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BURIALS 1547 - 1548


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 78 Lome Thomas son of John 25 Mar  
  Callen Hari   13 Apr  
  Callan Mellyer dau of Hari 24 Apr  
  Tone Sr. Ric. prest. 12 June  
  Dunckin John son of Anthoni 6 Aug Illegitimate
  Davye Thomas   16 Aug  
  Jentell Penticost w of Sandrye 19 Aug  
Page 79 [blank] John servant of John Dunckin 20 Aug  
  [blank] Willm servant of the said John Dunckin 20 Aug  
  Fockett Elyzabeth w of John 21 Aug  
  Barvane [An]nes dau of John 22 Aug  
  Sandrye Hari son of Gorge 28 Aug  
  [T]remba     29 Aug  
    John son of Robart 29 Aug  
  Iryshe   son of Morishe 30 Aug  
  Irishe son of Morish 31 Aug  
  Irishe Margeret w of Teage 1 Sept  
  .....ccett Margery dau of John 1 Sept  
  Thomas Jane dau of Kenckin 1 Sept  
  Irishe John   2 Sept  
  Trembath ........nes   2 Sept  
  Trembath [S]andrie   3 Sept  
  [blank] Jenet the servant of Sandrie Jentell 3 Sept  
  Iryshe Allan   3 Sept  
  Johne John son of Willm 4 Sept  
  James John son of John 4 Sept  
  Steven James son of John 5 Sept  
  Iryshe Anes w of John 6 Sept  
  Thomas John son of John 6 Sept  
  Callen Chesten dau of Harrie 6 Sept  
  Sandre Mary dau of Ricd. 7 Sept Illegitimate
  Thomas Elizabeth dau of John 8 Sept  
  John Mellyar dau of Willm 8 Sept  
  [blank] Mary servant of Sandry Jentell 9 Sept  
  Iryshe Wm. son of Teage 11 Sept  
  Callam Mary dau of Ricd. 11 Sept  
  Irishe Maud dau of German 11 Sept  
  Meane Nicolas   12 Sept  
  Hicke Harrie son of John 12 Sept  
  Irishe Katrin w of Moryshe 12 Sept  
  Irishe John son of Germane 12 Sept  
  Irishe Jenet w of Gearman 14 Sept  
  Thoms Marie dau of Jenckin 14 Sept  
  Iryshe Richawe dau of Teage 14 Sept  
  Steven Nowell son of John 14 Sept  
Page 80 Iryshe Teage   15 Sept  
  Irishe Mathew son of Teage 15 Sept  
  Meane Maud dau of John 16 Sept  
  Angere Richard son of Willm 17 Sept  
  Iryshe Julyane w of Teage 17 Sept  
  [? Rosw]arne Ellyzabeth dau of John 17 Sept  
  Irishe Margeret dau of German 18 Sept  
  Buccher Alles dau of Ude 19 Sept  
  Paskawe Nicolas   19 Sept  
  Meane Jane dau of Ric. 20 Sept Illegitimate
  Trembath Ellyzabeth   20 Sept  
  Renald Nora dau of Luke 23 Sept  
  Peddra John son of John 23 Sept  
  Meane Marget dau of John 23 Sept  
  Thomas John   25 Sept  
  Irishe German   27 Sept  
  B........ Steven son of John 27 Sept  
  Perrayne Mihell   27 Sept  
  James Jenckin   27 Sept  
  Symone Ricd. son of Ric. 29 Sept  
  Buccher Ellyzabeth dau of Ude 2 Oct  
  Buccher Thomas son of Ude 2 Oct  
  Irishe Wm. German   [?] Oct  
  Paull John son of Wm. 2 Oct  
  .........we     4 Oct  
  Irishe Christian [?] dau of Wm. German 4 Oct  
  Buccher Elynor dau of Udy 5 Oct  
  John John   12 Oct  
  John Cristen dau of Jo. 12 Oct  
  Trembath John   13 Oct  
  Deane [?] Ricd. son of Thomas 16 Oct  
  Roswarne Clares dau of Mihell 17 Oct  
  Gey Ane dau of [blank] 18 Oct  
  Huchyn Benet son of Anthonie 18 Oct  
  Rawe Elnor dau of John 18 Oct  
  Roswarne Harrie son of Thomas 20 Oct  
  Bolenawe Ricd. son of Terake 21 Oct  
  Paulle Ellyzabeth dau of Thomas 21 Oct  
Page 81 Angove John son of Wm. 22 Oct  
  Treverran John son of Nycolas 23 Oct  
  Angofe [?] Jane dau of Wm. 24 Oct  
  Cabrin [?] Alles dau of Pett. 26 Oct  
  Meane Argant dau of Nicolas 26 Oct  
  Harrie John   27 Oct  
  Barne Rafe   3 Nov  
  Corvall Thomas son of [blank] 3 Nov  
  Goff [or Goss] Marget dau of John 6 Nov  
  Boleno[we] Thomas son of Tyrake 7 Nov  
  Boleno[we] Rafe son of Terake 7 Nov  
  Adam Margery dau of Thomas 7 Nov  
  Roswarne Alles dau of Thomas Nov  
  Bryttone Willm son of Stevn 11 Nov  
  Peter Ricd. son of Thomas 12 Nov  
  Bolenaw Margery dau of Tyrake 13 Nov  
  Ricd. Margery dau of Nicolas John 14 Nov  
  Bolenowe Jone dau of Terake Nov  
  Bolenaw Rafe son of Terake 17 Nov  
  Vincent Alles dau of Ric [?] 21 Nov  
  Mene Margeret dau of Thomas 23 Nov  
  [blank] Cristen servant of Killivose 6 Dec  
  Edward Margerie dau of Willm 16 Dec  
  Hucchin John son of Anthonie 18 Dec  
  Palmar Ener dau of Willm 20 Dec  
  Hockin John   22 Nov  
  Mathew Ellyzabeth dau of Nicol 11 Jan  
  Mathew John son of Nicol 12 Jan  
  Palmer Elyzabeth w of Willm 13 Jan  
  Edward vincent son of Wm. 16 Jan  
  Matthew Thomas son of Nycholas 9 Feb  
  Matthew Robart son of Nycholas 22 Feb  
  Matthew Peter son of Nycholas 26 Feb  
  Sticliar Rafe son of Rafe 26 Feb  
1548 Penpe[c]ust Tho. son of Nicholas 28 Mar i.e. Penticost
  Meane Jane dau of John 9 Apr  
  Vincent Vean [1] Ric son of John   Vean is a nickname meaning Little.
Page 82 Lome Duuence w of John 30 May  
  Richard Maut dau of Niclis 20 July  
  Ric. Cristofer son of Phellip 20 July  
  Lome Willm son of John 12 Aug  
  Crasse Argant dau of Peter 22 Aug  
  Dawna Ric   19 Sept  
  Eva Davye son of Peter 28 Oct  
  Brytton John son of France 14 Nov  
  Penticost John son of Nicolas 4 Jan  
  Ricd Willmi son of Luke 20 Jan  
  He....awe Ane   17 Mar