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BAPTISMS 1746 - 1747


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

N.B. [2] In the case of a child receiving both private and public baptism the entry is printed under the date the child was "received into the Church".

1746 [1]         [1] The signature of John Trevenen, Curate, appears for the years 1746 to 1775 and that of J.B. Collins, Rector, for the years 1771 to 1774.
Page 262 Yeates John son of John 31 Mar  
  Trezona Jane dau of John 31 Mar  
  Sampson Jane dau of Hugh 31 Mar  
  Chaple [blank] dau of Charles 6 Apr  
  Temby John son of Simon - privately 11 Apr  
  Martin Mary dau of Thomas & Mary 20 Apr  
  Harris Thomas son of Francis 27 Apr  
  Glanvile Sarah dau of Thomas 4 May  
  Chaple Catherine dau of Willm. 4 May  
  Bewes Richard son of John 18 May  
  Gribble James son of Henry 19 May  
  Williams John son of Stephen 25 May  
  Jackson Elisabeth dau of Peter 25 May  
  Vivian Johnson son of John & Gilian 1 June  
  Treweek Mary dau of Willm. 1 June  
  Newton Benjamin son of Benjamin & Jane, privately 25 May [2] 8 June [2] In the case of a child receiving both private and public baptism the entry is printed under the date the child was "received into the Church".
  Perkin Mary dau of John 15 June  
  Richards Jane dau of Gilbert, privately 29 June 13 July  
  Mitchell Nathaniel son of Nathaniel 13 July  
  Glanvile Alce dau of Richd. 13 July  
  Dunkin Gilbert son of George 20 July  
  Glasson Dorothy dau of John 20 July  
Page 263 Luke James son of James, privately 26 July  
  Donithorne Elisabeth dau of Cyprian 27 July  
  Stephens Elisabeth dau of Thomas 27 July  
  Temby Benjamin son of Peter 27 July  
  Williams Jane dau of Willm. & Elizabeth, privately 15 July 10 Aug  
  Richards Edward son of John 10 Aug  
  Penrose William son of William 31 Aug  
  Harvey Nicholas son of Nicholas 31 Aug  
  Thomas William son of Richard 31 Aug  
  Tyack Elisabeth dau of Willm. 31 Aug  
  Prideaux [blank] of Edward 7 Sept  
  Bennatts Grace dau of Willm. & Anne 14 Sept  
  Ward Margery dau of Thos. 21 Sept  
  Mitchell Samuel son of Samuel 28 Sept  
  Bennatts Agnes dau of Johnson 12 Oct  
  Martin John son of Thos., privately 29 Sept 19 Oct  
  Vivian John son of Roger 19 Oct  
  Carpenter Honour dau of Willm. 1 Nov  
  Vivian Jane dau of Matthew & Jane 9 Nov  
  Gribble Amey dau of Daniel 9 Nov  
  Boaz Ruth dau of John 9 Nov  
  Harris Mary dau of Mr. Thos. 16 Nov  
  Bennatts Catherine dau of George & Elizabeth 16 Nov  
  Richards Mary dau of John & Gertrude 16 Nov  
  Bons alias Cornelius Mary dau of Matthew 16 Nov  
  Vine Mary dau of Willm. 16 Nov  
  Francis William son of William 23 Nov  
  Carthew Thomas son of Samuel 7 Dec  
  Woon Hannah dau of Stephen 26 Dec  
  Prideaux James son of Stephen 4 Jan  
  Oatfield Grace dau of Richd. 4 Jan  
  Bennatts Francis son of Richard 11 Jan  
  Glanvile Jenifer dau of Roger 11 Jan  
  Reynold Henry son of Hugh, privately 23 Jan  
  Vivian William son of Christopher 2 Feb  
  Rowe David son of David 8 Feb  
  Skewis Sarah dau of Willm. 8 Feb  
  Quintrell Edward son of Richard 8 Feb  
  Newton [1] Henry son of Henry, privately 23 Jan 15 Feb [1] A note after this entry reads. "NB, This child had 6 fingers on each hand & 6 toes on each foot."
Page 264 Harvey John son of John 15 Feb  
  Rowe Phillip son of Phillip 1 Mar  
  Lemon Archelaus son of William 8 Mar  
  Lawrence Peter son of Samuel 8 Mar  
  Blewett Richard son of Richard 15 Mar  
  Bennatts Grace dau of George, near ye Beacon 15 Mar  
  Rowe Samuel son of George 22 Mar  
1747 Viol Thomas son of John, privately 24 Feb 1746 29 Mar  
  James John & Thomas twin ss of Thos., privately 12 Mar 1746 5 Apr  
  Cock Henry son of Henry, privately 5 Apr  
  Beckerlegg Richard son of Charles, privately 25 Mar 20 Apr  
  Tresahar 'Sabella dau of Mr.John 26 Apr  
  Angove Jane dau of Willm. 10 May  
  Angove Edward base child of Grace, whose reputed father was John Battrall 17 May  
  Vivian Francis son of John & Eliz., privately 14 May 30 May  
  Hocking Francis son of Richard 8 June  
  Cocking Alexander son of Alexander 8 June  
  Davey Mary dau of Thomas 21 June  
  Tabb Richard son of Thomas 26 July  
  Temby Simon son of Simon 9 Aug  
  Skewis William son of Henry, privately 4 Aug 16 Aug  
  Rowe Honour dau of Maharshalalhashbaz 23 Aug  
  Chaple William son of Charles 24 Aug  
  Daniel William son of Thomas 6 Sept  
  Carter Beaton dau of William 6 Sept  
  Briant John son of Francis, privately 11 Sept  
  Warren William son of William 13 Sept  
  Bennatts Elizabeth dau of Gilbert 13 Sept  
  Rowe Jane dau John & Margery 20 Sept  
  Davey Thomas son of Hannibal 1 Nov  
  Prout Thomas son of John, privately 7 Oct 8 Nov  
  Paul Charles son of Charles 11 Nov  
  Treheela William son of William 15 Nov  
  Littlejohn James son of James, privately 24 Nov 30 Nov  
  Harvey Charles son of Charles 26 Dec  
  Stephens Henry son of Henry 26 Dec  
Page 265 Tallack Jane dau of John 26 Dec  
  Woolens Jane dau of John 6 Jan  
  Bennatts John son of Benjamin 10 Jan  
  Thompson John son of John 24 Jan  
  Mitchell [blank] dau of Tristram 14 Feb  
  Hocking John son of George 21 Feb  
  Bennatts Gilbert son of Gilbert & Anne 6 Mar  
  Berriman Thomas son of Thomas 6 Mar  
  Paul James son of Andrew 13 Mar  
  Saunders Elizabeth dau of Willm. 13 Mar  
  Gribble Margery dau of Henry 13 Mar