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BAPTISMS 1758 - 1759


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

N.B. In the case of a child receiving both private and public baptism the entry is printed under the date the child was "received into the Church".

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1758 Hancock Elisabeth dau of John 6 Jan  
  Tooker Elisabeth dau of John 22 Jan  
  Oatfield Margaret dau of Henry 29 Jan  
  Glanvill richard son of Roger 5 Feb  
  Vivian Anne dau of John & Anne, privately 22 Jan 12 Feb  
  Williams William son of Samuel 12 Feb  
  Richards Jane dau of Thomas 12 Feb  
  Arthur Dorothy dau of Maharshalalhashbaz 19 Feb  
  Lyle Margaret dau of Richard 19 Feb  
  Richards James & Alice son & dau of John, privately 28 Feb  
  Gribbel Katherine dau of John 1 Mar  
  Collins Phillis basechild of Jane, reputed father Andrew Swaine 1 Mar  
  Rowe Anne dau of David 5 Mar  
  Hocking Anne dau of Samuel 12 Mar  
  Beckerlegg Elisabeth dau of Charles 12 Mar  
  Thomas Katherine dau of John, privately 17 Mar  
  Harris Margery dau of William 19 Mar  
  Skewis Anne dau of Robin 21 Mar  
  Stephen Martin son of Henry 27 Mar  
  Glanvill Thomas son of Amos 27 Mar  
  Tippet Jane dau of Mr. James, privately 24 Mar 28 Mar  
  Trevenen Thomas son of John, Cl:, privately 27 Feb 30 Mar  
  Arthur Roger son of William, privately 18 Mar 2 Apr  
  Sandry Elisabeth dau of Samuel 16 Apr  
  Richards Philip son of Philip 23 Apr  
  Garby Joseph son of William 23 Apr  
  Holman Richard son of Nicholas 14 Apr  
Page 284 Glanvill Thomas son of Thomas 14 May  
  Hoskin William son of Thomas 16 May  
  Vivian Jenifer dau of Francis & Avice 21 May  
  Briant Katherine dau of John 21 May  
  Richards John son of Gilbert 29 May  
  Whenan Ruth dau of Zacheus 29 May  
  Burn Elisabeth dau of Philip 29 May  
  Tyack Henry son of William 4 June  
  Lethlean Alexander son of Alexander 4 June  
  Carter William son of William 11 June  
  Prideaux Samson son of Thomas, privately 10 June 29 June  
  Bartle Henry son of Henry 29 June  
  Mill Jane dau of Andrew 2 July  
  Bennatts Honour dau of Richd. & Lucy 2 July  
  Bennatts Anne dau of Haughton 2 July  
  Waters Eleanor dau of William, privately 2 July 16 July  
  Carter Eleanor dau of John 16 July  
  Belman Anne dau of John 16 July  
  Hockin Thomas son of Bartholomew 23 July  
  Richards Henry son of Henry 6 Aug  
  Carthew Samuel son of Samuel 6 Aug  
  Tyack Joseph son of Joseph, privately 17 July 13 Aug  
  Trevilian William son of John 20 Aug  
  Moss Joseph son of Samuel 27 Aug  
  Bennatts George son of William & Anne 3 Sept  
  Hocking Elisabeth dau of Nicholas & Grace 3 Sept  
  Temby John son of John 3 Sept  
  Trezona Eleanor dau of John 3 Sept  
  Vivian Anne dau of Henry 10 Sept  
  James Anne dau of Thos. 17 Sept  
  Edwards Elisabeth dau of John 17 Sept  
  Stephens Thomas son of Martin & Mary 24 Sept  
  Odgers Martha dau of William 1 Oct  
  Paul Thomas son of Thos., privately 19 Sept 8 Oct  
  Cundy Richard son of John 8 Oct  
  Bennatts Sarah dau of John & Sarah 22 Oct  
  Canarthen Catherine dau of Thos. 28 Oct  
  Osborn Eleanor dau of Matthew 5 Nov  
  Morshead [Moorshead] Mary dau of Philip 5 Nov  
  Vivian Matthew son of Christopher 19 Nov  
Page 285 Trewheela Anne dau of Willm. 19 Nov  
  Paul Anne basechild of Elis., reputed father Thos. Hocking 26 Nov  
  Edwards William son of Thos. 26 Nov  
  Dunstone Elisabeth dau of William 3 Dec  
  Hensely William son of William 10 Dec  
  Hoskin John son of John & Jane 17 Nov  
  Roberts Thomas son of Joseph 17 Nov  
  Maddern William son of William 21 Dec  
  Jeffery Mark son of John & Mary 26 Dec  
  Newton Grace dau of Benjamin 26 Dec  
  Mitchell George son of James 31 Dec  
1759 Faulls Alarina dau of Giles 6 Jan  
  Eva Matthew son of Francis 7 Jan  
  Bennatts Jane dau of Richard 7 Jan  
  Eva Anna dau of Zacheus 21 Jan  
  Smith Mark dau of John 21 Jan  
  Vincent Philip son of Philip 27 Jan  
  Trezona Philippa dau of James 28 Jan  
  Verrant Francis son of William 14 Feb  
  Trevarthen Mary dau of Richd. 14 Feb  
  Nicholas Thomas somn of Thomas 4 Mar  
  Trithall [Trythall] Jane dau of John 4 Mar  
  Trevening Ketura dau of Thomas 4 Mar  
  Callicott Elisabeth dau of Anthony, privately 14 Mar  
  Bennatts William son of Willm. & Eliz. 18 Mar  
  Temby Peter son of Peter 25 Mar  
  Noble George son of Samuel 28 Mar  
  Warren Anne dau of John, privately 21 Feb 30 Mar  
  Davy Luce dau of Thomas 8 Apr  
  Ham William son of Willm. 15 Apr  
  Rough James son of James 16 Apr  
  Treglean Thomas son of John 16 Apr  
  Williams Anne dau of Joseph 17 Apr  
  Rablin James son of Henry 17 Apr  
  Lean Samuel son of Stephen 22 Apr  
  Heathyer William son of Tobias 25 Apr  
  Trithall [Trythall] John son of Samson 6 May  
  Viol Grace dau of John 6 May  
Page 286 Treloar Mary dau of Walter, privately 6 Sept 1758 13 May  
  Thomas Mary dau of William 13 May  
  Nicholls Alice dau of Constance, privately 22 Feb 24 May  
  Battrall Thomas son of John 27 May  
  Bray John son of John 4 June  
  Bray Honour dau of Charles 11 June  
  Smith Rebecca dau of Mark 11 June  
  Terril Catherine dau of Stephen 17 June  
  Thomas John son of John 1 July  
  Prideaux John son of Edward 1 July  
  Hancock William son of Stephen 8 July  
  Prideaux Anne dau of Henry 8 July  
  Pearce John son of Thomas 15 July  
  Martyn Samuel son of Thos., privately 11 July 29 July  
  Dunstone William son of John 29 July  
  Dunstone Grace dau of Henry 5 Aug  
  Sanders Cordelia dau of William 5 Aug  
  Glasson John son of Charles 12 Aug  
  Roberts Stephen son of Noel 12 Aug  
  Bennatts Elisabeth dau of William & Eleanor 12 Aug  
  Glanvil Johnson son of Johnson 26 Aug  
  Lean Susanna dau of Lewis 2 Sept  
  Terril William son of George 9 Sept  
  Fine Elisabeth dau of Nichs. 16 Sept  
  Blight Mary dau of Thos. 16 Sept  
  Rowe Elisabeth dau of Richard 23 Sept  
  Bennatts Mary dau of Henry & Elisabeth 30 Sept  
  Bennatts Margery dau of Gilbert & Anne 30 Sept  
  Dunkin William son of Haughton 14 Oct  
  Tucker John son of John 14 Oct  
  Mill Hugh son of John 28 Oct  
  Smith Mark son of George 4 Nov  
  Edwards John son of James 4 Nov  
  Tabb Mary dau of John 5 Nov  
  Bennatts James son of George & Eliz. 11 Nov  
  Edwards William son of Jasper 11 Nov  
  Bennats [Bennatts] Thomas son of Henry & Hannah 11 Nov  
Page 287 Whenan John son of Henry 11 Nov  
  Tyack John son of John 18 Nov  
  Bennatts John son of John & Sarah 25 Nov  
  Stephens James son of Henry 25 Nov  
  Temby Susannah dau of Peter 25 Nov  
  Glanvil Sarah dau of Joseph 25 Nov  
  Hotton Bathsheba dau of John 25 Nov  
  Tippet Mary dau of Mr. James 29 Nov  
  Wills Anne dau of Thos. 29 Nov  
  Bennatts Jenifer dau of Benj: 23 Dec  
  Tyack Elisabeth dau of William 23 Dec  
  Vivian Andrew son of John & Anne 26 Dec  
  Richards James son of John & Alce 30 Dec