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Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

N.B. In the case of a child receiving both private and public baptism the entry is printed under the date the child was "received into the Church".

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1770 Waters John son of Hanibal & Mary 6 Jan  
  Hocking Alice dau of John & Susannah 7 Jan  
  Tyack Anna Maria dau of William & Patience 14 Jan  
  Prideaux Mary dau of Richard 21 Jan  
  Arundell Wilmot dau of William 23 Jan  
  Thomas Anne dau of William & Jane 28 Jan  
  Harvey Mary Rogers dau of Charles 2 Feb  
  Benallack Elisabeth dau of John 2 Feb  
  Rule John son of John & Clarinda 4 Feb  
  Rule Dorothy dau of Stephen & Anne 4 Feb  
  Treloar Parnel dau of Joseph & Mary 4 Feb  
  Wackfor Grace dau of William & Mary 4 Feb  
  Roberts David son of Thomas of Illogan 11 Feb  
  Michell Tobias son of Thos & Sidwell 11 Feb  
  Mollard John son of John 18 Feb  
  Whenan Mary dau of Edmund 18 Feb  
  Quintrall Margaret dau of Richd 22 Feb  
  Williams Anne dau of Thomas 4 Mar privately 21 Feb
  Oatfield Anne dau of Henry 11 Mar  
  Sincock Edward son of John & Anne 18 Mar  
  George Peter son of William & Sarah 18 Mar  
  Phillips Henry son of Henry & Elizabeth of Illogan 18 Mar  
  Bartle Gilbert son of Henry & Mary 18 Mar  
  Harris James son of James & Elisabeth 18 Mar  
  Glanvill James son of James & Margery 23 Mar  
  Lean Christian dau of John & Christian 25 Mar  
  Richards Anne dau of Catherine 25 Mar  
  Temby John son of Nicholas & Joanna 1 Apr  
  Odgers Martha dau of William 4 Apr  
  Tabb Robert son of James & Frances 5 Apr  
  Richards John son of John & Anne 7 Apr privately
  Bennet William son of James & Jane 16 Apr  
  Daniell Elisabeth dau of John & Cath 17 Apr  
  Hocking Samuel son of Edmund & Elizabeth 17 Apr  
  Wolf [Woolf] William son of Arthur & Jane 17 Apr  
  Martin Richard son of Richard & Anne 22 Apr  
  Vincent Elisabeth dau of Philip & Hannah 22 Apr  
  Bennatts John son of Christopher & Mary 29 Apr  
  Ivey James son of John & Jane 13 May  
  Rule Richard son of James & Anne 13 May  
Page 310 Rutter Tobias son of James 20 May  
  Hotten Mary dau of John 29 May  
  Mean Jenefer dau of Nicholas 3 June  
  Michell Joseph son of Joseph & Christian 3 June  
  Trevailer Elisabeth dau of James 3 June  
  Wearn Mary dau of William 13 June privately
  Briant Margery dau of William 17 June  
  Belman Mary dau of William & Constance 17 June  
  Waters Edward son of John & Anne 17 June  
  Richards Anne dau of Philip 1 July privately 19 June
  Jenings Thomas son of Richard 1 July  
  Rowe Philip son of James & Phillis 1 July  
  Rowe Stephen son of Stephen 8 July  
  Richards Nicholas son of Thos & Eliz 8 July  
  Stephens Philip son of Henry 22 July  
  Quintrall Mary dau of Edward 22 July  
  Bray Anne dau of William 29 July  
  Trezona Benjamin sn of John & Sarah 5 Aug  
  Hocking William son of Nicholas & Grace 5 Aug  
  Hancock George son of Stephen & Jane 5 Aug  
  Branch Mary dau of Benedict & Avice 5 Aug  
  Cowling Constance dau Henry & Mary 5 Aug  
  Trevilian George son of John 12 Aug  
  Harris James son of William & Elizabeth 19 Aug  
  Trythall Benjamin son of Samson 26 Aug  
  Waters Anne dau of William 26 Aug  
  Whenan Elisabeth dau of Zacheus 2 Sept  
  Hocking Richard son of James 16 Sept  
  Hancock Anne dau of William 16 Sept  
  Bennatts Elisabeth dau of George & Mary 23 Sept  
  Roberts Mary dau of Michael & Anne 23 Sept  
  Allen Alice dau of Thos & Cath 23 Sept  
  Williams Alice dau of John & Loveday 23 Sept  
  Nicklis Margaret dau of William 7 Oct  
  Hill Jacob son of Joseph 14 Oct  
  Smith Grace dau of John 14 Oct  
  Bennatts William basechild of Anne 18 Oct  
  Ellis John son of John 21 Oct  
  Carter William son of William 21 Oct  
  Rule Oliver son of Thomas 21 Oct  
Page 311 Rowe Margaret s of Benjamin 28 Oct "s" not a typing error by this transcriber. S.Cann.
  Fine William son of Nicholas 11 Nov  
  Samson Sarah dau of Peter & Elisabeth 11 Nov  
  Rule Henry son of Johnson 12 Nov  
  Guard Anne dau of William & Mary 18 Nov  
  Thomas Richard son of John & Margaret 18 Nov  
  Harris Mary dau of John & Elisabeth 18 Nov  
  Gribble Joseph son of Arthur 2 Dec  
  Jeffery Mary dau of William 9 Dec  
  Skewis Mary dau of Richard 9 Dec  
  Arthur Mary dau of Willm & Deborah of Crowan 16 Dec  
  Cocking John son of Richard & Elisabeth 23 Dec  
  Pearce Anne dau of Francis & Anne 23 Dec  
  Hocking Charity dau of William & Charity 30 Dec