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BURIALS 1588 - 1597


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 94          
1588 Robart Margeret   16 Apr  
  Trevornowe Willm.   6 May  
  Fuckett John   29 May  
  Longe Johane w of Harrie 1 July  
Page 95 Peedra Jane dau of Luce 15 Aug Illegitimate
  Longe Harrie   19 Aug  
  Polleawe Christopher son of Thomas 11 Oct  
  Roswarne Allece dau of Thoms. 19 Oct  
  Bree Vincent son of Willm. 27 Nov  
  Cooke Elyzabethe dau of Thomas 17 Dec  
  [blank] Thomas son of Bese, servant to Ric. Dunckin 21 Dec Illegitimate
  Farmar Argant dau of Marten 16 Mar  
  Edward Jane dau of Margett 21 Mar  
1589 Denis   the uncle of Ferdinado 6 Apr Please note that I'm not sure if this [Denis]is a Surname or Forename - S.Cann.
  Ferris James son of John 7 Apr  
  Fuckett Peres   7 Apr  
  [blank] Willmet servant of John Cusyne 20 May  
  Ellis Willm.   31 May  
  Oliver Allexr. son of Nicholas 26 Aug  
  Ellis Ellyzabeth dau of Thomas 3 Sept  
  Polpera Willm.   18 Sept  
  Roswarn Myhell - gent   29 Sept  
  Pelleawe Willm. son of Thomas 6 Oct  
  Godrefey Annes w of Harrie 16 Jan  
  Trewicke Harri son of John 23 Jan  
  Dunckin Mellior w of Richard 26 Jan  
  Angove Gorge   20 Feb  
  Hockin Isake son of Myhell 10 Mar  
1590 Hockin Myhell son of Ric 12 Apr  
  Ric Tyrake   8 July  
  Bonithen Margerie w of James 15 Aug  
  Stricke Alson dau of Peter 13 Sept  
  Hockine Jane dau of John 20 Oct  
  Willms. Willm.   13 Jan  
  Dunckin Richard   24 Mar  
1591 Rawe Jane w of John 7 Apr  
  Meane Marva dau of John 24 Apr  
  Buswyne Margery w of Willm. 10 May  
  Hunfre Jane mother of John 9 June  
Page 96 Pendervas Thomas son of Allexr. 18 June  
  Willm. John son of Water 10 July  
  Buswin [blank] dau of Thomas 20 Aug  
  Buswyne [blank] dau of thomas 16 Sept  
  John Jane w of Renalld 17 Sept  
  Buswyne Willm. son of Thomas 1 Oct  
  Roswarne Christian dau of gorge 3 Oct  
  Buswyn Elen w of Thomas 4 Oct  
  Buswyn Henri son of Willm. 4 Oct  
  John John son of Reynald 5 Oct  
  Roswarn Willm. son of Gorge 5 Oct  
  Roswarn John son of Gorge 5 Oct  
  Roswarn Gorge   18 Oct  
  Roswarn James son of Gorge 19 Oct  
  Treworrian Alson dau of Willm. 21 Oct  
  Roswarn Agnes w of gorge 22 Oct  
  Hudd Mary w of Samuell 22 Oct  
  John Jane dau of Renald 22 Oct  
  Buswyne Thomas   24 Oct  
  Nansoge Mellior   15 Nov  
  Polleawe Jenson son of Thoms. 27 Nov  
  Angere Mellior   29 Nov  
1592 Duffe Ellyzabeth dau of Thoms. 7 Sept  
  Duse Thomas   10 Sept  
  Morishe John servant to Jo.Hockin 12 Sept  
  Davy Thomas   4 June  
  Hockin Thomas son of John 9 Oct  
  Water Key w of John 16 Oct  
  Davye Alles w of Thomas 22 Oct  
  Hockin chesten w of John 28 Oct  
  Water John   28 Oct  
  Hockin John   29 Oct  
  Water Jane dau of John 30 Oct  
  Nicolas John servant of John Hockin 10 Nov  
1593 Morishe John servant of John Hockin 12 Nov  
Page 97 [blank] Ellyzabeth servant of John Glawen 14 Nov  
  Water Ellyzabeth dau of John 14 Nov  
  Roche Elane   16 Nov  
  Beege Allexr. son of John Willm. 18 Nov  
  Iryshe Thomas son of Morishe 20 Nov  
  Glawen John   25 Nov  
  Paskes Jane dau of James 25 Nov  
  Luke Willm. son of Mihell 29 Nov  
  Beege Richard son of John Willm. 29 Nov  
  Blake Alles   30 Nov  
  Rawe Cristen dau of Sampson 30 Nov  
  Hockin Jane w of Rafe 1 Dec  
  Glawen John son of John 1 Dec  
  Rawe James son of Sampson 3 Dec  
  Geare Cristen dau of James 4 Dec  
  Iryshe Thomas son of Morishe 5 Dec  
  Fleccher Alles   6 Dec  
  Buswyn Reynald   8 Dec  
  [blank] Tamesyne wo of Matthewe, Mr.Bassett's man 12 Dec  
  Bryande Cristen dau of Jensen 22 Dec  
  Buswyne John   22 Dec  
  Kubart Mellior dau of John 23 Dec  
  Geare Jane dau of James 23 Dec  
  Kirriar Thomas   26 Dec  
  Gere Ric. son of James 26 Dec  
  Cubart Humfry son of John 15 Jan  
  Cubart John son of John 16 Jan  
  Jorye Thomas   18 Jan  
  Braye Marget dau of Gorge 22 Jan  
  Vincent Jone dau of Henrie 23 Jan  
  Vincent Thomas   14 Feb  
  Barrie Jenet w of Rafe 14 Feb  
  [blank] John servant of Richard Sneddell 15 Feb  
  Vinsant Melsana w of Henrye 16 Feb  
  Vincent Robart son of Henrie 8 Mar  
  Vinsant Willm. son of Henrie 9 Mar  
  Vinsant Benet son of Henrie 15 Mar  
  Buswyne Willm.   21 Mar  
Page 98          
1594 Luke John   30 Mar  
  Sandrye Jane dau of Henrie 27 Apr  
1595 Richard Jane w of John 8 Mar  
  Fleccher Willm.   13 July  
  Payne Nycolas   18 Jan  
  Meane Maut w of Rogger 21 Jan  
  Hockin Benet   25 Jan  
  Pendervas John son of Allexr. 30 Jan  
  Treworrian Amy dau of Thomas 31 Jan  
  Treworrian Willm.   6 Mar  
  Farmer Ann mother of Marten 7 Mar  
  Pendervas Thomas son of Allexander 16 Mar  
1596 Ferris Humfrye son of John 30 Apr  
  Harris John the elder   6 May  
  Hickin Alles dau of James 28 Aug  
  Hoore     28 Aug  
  Kympe Jone w of Willm. 18 Oct  
  Eva Mellyar   1 Jan  
1597 Robart John Tom   14 Apr  
  Robart Myhell   24 May  
  Meane Genet   29 May  
  Hardinge Francis dau of Edward 17 June  
  Trewyke Joen w of John the elder - gent 9 June