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BURIALS 1629 - 1639


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 110          
1629 Hockine Blanch w of James 15 Apr  
  Gribber   Infans Willmi. 22 Apr  
  Perrowe Peter son of Margret 2 June Illegitimate
  Glason Mellior dau of Elizabeth 2 [6] July Illegitimate
  Tillem Mary w of Walter [3] Aug  
  Cole Thomas son of Henry [11] Aug  
  Richarde Uliliah dau of Edward [29] Aug  
  Cole Alce dau of Henry [27] Sept  
Page 111 Andrewe Margret dau of Thomas [28] Sept  
  Arundell Chrphr son of William Esq 28 Sept  
  Hockine Alexander son of Jo. Jnr 3 Oct  
  Thomas [James] Jane dau of James [Tho.] 5 Nov  
  Pendarves Henry   11 Jan  
  Tillem Jane dau of Francis 27 Jan  
  Hockine   Infans Johnis 9 Feb  
          [James [? Brey] ? Alexander Kaines]

Church Wardens.

1630 Barnes John   25 May  
  Hearle Elizabeth dau of William 13 June  
  Solamon Alice   24 Aug  
  Wattye Jane w of John 2 Sept  
  Menegidge Peter son of Richard    
  Edwarde Johane dau of John 25 Sept  
  Tregonhorne Henry son of .......... 16 Oct  
  Humfrey Alexander   17 Oct  
  Ellis Ann wid. 3 Nov  
  Tregoninge Blanch w of Cullan 16 Nov  
  Olliver Johane dau of John 21 Nov  
  John Ann w of Anthony 12 Dec  
  Saundrye Alice   16 Dec  
  Paine Ellen w of John 17 Dec  
  Trengove John   13 Jan  
  Saundry Alexander son of John 8 Feb  
  Menegidge   Infans Alexander 9 Mar  
  Penmenowe Mathewe   16 Mar  
  Wattie John   18 Mar  
1631 Arundell William Esq   15 Apr  
  Eva Johane w of Thomas 17 Apr  
  Eva [?] Peternell dau of Thomas 22 Apr  
  Williams Richard   3 May  
  Menegidge Mary w of Richard 27 May  
  Carkeeke Pascoew   29 Sept  
  Hearle John   3 Oct  
  Saundry Rebecca dau of Richard 29 Nov  
Page 112 Saundry Ellinor w of Richard 11 Jan  
  Hockin [?] Haughten son of Nich. 5 Mar  
  Williams Chrpher son of Michell 11 Mar  
1632 Badge James   16 Apr  
  Williams Rebecca wo of Christopher 12 Apr  
  Vinsent   Infans Vinxentii 12 Apr  
  Wattye John   19 Apr  
  Braye Henry son of Henry - gent 28 Apr  
  Williams Margret dau of Stephen 28 May  
  Williams [?] Rebecca dau of Ralph 22 June  
  Watty Mary dau of Nowell 23 June  
  Williams Henry   31 July  
  Menegidge   Infans Rich.    
  Wickett alias Menegidge John      
  [?] Call Richard son of Lawrence 5 Nov  
1633 Stephen Blanch dau of Francis [sic] Apr Illegitimate
  Braye George - gent   Apr  
  Poleowe William   4 June  
  Menegidge   Infans Richardi Nov  
  Jeffery Jane w of Thomas Jan  
  Blanke Margrett   Jan  
  Gweere Richard   Feb  
  Rowe Phillipp son of John - Rect., was buried in Helston Feb  
  Job Maud w of Henry 2 - Feb  
  Wade   Infans Jacobi 16 Mar  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of thomas 29 Mar  
1634 Hockine Katherine wid. 2 Apr  
  Vinsent Florence dau of Jo. 15 Apr  
  Harvie Alce dau of thomas 29 Apr  
  Bray Jane dau of Johnson 31 May  
  Arundell William Arundell son of Wm. Esq - decd. 12 June  
  Whitta Roger son of John 13 June  
  Farmer Phillop [sic] dau of Henry 20 July  
  Glason Mary wid. 20 July  
  Perry Maud w of Richard 20 July  
Page 113 Jeffery alias James Tho.   22 Aug  
  Eva Mary dau of Jo. 11 Sept  
  Gawen [blank] unbapt. child of Jane 25 Nov Illegitimate
  Thomas John   29 Nov  
  Davy Ursula wid. 16 Dec  
  Harry Elizabeth w of William 17 Dec  
  Richard alias Rescroggan John   24 Dec  
  Victor Anthony   25 Jan  
  Bennett   .......Edward 26 Feb  
  Roskillye   dau of Rich. 27 Feb  
  Avery   w of Jo. 3 Mar  
1635 Saundry William son of Jo. 31 Mar  
  Badge Johane   12 June  
  Bray John son of Johnson 10 Aug  
  Menegidge Christian wid. 15 Aug  
  Williams Ann w of Ralph 6 Nov  
  Williams alias Greber William   27 Nov  
  Carnowe Gilbert   3 Dec  
  Hockine Vinsent   25 Dec  
  Kestell Kathrine wid. 1 Jan  
  Wade Johane dau of James 6 Jan  
  Harry Vinsent   13 Jan  
  Rule Katherine dau of James 5 Feb  
  James Wearne   10 Feb  
  Achim Christian w of Gilbert 13 Feb  
  Bray John son of Henry - gent 18 Feb  
  Bray Katherine dau of Henry - gent 23 Feb  
  Farmer Jane w of Michell 4 Mar  
  Bray Ann wid. 4 Mar  
1636 Michell James   3 Apr  
  Eva [1] Richard son of Jo. 11 Apr This name is followed by what appears to be 'nd' or 'ud,' written slightly above the line; no explanation of its meaning is forthcoming.
  Gribber Amy wid. 12 May  
  Kestle Richard son of Richard 24 May  
  Watty Margrett wid. 3 July  
Page 114 Bryant Elizabeth dau of Alex. 4 Oct  
  Saundry Rich.   31 Oct  
  Hockeine [blank] son of John 20 Nov  
  Williams alias Tolcarne Michell   18 Dec  
  Himfrey John son of .....y [1] 1 Jan Portion of page decayed
  Kestle Syblie w of James 4 Mar  
1637 Verrant Johane   2 Oct  
  Avery Mary w of Michell 30 Nov  
  Ellis Mary   2 Dec  
  Cocke Tho.   31 Dec  
  Saundry Humfrey son of Elizabeth 13 Jan Illegitimate
  Jenkine James   15 Mar  
1638 Braye   Infans [2] of Johnson 8 Apr 'the daught' crossed out.
  Saundrie Humfrey son of John 7 July  
  Perry Robert son of Henry 13 July  
  Bennetts Edward son of Edward 22 July  
  Wills Grace dau of Benedict 15 Aug  
  Bryant James son of Alex. 16 Sept  
  Verrant John   19 Dec  
  Dennis Jane dau of Fernando 29 Dec  
  Luke Christopher   4 Jan  
  Tillem Katherine w of Walter 1 Feb  
  Glason John   1 Mar  
1639 Robart Willm.   Mar  
  Perry Margery w of Henry Apr  
  Perry Rich.   May  
  Andrewe Elizabeth dau of Thomas 19 July  
  Battrell Synobie dau of Jo. 31 July  
  Harry Willm. son of George 4 Aug  
  Eva Christopher   16 Oct  
  Knight Millisent w of John Dec  
  Harvie Elizabeth dau of Tho. 8 Jan  
  Bray Penelopie dau of Henry - gent 22 Feb