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BURIALS 1640 - 1655


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Please note: There are no entries for the years 1647 - 1649

Page 114          
1640 Bray John son of Henry - gent 30 Mar  
Page 115 Davie Morvah w of Tho. 25 Mar  
  Evah Christopher son of Thomas 7 Apr  
  Hall William   9 Apr  
  Avery John   4 May  
  Paull Blanch dau of John 17 May  
  Pendarves Alce wid. 28 Oct  
  Vinsent   Infans Rich. 12 Nov  
  Dunkine Jo. - gent   21 Dec  
  Hearle Phillipp wid. 10 Jan  
  Kestle James   17 Jan  
  Browne Margery   19 Jan  
  Hockine Robert   4 Mar  
  Tonkine Robert   21 Mar  
1641 Trengrove   Infans Johane 12 May Illegitimate
  Glason Ralph   30 Sept  
  Menegidge Richard son of Alexander 1 Nov  
  Waters Mellier w of Chrpher 26 Jan  
  Treweeke Francis son of George 18 Feb  
  Arundell Margery dau of Ezech. Esq. 20 Feb  
  Rowe Richard son of John 21 Feb  
1642 Glanvill Peternell w of Olliver 2 Apr  
  Hockine Nicholas   31 May  
  Wade Ann w of James 19 Sept  
  Barnes Margret w of Alex. 7 Nov  
  Job Margery w of Anthony 9 Nov  
  Glason Jane wid. 12 Nov  
  Streeke Peter   13 Nov  
  Harry Wynnyfred wid. 15 Nov  
  Bryant Jane wid. 21 Nov  
  Merefeild Edward   7 Dec  
  Cocke Reighnold   15 Dec  
  Butcher Peternell dau of Willm. 25 Dec  
1643 Bryant George son of Robart 31 Mar  
  Job Henry   11 Apr  
  Clyes Michell   20 May  
Page 116 Murland Rich. son of Johane 4 July Illegitimate
  Post [1] Margret   3 July An alias for a branch of the Hockin family.
  Anhaye Willm.   11 July  
  Menegidge Margret w of Rich. 17 July  
  Toman Humfrey   18 July  
  Andrewe Tho.   11 Oct  
  Stephens Robert   23 Nov  
1644 Eva Alce w of John 27 June  
  Bray Henry son of Henry - gent 2 Sept  
  Vinsent Vinsent   19 Nov  
  Arundell Dorcas wid. 6 Jan  
  Phillipps Honor dau of Vinsent 14 Jan  
  Hockine Margret w of Willm. 16 Jan  
  Vinsent Jo.   21 Feb  
  Vinsent Christopher son of Ed. 19 Mar  
1645 Andrewe Jane wid. 6 May  
  Eaters Chrpher   24 May  
  Vinsent John Jnr   2 June  
  Gilbert Hugh   8 June  
  Poleowe Christian wid. 22 June  
  Rowe Jane wid. 26 June  
  Huchinges Elizabeth w of Tho. 11 Nov  
  Coppithorne Mary wid. 16 Dec  
  Call Ann & Elizabeth w & son of Lawrence - gent 6 Jan  
  Ellis Ann dau of Tho. 7 Jan  
  Gweere Tho.   17 Jan  
  Richards Prudence   20 Jan  
  Street [or Streeke] Blanch dau of Johnson 9 Feb  
1646 Vinsent Johnson son of vinsent 2 May  
  Harvie Tho.   6 May  
  Franchis John son of Tho. 30 May  
  Rule Margery dau of Jo. 19 June  
  Pendarves Katherine dau of rich. - gent 5 July  
  Bray Henry - gent   29 July  
Page 117 Bray Margret dau of Henry - gent 2 Aug  
  Gweere Ann wid. 9 Aug  
  Bryant Hauton son of Jo. Jnr 13 Aug  
  Wade Olliver   23 Aug  
  Treweeke Hugh son of George 7 Sept [1] The reaminder of this page is blank. There are no entries for the years 1647 - 1649.
1650 Coale Elizabeth wid. 25 Nov  
  Hockin Vinsent son of John 21 Oct  
  Badge Margerett wid. 6 Dec  
  Glassen Christopher   1 Feb  
  Arundell Roberte son of Roberte - gent 11 Feb  
  Paule Edward son of Richard 14 Mar  
1651 Meane Temperance w of John 7 June  
  Meane Pascow   14 July  
  Ede Allex.   15 Aug  
  Vinsent Chressen   20 Aug  
  Elles John   26 Nov  
  Peares Katherin   22 Dec  
  Horne Dorithy   4 Jan  
  Bray Elizabeth w of Jonson 28 Feb  
  Meane Julian   8 Mar  
1652 Eva Elizabeth dau of John 15 Apr  
  Holman Ulalia w of Richard 20 Apr  
  Jeffree Dorithy w of Ezechiell 5 May  
  Bryant Jane dau of John 10 May  
  Rowe Alce w of Henry 23 July  
  Luke Mathew   15 Nov  
  Pelleaw Jane   4 Dec  
  Hearle Duglas w of John - gent 29 Dec  
1653 Bennett William   7 Apr  
  Gweere Susan   7 May  
  Humphry Richard son of Allexan. 11 May  
  Achem Gillbertt   9 June  
  Jeffree Margery dau of William 12 June  
Page 118 Pendarves Beniamyn son of Richard - gent 2 Oct [1] [1] Here follows - Camborne pish. The second day of November 1653. We the parishoners of Camborne doe Approve John Beard to be our Register for the parish of Camborne and in order to the same we have subscribed our hands.

ffcis Arundell, Richard Pendarves, Law, Call, George Treweeke, John Williams, John White, Richard Humphryes, John Eva, Rodger Glanfill. Redruth 2th 9ber 1653. Sworne and alowed by. P.Ceely , Ja. Daniell.

  Warren John   7 Nov  
  Hockin Richard son of Georg. 5 Dec  
  Hockin Jane wid. 27 Dec  
  Buswathacke Joane   30 Dec  
  Bryant Elizabeth wid. 18 Jan  
  Eva Ann dau of John Jnr 24 Jan  
  Newtten Richard - gent   15 Feb  
  Curno Thomas   13 Mar  
  Meane John   15 Mar  
1654 Arundell Robarte - gent   5 Apr  
  Franches Edward son of Thomas 11 Apr  
  Job Anthony   14 Apr  
  Cocke Elizabeth dau of Alce - wid. 24 Apr  
  Eva Millicent dau of Thomas 26 Apr  
  Thomas Thomas son of John 6 May  
  Barnes Joane dau of Allex. 13 May  
  Trenwith Ann dau of Tho. 14 May  
  Bennett Ann wid. 18 June  
  Elles Margery w of Richard 13 Aug  
  Harrys Joane wid. 21 Aug  
  Bryant Robarte   24 Aug  
  Bryant Abigall   12 Sept  
  Gilles Margerett wid. 9 Oct  
  Eva Mr.John Senr.   12 Oct  
  Harry Jane dau of Oliver 28 Oct  
  Bryant Alce wid. 13 Nov  
  Peatts Elinor   15 Dec  
  Rowe Nicholas   18 Dec  
  Pelleaw John   10 Jan  
  Vivian Jennett wid. 16 Jan  
Page 119 Rose Edward son of John 18 Jan  
  Paynter Elinor dau of Edward 21 Jan  
  Meane [blank] son of Peter 24 Feb  
1655 Richard Margery dau of Henry 2 Apr  
  James Allex. son of Erasmus 7 July  
  Jeffree John son of Thomas 11 July  
  Glanfell Oliver son of Rodger 28 July  
  Thomas [blank] dau of Rich. 19 Aug  
  Pendarves Allexander - gent son of Rich. - gent 30 Aug  
  Achem Gilbert Jnr   30 Sept  
  Vivian [blank] dau of Mihell - gent [1] 11 Nov [1] of Pulsack in Phillack
  Glasson John   18 Nov  
  Michell Hen.   25 Dec  
  Meane Margery dau of Peter 25 Dec  
  Paynter John son of Edward 27 Nov  
  Michell Hen, Jnr   3 Feb  
  Humphrs Rich. son of Richard 6 Mar  
  Libby Katherin dau of Rob. 16 Mar