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BAPTISMS 1736 - 1738


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


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1736 Carter Thomas son of John 11 Apr  
  Carter Jane dau of Wm. 23 Apr  
  Grenvill [1] [Gribble] Richard son of John 26 Apr [1] Altered from "Gribble" to "Grenvill".
  Thomas John son of Murrish 1 May  
  Pridiss [Pridex] Edmond son of James 9 May  
  Bennats Bridget dau of Mathew 15 May  
  Davy John son of Honiball 18 May  
  Rule Thomas son of James 18 May  
  Waters Elisabeth dau of Cornelius 18 May  
  Terdinneck [Tredinnick] Wm. son of Wm. 23 May  
  Chapell Elizabeth dau of Charles 23 May  
  Richards Henry son of Henry 10 June  
  Bryant Johnson son of Richard 14 June  
  Grebble [Gribble] John son of John 11 July  
  Rule Jane dau of John 18 July  
  Johns Wm. son of George 24 July  
  Quentrall Richard son of Richard 8 Aug  
  Teague Ann dau of John 29 Aug  
  Rowe Edward son of Phillip 3 Oct  
  Roberts Grace dau of Henry of Illugan 31 Oct  
  Pascoe Zacheus son of Zacheus 14 Nov  
  Thomas Mary dau of Richard 21 Nov  
  Mitchell Mary dau of Trestram 21 Nov  
  Roberts Elizabeth dau of Joseph 5 Dec  
  Craze Elizabeth dau of Richard 9 Jan  
  Lethlean John son of Wm. 16 Jan  
  Whennan John son of Henry 23 Jan  
  Werren Ann dau of George 23 Jan  
  Bawden [Bawdwin] Sara dau of Andrew 6 Feb  
  Ambrose Elizabeth dau of Daniel 6 Feb  
  Glanvil [Glanfield] Oliver son of Thomas 13 Feb  
  Snel Christian [Catherine] dau of Thomas 13 Feb  
  Donithorne Joseph son of Sepren 27 Feb  
  Bennatts Elizabeth dau of Johnson 27 Feb  
  Griblle James [Reginald] son of Richard 6 Mar  
  Cook John son of George [9] 6 Mar  
  Trevarthen Marey [Mary] dau of Wm. 19 Mar  
  Prout Jane dau of John 20 Mar  
  Necaro Thomas [2] base child of Jane 20 Mar [2] "Jane" crossed through and "Thomas" written above.
Page 211 Bennatts Grace dau of Richard 3 Apr  
  Hodge Thomas son of Henry 17 Apr  
  Hancock [1] Stephen son of Stephen 24 Apr [1] This entry has been written over an erasure.
  Jenkin James son of Renard [Reginald] 8 May  
  Chelew [2] Mary dau of Jeptha of Illugan [Illogan] 8 May [2] Altered from "a child to Chelew" to "Mary child to Jeptha Chelew".
  Belman [Bellman] Richard son of John 30 May  
  May Grace dau of Thomas of Illugan [Illogan] 30 May  
  Jeffery Ruth dau of Mark 5 June  
  Bryant Jane dau of Willm. 5 June  
  Jelbard [Gilbert] Margeret dau of John 11 June  
  Sowdon Mary dau of John 11 June  
  Hocking [Hockin] William son of Simon [3] 25 June [3] The next entry, which reads: "Elizabeth dau of Alexander Cocken" has been crossed through.
  Gribble William son of Benjamin 3 July  
  Henwood William son of William 3 July  
  Chappell [Chapel] Elizabeth dau of John 3 July  
  Tembe [Temby] Beteres [Beteress] dau of John, bap. in Crowan 3 July  
  Edments [Edmonds] Mathew son of Oliver 10 July  
  Boaz William son of Robert 24 July  
  Rowe [Row] Jane dau of William of Illugan [Illogan] 24 July  
  Bryant Elizabeth dau of Francis 7 Aug  
  Rowe James son of Thomas, the mother being in 52 year of her age. 21 Aug  
  Corin James [base] son of Catheraine [Catherine] 16 Oct  
  Rogers Mathew son of John 14 Nov  
  Bennatts Margery dau of John 14 Nov  
  Bennatts Ann [Anne] dau of Wm. 14 Nov  
  Trevarthen James son of Thos. Jnr. 19 Nov  
  Sowden [Sowdon] John son of Thomas 19 Nov  
  Scues [Skewis] John son of Wm. 20 Nov  
  Sampson Elizabeth dau of Hugh 20 Nov  
  Rowe [Row] Margery dau of Phillip 20 Nov  
  Harry [Harris] Margaret dau of Anthony, born 20 Nov bap. 18 Dec  
  Verran Elizabeth dau of Richard 26 Dec  
  Rowe [Row] Margaret dau of Edward 26 Dec  
  Bennatts James son of William 8 Jan  
  Scues [Skewis] James son of Henry 14 Jan  
  Frenches Allice [Alice] dau of William 13 Jan  
  Bennatts [Bennetts] Clarendo [Clarinda] dau of John 20 Jan  
  Stephens Jone dau of Martine [Martin] 18 Feb  
Page 212 Dunkin Jane dau of George 4 Mar  
  Pentier Thomas son of James 5 Mar  
  Hocking [Hockin] Theodosia dau of John 5 Mar  
  Johns James son of Richard 12 Mar  
  Mitchell Jenifer dau of Edward 12 Mar  
  Rule Johnson son of Stephen 19 Mar  
1738 Cornelius William son of Martin 26 Mar  
  Temby Richard son of Peter 26 Mar  
  Philp John son of Bennet, privately bap. 29 Mar 23 May  
  Bennets Jane dau of Christopher 1 Apr  
  Richards Grace dau of Thomas 3 Apr  
  Gilbert Jane dau of John 3 Apr  
  Glanvil [Glanvile] Joseph & Benjamin twin sons of Johnson, privately bap. [blank] Mar. 3 Apr  
  Jack Peter son of Peter 16 Apr  
  Webster John son of Walter of Crowan 16 Apr  
  Hockin Richard son of Richd. 16 Apr  
  Waters Anne dau of William 16 Apr  
  Olive Thomas son of George 30 Apr  
  Dunstan Elizabeth dau of Henry 7 May  
  Paul Mary dau of Alexander Jnr, privately bap. 8 May 23 May  
  Davy Anne dau of John, privately bap. 15 May 18 June  
  Ambrose Charles son of Charles 21 May  
  Bullock Thomas son of James, privately bap. 21 May 11 June  
  Thomas George son of George 22 May  
  Gribble Jane dau of John 4 June  
  Vivian [Vyvyan] Julian dau of John & Julian 17 June  
  Ambrose Daniel son of Daniel 18 June  
  Eva Henry son of Christopher 2 July  
  Hockin Elizabeth dau of Nicholas Jnr. 9 July  
  Bennats Anne dau of Francis & Jone 13 Aug  
  Briant Tabitha dau of John, privately bap 28 Aug 12 Nov  
  Hockin John son of Thomas of Penventon, privately bap. 1 Sept 4 Nov  
  Cowling Mary dau of Henry, privately bap. 26 Sept  
  Chapel Elizabeth dau of Charles 18 Oct  
  Bellman Thomas son of John, privately bap. 30 Oct  
  Rule Elizabeth dau of James 12 Nov  
  Bennats Grace dau of John 12 Nov  
  Bennats John son of George 12 Nov  
  Roberts Mary dau of Thomas 12 Nov  
Page 213 Lemon Mary dau of William 12 Nov  
  Carter Thomasin dau of Somer 12 Nov  
  Allen Philip son of Philip 12 Nov  
  Teague Richard son of Richd. 12 Nov  
  Glasson Elizabeth dau of John 12 Nov  
  Paul Mary dau of andrew 14 Nov  
  Tilary William son of Henry, privately bap. 25 Nov 27 Dec  
  Teague John son of John 26 Nov  
  Tab John son of Thomas 26 Nov  
  Temby Joseph son of John 3 Dec  
  Grenvile [Grenvil] John son of John 10 Dec  
  Ellis Charity dau of Charles 7 Jan  
  Warren Jane dau of Henry 14 Jan  
  Prideaux Mary dau of James 21 Jan  
  Donnithorne Alce dau of Cyprian 25 Jan  
  Trithall Elizabeth dau of John 2 Feb  
  Cockin Stephen son of Alexander 4 Feb  
  Ivey George son of John 11 Feb  
  Sowden [Sowdon] Grace dau of John 18 Feb  
  Rule Richard son of John & Mary, privately bap. 21 Feb  
  Trevarthen Elizabeth dau of Benjamin 24 Feb  
  Jeffery William son of John 25 Feb  
  Wheto Anne dau of John 25 Feb  
  Tredinick Hannibal son of William 18 Mar  
  Robins Grace dau of Cornelius 18 Mar