John   26 Dec  
  Mill James son of James 7 Jan  
  Thurliby Jane wid. 20 Jan  
  Wade John son of Sampson 20 Jan  
  Sandry Jane wid. 3 Feb  
  Pryer Tamson wid. 5 Mar  
  Trery Prudence dau of Arthur 10 Mar  
  Eva Ann wid. 24 Mar  
1670 [1]         [1] The Register and the Bishop's Transcripts are extant for these years.
  [Prudex Margery wid. 15 Apr]  
  [Beard Jane w of John 18 Apr]  
  [Newton Steven son of Steven 27 Apr]  
  [Waters Oliver son of Sampson 16 May]  
  [Bray Mrs. Margerett wid. 29 May]  
  [Paule William son of Rich. 28 June]  
  [Rosewarne Jacob son of John - gent 30 Sept]  
  [Polkinghorne John   6 Jan]  
  [Vivian Mary w of Francis 24 Jan]  
  [Glasson John son of Elinor - wid. 2 Mar]  
  [Job [blank] son of John 5 Mar]  
  [Williams Jane dau of Richard Jnr 13Mar]  
1671 Jackson John   7 Apr  
  Stevens Samuell   15 Apr  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of Mr. John 19 Apr  
  Bryant Jonson   11 May  
  Tonkin George   14 May  
  Arundell John - gent   5 June  
  James Florence w of Erasmus 5 June  
  John Jackett dau of William 5 June  
  Verante Katheryn dau of John 10 June  
  James Alce dau of Erasmus 3 July  
  Tregeare [blank] son of Thomas 20 July  
  Burt Hagar dau of Jane 11 Aug Illegitimate
  Rowe Joshuan w of John 24 Aug  
  Meane Tamson w of Peter 25 Sept  
  Vivian Elinor dau of William 25 Sept  
Page 126 Verant Mary wid. 5 Oct  
  Jackson Florence wid. 13 Nov  
  Thomas Richard   30 Nov  
  Williams Henry son of Charles 2 Dec  
  Rule [blank] dau of Jonson 29 Dec  
  Williams Mary w of John 27 Jan  
  Lethlean John son of Bernard 6 Feb  
  Williams Cullan   16 Feb  
  Snell [blank] son of William 2 Mar  
  Trery Richard son of William 6 Mar  
1672 Williams Katheryn dau of John 31 Mar  
  Elis Amy w of James 12 Apr  
  Saundry [blank] son of Charles 28 June  
  Verante Alce dau of Arthur 8 Sept  
  Bennett Elizabeth w of Christ. 13 Sept  
  Warren Cordelia dau of George 20 Sept  
  Luke John son of George 20 Sept  
  Eles Richard   20 Dec  
  Nickles Tamson dau of Nicholas 25 Dec  
  Bryant Allex. Snr   28 Dec  
  Avere Michell   10 Jan  
  Bryant Katheryn dau of John 12 Jan  
  Hockin Bennet son of George 15 Jan  
  Trothen Susana w of Charles 22 Jan  
  Avere Rebecka wid. 30 Jan  
  Jeffree Ursula w of John 7 Mar  
1673 [1]         [1] The Register and Bishop's Transcripts are extant for these years.
  [Rule Jane wid. 15 Apr]  
  [Treweeke George - gent   23 May]  
  [Eva Elizabeth dau of Thomas 25 May]  
  [Glanfell Mary dau of Jonson 31 May]  
  [Lemon Amy dau of George 16 July]  
  [Eles William   14 Aug]  
  [Avere Dorithy w of Bennett 2 - Aug]  
  [Turpin Mary w of Charles 3 Sept]  
  [Hearle Cressen wid. 28 Oct]  
Page 127 [Belman Mary dau of John 8 Feb]  
  [Williams John of Trewoone   11 Feb]  
  [Rodgers Henry son of Henry 15 Mar]  
  [John George son of William 22 Mar]  
  [Michell John son of Ric. 24 Mar]