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BURIALS 1598 - 1610


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 98          
1598 Tallyer Margery   27 Mar  
  Thoms Myhell   28 Mar  
  Pender Oliver   1 May  
  Ellis John   2 May  
  Foster Jane dau of Trestem 31 May  
  Pers John son of Allexander 9 Dec  
1599 Vincent Harrie son of John 24 June  
  Greiber Willm. son of Willm. 24 June  
  Foster Marye dau of Trestem 15 July  
  Syse Ellyzabeth w of Gyffry 12 Dec  
Page 99 Harrie Blanche dau of Henrie 18 Dec  
  Tonckin Richard   2 Mar  
  Strick [1] Jane dau of Peter 23 Mar Illegitimate [1] Crossed out
1600 Namyne [2] Richard   18 Oct [2] Variant of Lamyn
  Rodd John   21 Dec  
  Crane Ellyzabeth dau of Richard 2 Jan  
  Foster Tristan   15 Feb  
  Powlyne Mawte dau of John 13 Mar  
  Braye Ellyzabeth widow 18 Mar  
1601 Glawen Ellyzabeth   19 May  
  Bree Ellyzabeth w of Mr. George 27 May  
  Bree Gorge son of Mr. George 1 June  
  Harrie Florence dau of Henrie 21 Oct  
  Morishe Robart   5 Nov  
  Collins .....ewe of Synny, buried at Camborne 10 Dec  
  Rafe Allexr. son of Thomas 20 Feb  
  Strik Jane dau of Peter 23 Mar Illegitimate
1602 {Ro}we Willm. son of [S]ampson [?] 13 Apr  
  Sedgm[? an] Richard   20 Oct  
  Sexton Rychard   20 Jan  
  Kneight Jane dau of John 30 Jan  
  James Anthonie son of Thomas 1 Feb  
  Hodge Margerie Hedge w of James 26 Feb  
1603 Briant John son of Johnson 25 Mar  
  Meane Allexander son of Allexr. 30 Apr  
  Robart Ann dau of Willm. 6 Mar  
  Nycholas John   18 Aug  
  Sandry Jane   3 Oct  
  Beege Jhone w of John 14 Nov  
  Roswarne Willm. son of Mr. John 17 Nov  
  Rogger Alles dau of Wm. 19 Nov  
  Luke Edward   2 Dec  
  Walter Mawt   6 Dec  
Page 100 Badge Mychaell son of James 24 Dec  
  Stephens [blank] son of John 3 Jan  
  Davye Jane dau of John 22 Feb  
  Hodge Blanche w of George 24 Feb  
  Farmar Marten   26 Feb  
  Wade Christiane dau of Willm. 26 Feb  
1604 Sandrye Alles   25 Apr  
  Luke Nycholas son of Mychaell 5 May  
  Clemans Marie servant of Allexr. Tonckin 14 May  
  Tonckin Allexander   20 May  
  Achym Edmond   18 July  
  James [blank] dau of Thomas 20 Dec  
  Lamyne Maut   13 Jan  
  Cussyne [?] Morvane w of John 16 Feb  
1605 Davye Jane   26 Mar  
  Tonckyne Margerie dau of Robart 28 Mar  
  William John   17 Sept  
  Joans alias Stirrye William   25 Sept  
1606 William Johannes   23 May  
  Angove Rogerus   29 July  
  Crane Richardus   9 Nov  
  Oats Richardus   23 Jan  
  Harrye Christopharus   25 Feb  
1607 Eva John son of Richard 23 Aug  
  Sexton Robart   26 Sept  
  Badge George son of James 26 Oct  
  King Oates   12 Mar  
  William Margaret dau of Alexander [blank]  
  Ricard Edmond   23 Mar  
1608 Coossen John   27 Mar  
  Hockin Michaell   4 Apr  
Page 101 [blank] Chesten dau of George 11 Apr  
  Braye Christian dau of Raphe 22 Apr  
  Rowe Sampson son of Sampson 23 Apr  
  Fletcher Salamon son of Ellin 28 Apr  
  Elys Thomason dai of Thomas 29 Apr  
  Crane Arthur son of Richard 17 May  
  Dunn Edward son of Paskow 2 June  
  Williams Jane   3 June  
  Glazon Ellen dau of Christofer 23 June  
  Eva Christofer son of Christofer 10 July  
  Dunkin Sydwell w of John 13 July  
  Payne Jewannett   18 July  
  Eva Agnes w of Christofer 7 Aug  
  Dennys John son of John 13 Aug  
  Hockin Dorothie dau of Raphe 19 Aug  
  Eva Richard son of Christofer 21 Aug  
  Eva John son of Christofer 25 Aug  
  Vincent Henrye   26 Aug  
  [blank] Richard servant of Ric. Rosewarne 27 Aug  
  Davye John son of John 3 Sept  
  Knight Elizabeth dau of John 11 Sept  
  Cocke Elizabeth w of Thomas 12 Sept  
  Wade Johne dau of Willm. 13 Sept  
  Luke Elizabeth w of Michaell 7 Oct  
  Vincent Margaret w of Nicholas 15 Nov  
  Saundrye Ellen dau of Wenefride 13 Dec Illegitimate
  Dennys Johne w of Ferdinando 13 Jan  
  Mydwaye Ellenor w of Henry 26 Jan  
  [blank] Elizabeth dau of Millesent 30 Jan  
  Hood Marye w of Samuell 2 Mar  
1609 Davye Elizabeth dau of Thomas 29 June  
  Ronald Marye   30 June  
  Crane Elloner dau of Richard 9 July  
  Williams Elizabeth w of Bawden 26 July  
  Davye Robert son of John 25 Sept  
  Hockin Elizabeth dau of Raphe 21 Oct  
  Whitford Agnes dau of Richard 27 Oct  
Page 102 Blanke [1] Jane dau of Thomas 29 Dec Curiously the surname is not given in the baptisimal entry 10 Nov 1609, but see burials 14 Feb 1628. Blank was a nickname.
  Farmer Elizabeth dau of Martin 11 Mar  
1610 [2]         Large space left in Register.
  [Richard Alexander   20 Oct]  
  [Verant William son of William 19 Oct]  
  Dunkin Robert   1 Nov  
  Eva [3] Christofer son of John 3 Nov Ommitted from Bishop's Transcripts.
  [Treweek Esabell dau of Henry 25 Dec]  
  [Vivian John   20 Jan]  
  [Humphrey Ann w of John 13 Feb]