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BURIALS 1656 - 1665


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 119          
1656 Andrew Henry son of William 28 Apr  
  Eva John son of John [2] of Killivose 4 May [2] Gent crossed through.
  Roswarne Mrs. Joane   6 May  
  Richard Henry son of Henry 30 May  
  Humphrys Ann dau of Richard 12 June  
  Humphrys Mary wid. 29 June  
  Treweeke Robarte son of John 7 July  
  Michell Manaka   12 Aug  
  Martin Mary wid. 15 Oct  
  Paynter Mellior wid. 29 Nov  
  Phillip alias Hockin Vincent   3 Dec  
  Williams Phillip w of Richard 21 Jan  
  Geare James   20 Jan  
  Eastlake [blank] dau of John 23 Jan  
  Coale John son of Henry 10 Mar  
  Thomas Oliver son of John 11 Mar  
  Vivian Rodger   14 Mar  
Page 120          
1657 Bryant Phillip son of Walter 22 Apr  
  Blewett Trestram   4 July  
  Rule James Snr   24 Nov  
  Hockin Chessen   1 Feb  
  Rowe Thomas   3 Feb  
  Williams Jane w of Allexander 19 Feb  
  Bryant Katheryn dau of Allexander 13 Mar  
  Bray John   22 Mar  
1658 Eva Elizabeth wid. 26 Apr  
  Paule George son of Richard 2 May  
  Thomas James   14 May  
  Reyle Thomas son of John 28 May  
  Humphrys [blank] son of Richard 26 June  
  Treweeke Margery dau of John 26 June  
  Nance Mr.John Senr.   14 Aug  
  Frenches George son of Thomas 19 Aug  
  Eastlake John son of John 9 Sept  
  Humphry Margerett dau of Oliver 24 Sept  
  Glasson [blank] of John 27 Sept  
  Cooke Paskes wid. 30 Sept  
  Coade Gilbert son of Gilbert - gent 14 Oct  
  Symons [blank] of John 4 Dec  
  Glanfell Oliver   12 Jan  
  Hockin John   26 Jan  
  Hodge George   19 Feb  
  Hockin Frances   19 Feb  
  Tolmener Katheryn   19 Feb  
  Bryant Abigall dau of John 19 Feb  
  Geare Elizabeth wid. 24 Feb  
  Edwards alias Rose John   19 Mar  
1659 Hockin Alce wid. 27 Mar  
  Michell Dorithy w of Richard 29 Mar  
  Williams alias West Margerett w of William 19 Apr  
  Bray William - gent   8 May  
  Williams alias Tolkarne Joane wid. 8 May  
  Paule John   13 May  
Page 121 Bryant Laurence   9 June  
  Trevessa Thomas   25 June  
  Stone Katheryn   2 - June  
  Job John   15 July  
  Williams Christopher   4 Aug  
  Jeffree John   21 Aug  
  Rule James son of James 11 Sept  
  Thomas Jane wid. 30 Sept  
  Perry Margery dau of John 2 Oct  
  Watty Nowell   12 Dec  
  Glasson Elizabeth wid. 4 Mar  
1660 Thomas Grace w of Rich. Mar  
  Wade Rebecca w of James 27 Apr  
  Phillips Elinor wid. 23 May  
  Glasson Margery dau of John 25 May  
  Glasson Cressen wid. 20 Aug  
  Pelleaw Nell wid. 25 Aug  
  Vivian Henry   2 Nov  
  Verante Elizabeth wid. 10 Nov  
  Robarte George son of Will. 12 Nov  
  Williams Katheryn dau of Charles 22 Nov  
  Glanfell Jane w of Rodger 27 Dec  
  Glanfell [blank] son of Rodger 3 Jan  
  Sampson Penelope w of Rich. 15 Jan  
  Farmer Michell   11 Feb  
1661 Frenches Thomas   1 May  
  William Alce dau of Steven 22 May  
  Paule Jane wid. 16 Nov  
  Verante Joane dau of John Jnr. 18 Feb  
  Williams Allex.   7 Mar  
  Oliver Frances dau of Oliver 23 Mar  
1662 Williams Steven   4 May  
  Call Laurence - gent   24 June  
  Vincentt Richard   10 Aug  
  Newton Ann wid. 31 Aug  
Page 122 Rule Mary dau of Rich. 2 Nov  
  Sandry Prudence wid. 24 Nov  
  Richard Frances dau of Gilberte 2 Jan  
  Nickles Mary dau of Nicholas 13 Jan  
  Tonkin Jane w of George 18 Jan  
  Pryer John   23 Jan  
  Edmonds Katheryn dau of Mathew 14 Mar  
1663 [1]         [1] The Register and the Bishop's Transcripts are extant for these years.
  Jackson Peter   26 Apr  
  Richard Edward   29 [Apr]  
  Beally Margerett w of [Steven] 15 [May]  
  [Watty John   12 May]  
  [Carnesew Sidwell s of William 19 June]  
  [Luke John   21 June]  
  [Wade James   19 Oct]  
  [Oliver John   28 Nov]  
  Harry Georg.   31 Dec]  
  [Badge Mary w of Richard 24 Jan]  
  [Edmonds Ann w of Mathew 14 Feb]  
  [Sanders [blank] dau of John 26 Feb]  
  [Trery Frances dau of Arthur 28 Feb]  
  [Sanders [blank] dau of John 8 Mar]  
  [Trery Joseph son of Arthur 20 Mar]  
1664 [1]         [1] The Register and the Bishop's Transcripts are extant for these years.
  [Rule Frances dau of Johnson 28 Mar]  
  [Verante William son of Henry 7 Apr]  
  [Edmonds Elizabeth dau of Mathew 27 May]  
  [Rowe Cordelia dau of John - gent 3 June]  
  [Hodge Dorithy wid. 12 June]  
  [Daniell Thomas   3 Oct]  
  [Rowe Mr.John parson of Camborne 19 Oct]  
  [Eva John son of John 6 Nov]  
  [Rowe Mrs. Ann   10 Dec]  
  [Mager Golbert   30 Jan]  
  [Blewett Paskes wid. 6 Mar]  
1665 [1]         [1] The Register and the Bishop's Transcripts are extant for these years.
  [Strike Johnson   25 Mar]  
          Chris Trew...., Willia. Pendarves

Church Wardens

Page 123 [Barnes Allexander   14 Apr]  
  [Treweeke Ann w of John 27 May]  
  [Hockin Margerett w of John 13 May]  
  [Eva Thomas son of Thomas Jnr. 17 Aug]  
  [Vincentt Jane dau of John 4 Sept]  
  [Bennett Mary dau of Henry 26 Nov]  
  [Anhea Mary wid. 27 Dec]  
  [Dane Sunoby wid. 31 Dec]  
  [Job Maud wid. 25 Dec]  
  [Eva Mary dau of Mr.John 11 Mar]  
  [Carnesew William   23 Mar]